AACSB Accreditation - Master's Degrees Goals

Master's Degree Leaning Goals

The Faculty of the School of Business and Economics of IU Northwest has identified the following Student Learning Goals to provide assurance that the graduate degree programs of the School provide an educational experience for our students consistent with our mission:

  1. Executive Leadership and Teamwork

    (a)        Teamwork:  Students can demonstrate effective teamwork skills.
    (b)       Leadership:  Students can demonstrate effective leadership skills with a focus on ethical and social responsibilities.
  1. Executive Decision Support and Communication Skills

    (a)        Technology: Students can use key productivity and collaborative business software in the analysis of business decision situations.
    (b)       Communication: Students can demonstrate effective interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.
  1. Integration of Business Processes and Analysis

    (a)       Functional Disciplines:  Students can demonstrate knowledge of the functional business disciplines.
    (b)       Critical, Analytical and Integrative Thinking:  Students can demonstrate the ability to think critically and analytically, and integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines to make effective business decisions.
  1. Perspectives and Responsibilities

    (a)        Global and Diverse Perspectives:  Students can demonstrate knowledge of multicultural and diverse perspectives to make effective business decisions. 
    (b)       Ethical and Social Responsibilities:  Students can demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ethical and social issues in making effective business decisions.

In order to validate program performance in achieving these Student Learning Goals, and to identify areas for continuous improvement activity, these goals must be operationally defined into specific Learning Outcomes.  Performance in the graduate program must be at appropriately higher levels.