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Indiana University Northwest

Human Resources/Payroll

Human Resources Management Manual

Academic Employee Action Reasons

Following is a list of some actions that affect Academic employees that will require the initiation of an Edoc. The Office of Academic Affairs will process Edocs for academic positions.

Additional Pay

AAD Academic Administrative Supplement - Pay for additional administrative duties performed by an academic employee. [Earn codes in HRIS were AS1 and AS2]

AOV Academic Overload - An academic overload is additional earnings for an assignment that is academic in nature but is not part of the employee’s regular role. Academic overloads are typically related to a teaching assignment. Academic overloads result when academic employees participate in extension centers, e.g. School of Continuing Studies; when 12-month academic administrators teach in the summer; when academic employees teach extra courses because departments cannot fill lecture positions; and due to extenuating circumstances. [Earn codes in HRIS were A01 and A02.]

AWD Award - Pay associated with staff merit awards, outstanding teaching awards and other nominated awards. [Typically handled by supplemental payroll voucher in the past.]

FCF Faculty Fellowship - Academic fellowships awarded primarily during summer months. [Typically handled by supplemental payroll voucher in the past.]

SUP Supplemental - Payments for “occasional and sporadic” services provided to the university by an employee outside of the normal scope of employment. Reasons for a supplemental include: (1) teaching intermittent, short-term courses, (2) giving a lecture or limited number of lectures and (3) other services. [Typically handled by supplemental payroll voucher in the past.]

Administrative Post - Add/Change Academic Title Only

Contract Pay - Renew Contract Employee

Create Position - Establish a New Position

 Hire Employee

Leave of Absence

  • AWO Academic Leave w/o Pay  
  • APF Academic Prestigious Fellowship  
  • AAL Academic Administrative Leave 
  • ADD Academic Leave from Departmental Duties  
  • AFP Academic Family Leave w/partial Pay 
  • ALF Academic Leave w/full pay  
  • AMF Academic Medical Leave w/full pay
  • AMH Academic Medical Leave w/partial pay  
  • APP Academic Leave w/partial pay  
  • ASF Academic Sabbatical Leave w/full pay  
  • ASH Academic Sabbatical Leave w/half pay 

Maintain Funding - Change in Account or Earn Code

 Maintain Job Data (Data Change Only)

  • CAN Cancel Promotion/Demotion/Transfer
  • CHG Data Change  
  • CJI Change in Job Indicator (Used w/Multiple Jobs Only) 
  • RET Change in Expected Return Date (Used w/leaves of absence)  
  • CPR Correction in Pay Rate (Used when correcting data entry error)

 Maintain Pay Rate

  • ADJ Adjustment in pay not covered in other action
  • REA Annual reappointment for non-contract pay employees who are not part of budget construction
  • STH Change in pay rate due to increase in standard hours
Retire Employee
  • RET IU Retiree Status
  • SRT 18/20 Retirement

Return to Duties

  • CAN Cancellation of Leave
  • RFL Return from Leave

Terminate Employee

Transfer Employee