Content Managers

Below are resources, forms, and tools available to all IUN Content Managers to help them create and maintain their content on the IUN web space.

Requesting a new site or significant changes to an existing one »

Request a New Website or a Redesign

The Office of Marketing and Communications reviews all requests for new websites / pages. Submit a Web Services Request form to initiate the process.

Significant changes to a current website are also subject to review. Before submitting a request, please read the Web Content Policies to see what constitutes a significant request change. Common request changes that still require prior approval include:

  • reorganizing a site's left navigation main tabs
  • new images 
  • new site banners

MOST content changes can be done by the department's content manager. If you are unsure of whether a change is significant or not, contact us at

Submit a Web Services Request »

Become a Content Manager

Up to 3 Content Managers (CM) are allowed per department.

Send requests to:

For all other WCMS questions and assistance

Reach us through these methods: