IQ Wall

The IU Northwest IQ-Wall

The IQ-Wall is a 16-screen video wall on campus.  Located in the Savannah Center corridor, the 4x4 screen array is over 13 feet wide and boasts 8k resolution, driven by a powerful hi-res computer.  Connect to the IQ-Wall by logging in with the keyboard and mouse provided in the nearby podium, cast to the screen from a personal device via Mersive Solstice, or plug in with HDMI.

Here are a few ways the IQ-Wall is being used:

  • Displaying final projects, poetry, and artwork
  • Providing visual aid for one-of-a-kind presentations
  • Streaming video, such as live event feeds and Redhawks athletics games
  • Connecting video games for larger-than-life gaming sessions

There are many more ways to use the IQ Wall display.  We invite you to come to Savannah and connect to the IQ Wall yourself!

IQ-Wall Tips and Tricks

Connecting to the IQ-Wall is simple, and there are three basic connection options available to you:

PC – Use the wireless keyboard and mouse, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to display the login screen and log in to the IQ Wall’s computer.

LAPTOP – This input will display the device that is connected through HDMI.

VIDEO – This input is for connecting wirelessly via Mersive Solstice. Learn more about Mersive Solstice.

The full resolution of the IQ-Wall is 7680x4320.  This is a full 8k resolution display.  The computer that drives the display sees the whole wall as one display, so images and PowerPoints will scale up when shown in full screen mode, though they may appear pixelated or blurry if viewed too close at too low a resolution.

The IQ-Wall is a large-scale video wall in Savannah meant to be used interactively. When not actively being used, the IQ-Wall enters a “screensaver” mode that can display images and websites. This mode supports still images only, no video, audio, or motion content at this time. It pulls from a folder of assets randomly and does not have a pre-determined “cycle” the way the campus digital signs are set up.

If you have an idea for content for the IQ-Wall, please make that request here. The Marketing and Web Services teams will review your request and follow up with you.

Scheduling an IQ-Wall Event

Reservations not required, but recommended

When not scheduled for an event, the IQ-Wall is open for unscheduled walk up use by any faculty, staff, or student. However, if you’d like to plan an event at the IQ-Wall, simply make your reservation in Ad Astra, available in  You may also contact the IU Northwest IT Support Center or Office of Special Events for help reserving the IQ Wall.  Please note, reservations are limited to faculty and staff only.

Get IT Help with the IQ-Wall

UITS Support Center

UITS-NW has worked to provide an intuitive and stable way to interact with the IQ-Wall.  If you are experiencing technical difficulties, have any questions, or would like to schedule a demo session, please contact the IT Support Center at 219-981-4357, or