Public Affairs

Make a difference with one core skill set

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IU Northwest offers the Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs with concentrations in criminal justice, management, health services administration, environmental policy, and specialized public affairs.

A student who already has a bachelor's degree may be admitted to candidacy for a second bachelor's degree.  Normally, the holder of a bachelor's degree who wishes to pursue further education is encouraged to become qualified for admission to graduate study. In certain cases, however, a student who already has a bachelor's degree may be admitted to candidacy for an associate or a second bachelor's degree. When such admission is granted, the candidate must earn at least 30 additional credit hours as a student enrolled in SPEA and meet all the requirements of the SPEA degree (A.S. or B.S.) being sought.

Description of the video:

I think this campus has tremendous
opportunities because we are also in a
great area. We are in Indiana, but we're
also very close to the greater Chicago
area, and I believe that includes
also the opportunities for networking,
and finding better jobs.
I always get
asked what exactly I can do with my
degree, and it is that broad of a degree
that I could really do anything I wanted,
because anything governmental, anything
local, federal, I mean I have so many
options that I feel more comfortable in
it, because I can try something, and if I
don't like it I can go a different route.
I believe that this is a unique
department for students who live in our
communities, because they do have a
several opportunities for developing
professional skills.