Health Services Management

Ensure the highest level of healthcare for everyone

The Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management provides preparation for students interested primarily in careers in the health field. Students will be prepared for management positions within hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare facilities or nonprofit agencies.

Description of the video:

This program is unique because we really emphasize the practical application of knowledge. We have a lot of people who, a lot of professors, who have spent a lot of time working in the real world.
We get to actually be practical. In the sense that sometimes our professors give us a chance to go to
different organizations, such as hospitals or clinics, to volunteer, to get some projects done, which gives us a chance to actually see what’s out there in terms of health service management.
Students in this program benefit from a lot of one-on-one time with faculty members. It’s not a huge program, therefore the professors here are able to spend time with students, talking about, not only classes, but careers and other advantages in the program that might be beneficial to them in the long run for their careers.