Criminal Justice

Prepare for today's criminal justice issues

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice provides preparation for students interested primarily in a career in criminal justice. The program includes four main areas: general education, public affairs and policy, criminal justice, and general electives. A total of 120 credit hours with a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a minimum GPA of 2.3 in all courses in the public affairs and concentration areas are required.

Description of the video:

We like to have a focus on the community,
and what we can do to help the area
around us in the region in general. So
students that are oriented toward
volunteering, oriented towards service,
oriented toward being in the public
sphere, would really benefit from any of
the courses that we offer here.
I did my three year service at a battered women's
shelter. Really opened my eyes up to, you
know, why I want to do what I do, what
kind of people I want to help, and really
kind of just got me even more motivated
than I already am.
We are a wide-ranging department. We offer a lot of
opportunity to study things that relate
to criminal justice, but they give
students an opportunity to go very
divergent career paths depending on what
they learn.
My degree in criminal justice,
I use it on a daily basis. I work as a
probation officer at Lake County, and
eventually I would hope to get in a federal