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We offer four degrees of a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration Management, a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs, and a Master of Public Affairs. These degrees are linked to numerous careers. There is a difference between a job and a career. A job is done for financial reasons and a career is a long-term endeavor to meet life goals. A job provides us our daily bread to survive. A career gives us passion for life.

A Criminal Justice degree can aid in numerous careers such as law enforcement, institutional corrections, probation, parole, case management, investigator, youth counselor, crime Analyst, victim advocate, and natural resource agent, to name a few of the many careers.

A degree in Health Services Management can aid in numerous careers such as health information officer, health specialist, community health advocate, health care manager, patient representative, and health care analyst, to name a few of the many careers.

A degree in Public Affairs can aid in many careers such as public government, consultant, overseeing a nonprofit organization, community advocate, public research, human resources, budget analysis, and community planning, just to name a few of the array of careers.

The Master of Public Affairs includes concentrations of criminal justice, health services, leadership (public administration), and sustainability and social change. This degree not only can result in the numerous careers listed above, but can aid in being promoted to supervisory, managerial, and administrative positions.

The degrees offered by the School of Public and Environmental Affairs can aid you in your career goals and provide you the experiences, knowledge, and skills to not only be successful, but to change the world.

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NASPAA Accreditation

NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration) is the global standard in public service and is a membership of graduate programs in the areas of public policy, public affairs, public administration, as well as public and non-profit management.  SPEA at IUN successfully received NASPAA reaccreditation through 2027.