Door Key Request


Your Supervisor needs to approve this request.  You are responsible for sending an e-mail to your Supervisor to complete this process.

Send an e-mail containing all of the subject line and body content shown below to your Supervisor. Your Supervisor will create a work order or forward to [[iunpplt]]

Don't forget to insert your full name, without the brackets, in the body of the e-mail prior to sending.

Subject line of e-mail:

Permission to process door key request

Body of e-mail:

Please forward this e-mail to [[iunpplt]].

I hereby give my permission for [your full name] to have the door key requested.

Door Key Request

To request an individual door key, authorization is needed. The individual requesting the key must submit this form.  

By submitting this form, I agree to:

  • I do hereby accept the responsibility of returning to Physical Plant Department the issued key when I no longer need the key or terminate my employment at IU Northwest.
  • I further understand that failure to meet this responsibility upon termination will result in my final paycheck being held by the University until compliance is met.
  • I also understand that the possession of said key is not transferrable to any other person, and loss of key is subject of a $5 charge per key, for replacement.

Issuance of a key carries the following responsibilities:

  • Keys are not to be loaned to others.
  • Keys are not to be duplicated. Keys issued on a temporary basis are to be returned when the special need ends.
  • Unknown/unauthorized individuals are not to be admitted to the building or to any areas within the building.

Please note - a field with a * means information IS required.