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In our highly quantitative society, knowledge of Mathematics and Actuarial Science allows one to be more competitive in regional and national job markets and professional/graduate schools.  The goal of the department, therefore, is to present students with a set of mathematical tools and enable them to use those tools to begin technical careers or pursue further study in Mathematics or related fields.

Nationally ranked

Indiana University Northwest made a Top 40 List of Actuarial Science programs in the U.S., taking the Number 28 spot in a ranking by Online Accounting Degree Programs.

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IU Northwest Actuarial Science students reach finals in international competition

Team’s winning case study was among 70 entries from top universities worldwide and the only U.S. team in top seven.

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Department Highlights

The degree programs of our department provide students with effective curricula, led by experienced faculty.

Our faculty members are dedicated and student-focused teachers who have been recognized by a variety of awards, such as the Founder's Day Teaching Award, the Board of TrusteesTeaching Award, and membership in the IU Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET).

The faculty members of our department pursue vigorous research programs in different areas of Mathematics and its applications with more than one hundred publications to their credit. Students benefit from the faculty’s diverse research interests and can participate in undergraduate research projects, for example as part of their senior thesis.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science degree will receive a solid background for their actuarial exams. The department offers several courses designed specifically to fit the requirements of the actuarial exams, better preparing students to pass them. Most faculty members have actuarial exam experience and can expertly advise students in their preparations for their exams.

Career Opportunities

A graduate with a degree in mathematics is qualified for a broad range of positions in industry, business, academia, and government that require analytical thought and problems solving.  Graduates often work as system analysts, actuaries, and statisticians in banks, bureaus, consulting firms, and computer and communications industries.

The field of actuarial science offers exciting executive careers for students with a strong background in mathematics.  Specific opportunities include life, health, and casualty insurance, pension plan management, investment, and consulting.  Graduates of the IU Northwest actuarial science program have obtained excellent starting positions in Chicago and Indiana.

For More Information

Browse the links listed above of download the Departmental Information Sheet for either Mathematics or Actuarial Science to learn about degree and course requirements, students clubs and activities, and more.

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