Institutional Effectiveness

Indiana University Blueprint for Student Attainment

Indiana University Northwest collaborates with the other regional institutions of Indiana University for mutual benefit through an initiative more commonly referred to as "The Blueprint".  You may find out more about The Blueprint through the Office of University Regional Affairs.

Student Achievement Measure

The Student Achievement Measure (SAM) is an improved way to report undergraduate student progress and completion by including a greater proportion of students as well as tracking students who enroll in multiple higher education institutions. Usual measures of student progress and completion, including government-led efforts, usually underreport student achievement because they do not account for an increasingly mobile student population.

Nationally, more than one in five students who complete a degree do so at an institution other than the one where they started, according to a recent study by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Yet the typical method for calculating graduation rates, as stipulated by federal legislation, counts only those students who enroll full-time and then start and finish at their first college or university. SAM better accounts for the success of these students.



Action Projects


We are currently conducting an external environmental scan for trends that will inform our strategic planning process at IU Northwest.  As we conclude those efforts, IU Northwest will begin drafting a new strategic plan, and the materials of that process will be included on this page.

Environmental Scanning

Strategic Planning Framework

Strategic Planning Goals and Priorities


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