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News for the IU Northwest Community   |   Mar 12, 2018

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Loyal business school friends set students up for success

Throughout the 15 years that Anna Rominger spent as dean of Indiana University Northwest’s School of Business and Economics, she noticed how much of a struggle it could be for students to stay committed to earning their business degrees. That’s why when the now-retired dean, and her husband, Joe Lisak, were thinking about how they could continue to support IU Northwest students, they decided they wanted to pick up the tab for initiatives that directly impact their success.

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High school students invited for 'Inside Look' of popular majors

Activities include fun, informative workshops, hands-on learning opportunities, and talks with current faculty members and students.

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Ana Osan

Notes of Distinction

IU Northwest colleagues have been achieving great things. Read the latest news about who's been honored, has had their work published, and much more.

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William J. Lowe

Chancellor's Blog

"Student life" at IU Northwest looks much different than that of residential campuses. At our campus, it is common to find that students' lives beyond the campus affect the time and attention they can devote to class attendance, study and activities.

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Lecture: "Women's Human Rights and Liberal Thought"

Savannah Center, Room 204   |   Mar 29, 2018

Lecture: "The 'Me Too' and 'Time's Up' Movements," by former candidate for Lt. Gov. of Ind., Christina Hale

Savannah Center, Room 205/206   |   Apr 11, 2018

IU Day

Campus-wide   |   Apr 18, 2018
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In the News

NIPSCO Executive Vice President Violet Sistovaris returns to IUN to inspire students and offer thoughts on hot social topics

NWI Life   |   Mar 7, 2018

What's up with that? Where did the term 'Da Region' come from?

NWI Times   |   Feb 3, 2018

‘The Wiz’ eases down to Gary: Production at IUN stars more than three dozen actors and singers

NWI Times   |   Feb 22, 2018

Professor Jonathyne Briggs on his life in teaching at IUN

Valpo Life   |   Feb 19, 2018
Fullfilling the promise
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