IU Northwest Recruitment Guide

Search Process Flowchart for Staff Recruitment


Request to fill a position

To fill a position, locate the role descriptor using the IU Career navigator. If the role descriptor is accurate move on to Step 2.

If the role descriptor is no longer accurate, the leader will need to apply for a Career Progression before the position can be advertised.

A Career Progression requires leaders and HR representatives to review what has changed in the position and assess if the changes necessitate a different classification and role descriptor. Use the IU Career Navigator to identify the most appropriate role descriptor that represents the business needs and/or work performed in the position. 



Appoint Search Committee

The hiring administrator will designate a hiring committee and chairperson with the approval of the Office of Human Resources.


Prepare a Position Requisition form  

Complete the Position Requisition form, attach the Role Descriptor, and submit it to the HR Business Partner. 

What is a Position Requisition form?

The Position Requisition From will provide the HR Business Partner:

  1. the length of time to post the position 
  2. the account number supporting the position 
  3. the members of the Search Committee 
  4. the salary range for the position (optional)
  5. websites for external posting
  6. application materials required to apply



The Office of Human Resources is responsibile for advertising position vacancies and ensures that the advertising plan meets the unit and campus goals of the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action plan. 


PeopleSoft TAM

The position will be posted using PeopleSoft TAM. Applicant materials will be received and reviewed by Human Resources.

Job seekers, who meet the minimum specified qualifications for the position, will be referred to the hiring department or hiring committee for the interview/selection process.


Screen Applicants

Applicants selected for an interview are contacted by the Office of Human Resources by written or telephone correspondence. When contacted, applicants should be reminded of the University’s policy of providing “reasonable accommodation,” if needed, to facilitate the interview process.

Behavioral-Based Interview Guides are used to identify competencies required to sucessfully perform the job. Interview questions must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Human Resources prior to interviewing. Committees will develop a rubic to evaluate candidates based on the essential and primary job functions. The rubic will provide an evaluation system to assist the committiee with identifying qualified applicants.


Extend Offer

Prior to making a verbal offer, the hiring  Administrator will verify the start date and salary with the Office of Human Resources.

The Office of Human Resources will make a verbal offer to the candidate selected for the job.

The Office of Human Resources will submit the job offer in PeopleSoft TAM for approval, check references and verify credentials.

The Office of Human Resources will extend a formal written offer of employment and request formal acceptance by the candidate, following receipt of the offer being accepted.

The Office of Human Resources will inform the hiring Administrator of the formal acceptance. Candidate will return the letter of acceptance and necessary forms to the Office of Human Resources by the indicated date on the offer letter.