Learning Paths

Building Trust and Collaborating with Others

Learn how to develop and maintain collaborative, constructive, and cooperative working relationships.

Identify opportunities to connect teams, departments, units, and organizations. Discover how to interact with others and give them confidence in the intentions of you and your organization. Build listening, trust-building, and decision-making skills; manage meetings and difficult conversations; and identify practical strategies for collaborative leadership.

LIL - Learning Forum (Friday, December 18th, 11-12:30)

December 7 - December 18

Nine Courses:

  1. Employee Experience (36m)
  2. Being an Effective Team Member (31m)
  3. Building Trust (58m)
  4. Effective Listening (1h 4m)
  5. Giving and Receiving Feedback (48m)
  6. Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact (1h 5m)
  7. Critical Thinking for Better Judgement and Decision-Making (56m)
  8. Having Difficult Conversations (1h 7m)
  9. Collaborative Leadership (37m)

Develop Your Communication Skills and Interpersonal Influence

Learn how to clearly convey information and ideas in an engaging manner.

Explore how to build trust, communicate effectively, and be heard in all parts of your organization. Learn important interpersonal communication skills and strategies for igniting curiosity, attention, trust, and respect.  Learn effective body language for strategic conversations; discover how to be approachable throughout your career; and explore how to build successful business relationships.

LIL - Learning Forum (Friday, January 15th, 11-12:30)

January 4 - January 15

Nine Courses:

  1. Interpersonal Communication (37m)
  2. Communication Foundations (1h 22m)
  3. Building Trust (58m)
  4. Building Business Relationships (57m)
  5. Igniting Emotional Engagement (46m)
  6. Preparing for Successful Communication (1h 3m)
  7. Learning to be Approachable (28m)
  8. Communicating Nonverbally (27m)
  9. Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact (1h 5m)

Develop Conflict Management and Resolution Skills

Learn how to deal effectively with others in antagonistic situations. Discover how to reduce tension or conflict.

Review how to effectively settle disputes by focusing on solving the problems at hand—without offending egos. Evaluate the feasibility of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.  Learn the essentials of effective conflict resolution; practice communication techniques to improve relationships; and discover how to communicate clearly and compassionately.

LIL - Learning Forums (Friday, January 29th, 11-12:30)

January 11 - January 29

Eight Courses:

  1. Conflict Resolution Foundations (51m)
  2. Improving Your Conflict Competence (46m)
  3. Fred Kofman on Managing Conflict (59m)
  4. Managing Team Conflict (1h 10m)
  5. Working with Difficult People (1h 46m)
  6. Working on a Cross-Functional Team (1h 4m)
  7. High-Stakes Communication (1h 4m)
  8. Compassionate Directness (40m)

Develop Critical-Thinking, Decision-Making, and Problem-Solving Skills

Learn how to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, and approaches to problems.

Discover how to question assumptions, apply sound reasoning, break down complex issues into manageable pieces, and grasp the implications of information.  Learn to cultivate problem-solving skills; discover strategies and methods for making complex decisions; and to think critically before coming to a conclusion.

LIL - Learning Forums (Friday, February 5th, 11-12:30)

January 18 - February 5

Six Courses:

  1. Critical Thinking (59m)
  2. Critical Thinking for Better Judgement and Decision-Making (56m)
  3. Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity (31m)
  4. Improving your Judgement for Better Decision-Making (30m)
  5. Making Quick Decisions (21m)
  6. Problem Solving Techniques (1h 32m)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This learning path addresses bias, cultural competence, effective communication, and accountability while working in a diverse environment.

This enlightening course will challenge and provide diversity, equity, and inclusion learning opportunities.

LIL - Learning Forums (Friday, February 12th, 11-12:30)

January 25 - February 12

Six Courses:

  1. Inclusive Campus Environment Toolkit
  2. Unconscious Bias (24m)
  3. Confronting Bias:  Thriving Across Our Differences (40m)
  4. Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (47m)
  5. Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues (55m)
  6. Communicating Across Cultures (32m)

Supporting Your Well-Being during Times of Change and Uncertainty

In this learning path, you can gain immediately applicable skills to support your well-being during times of change and uncertainty.

Twenty curated courses cover topics such as practicing mindfulness and meditation; managing anxiety, depression, and stress; calming your mind; and restoring your body.  Assess how change and uncertainty impact your wellbeing; Identify what improvements you can make; Apply proven techniques you can use now and in the future.

Twenty-one Courses:

  1. Building Resilience (34m)
  2. Cultivating Mental Agility (36m)
  3. Embracing Unexpected Change (14m)
  4. Making Better Decisions by Thinking in Bets (28m)
  5. Sleep is Your Superpower (34m)
  6. Handling Workplace Change as an Employee (2h 2m)
  7. Subtle Shifts in Thinking for Tremendous Resilience (24m)
  8. Mindfulness Practices (2h 3m)
  9. Mindful Meditations for Work and Life (1h 27m)
  10. The Mindful Workday (40m)
  11. How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed (43m)
  12. Managing Anxiety in the Workplace (1h 9m)
  13. Managing Depression in the Workplace (1h 3m)
  14. Avoiding Burnout (24m)
  15. Managing Stress (21m)
  16. Stop Stressing and Keep Moving Forward (22m)
  17. De-stress:  Meditation and Movement for Stress Management (36m)
  18. Chair Work:  Yoga Fitness and Stretching at Your Desk (33m)
  19. Computer and Text Neck Stretching Exercises (20m)
  20. Ergonomics 101 (35m)
  21. Recharge your Energy for Peak Performance (51m)