General Studies

Welcome to the IU Northwest General Studies Program

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree program emphasizes the liberal arts and sciences (arts and humanities; the natural sciences; and social and behavioral sciences) as well as the option to supplement one’s education with professional and technical courses as electives.

The student takes an active role in constructing a plan of study that will form the basis for achieving career goals.  The program provides the convenience, flexibility, and individualized learning experience that will allow students to complete degree requirements at their own pace.

Program Highlights

The BGS degree program is a popular option for the adult learner who may have entered college some time ago and would like to return to college to complete their degree or the older adult who would like to begin university studies for the first time.

Students in the BGS program can earn credit through various options. Please consult a General Studies adviser for more information.

Career Opportunities

Many BGS program students are already employed but are seeking promotion or a move to another department or wish to qualify for a specific career with another company or agency and must possess a baccalaureate degree.  Since the curriculum us customized by the student, the opportunities are unique for each graduate.

IU Northwest’s BGS graduates include social workers, lawyers, health and medical professionals, law enforcement officers, computer specialists, and company supervisors.

For More Information

Browse the links listed above or download the Departmental Information Sheet for General Studies to learn about degree and course requirements, student clubs and activities, and more.

Thank you for your interest in the General Studies Degree Program at IU Northwest!