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September 18, 2009
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Time:  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

 Location:  HH 107


                1.     Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 10:00 a.m. by the President C. Gallmeier

               2.     Approval of the minutes of the April 17th, 2009 meeting.  Minutes approved.

   3.      President’s Report: IU Northwest 50th Anniversary Celebration – Begins at 12:00 noon and continues until 6:00 p.m.  There will be food, carnival type games,

         prizes, and entertainment.  Those attending, and wanting to eat must visit the admission’s table (one will be close to the LCC, and another closer to the Savannah parking lot)

          October 23rd Convocation and Honorary Degree Ceremony – the convocation will take place in the morning and its theme is student success.  James Winbush, Dean of the Graduate School will be in attendance and will offer some comments.  The rest of the program is still being finalized.  Following the Convocation and beginning at 1:00 p.m. Mr. James Dye will be awarded an Honorary Degree.  All faculty who would like to participate should contact Delores Crawford (ext. 6800), University Relations, to order a robe for the event.  She will take care of it and faculty are being asked to place their order no later than September 25th.  I have been told that the university will cover the cost for the robes.  I encourage all of you to attend both events and it is my understanding that President McRobbie will be in attendance for the Honorary Degree Ceremony.

          Chancellor Search and Screen Committee – A 13 member search and screen committee has been formed to identify finalists for the position of chancellor of Indiana University Northwest.  President McRobbie charged the committee via videoconference late yesterday afternoon on campus.  The committee will recommend a group of finalists to the President in the spring.  Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs, Edwin Marshall will chair the committee.  Other members include:  Garry Aloia, IUN Advisory Board, Bala Arshanapalli, Professor of Finance; Linda Delunas, Associate Professor of Nursing and Associate Dean of CHHS, Sharese Dudley, Director Career Services, IUN, Charles Gallmeier, Professor of Sociology, Chair of Sociology and Anthropology at IUN, and President of IUN Faculty Organization, Audrea Gant-Davis, Head, Circulation/Periodicals/Reserves, IUN Library, Chuck Hughes, Director, Gary Chamber of Commerce, Dorothy Ige, Professor, Department of Communication, IUN, Cynthia O’Dell, Professor of Psychology, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Ken Schoon, Professor of Science Education, Associate Dean, SOE, James Wallace, President, Student African American Brotherhood, IUN, John Applegate, Vice President for Planning and Policy, IU, Member, Ex Officio, Liaison to the Office of the President.

          Wall of Fame – Teaching, Research, and Service Awards are now up to date and on display.  My thanks to David Malik, Cynthia O’Dell, and Julie Bishop in Academic Affairs for getting this done.

          Committee Assignments are being compiled and should be available early next week on the faculty organization website.

          Secretary -  I encourage you to nominate yourself or one of your colleagues for the important office of Secretary of Faculty Organization

          Tenure and Promotion Congratulations:

          Tenure and Promotion:  Surekha Rao, Associate Professor, Business and Economics  (tenure)

         Micahel LaPointe, Associate Professor of Biology

         Anja Matwijkiw, Associate Professor of Philosophy

         Karl Nelson, Associate Professor of Psychology

         E. Scooter Pegram, Associate Professor of  French

          Promotion:  Cynthia O’Dell, Professor of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies

         Vernon Smith, Professor of Education

         William Allegrezza, Senior Lecturer in English 

         Robin Jones, Clinical Associate Professor in Radiologic Sciences

4.      Chancellor’s Report:

                               The Chancellor began by welcoming the faculty to the start of the academic year, noting that this year began on a more positive note.  Other issues addressed included, salary equity (the adjustments will not be made despite concerted efforts made to convince the President of the importance of this initiative), enrollment (has increased significantly and is the highest since 1996), authorization of faculty positions (10 are currently authorized), budget and Tamarck’s replacement, and the Chancellor search.   More details are below.

                         A.  Budget:  The budget circumstances are complex.  We must find and set aside 1.2 million dollars to be used in the future if needed.   In last legislative session the legislature cut the budget of state institutions of higher education.  The gap is currently backfilled with stimulus money so budget is flat.  If the state doesn’t return the money when stimulus ends then campuses will have to address the cut.   We have two alternatives examined for the reduction and neither places significant burden on positions on the campus. The proposal has been sent to university budget office and we are expecting a response. Town hall meetings will be held where the program will be explained.  Additional monies resulting from increased enrollment will also be addressed.   One is a plan to provide reversion to each academic unit for use by each academic unit.   Significant money will go into an effort to upgrade classroom furniture. 

                         B.  Tamarack:  An architect was selected for Tamarack replacement – Blackburn USA.    There is continuing discussion about the location of the building.  They are asking for some assurance that the building won’t flood.  Alternative locations are being considered including the east side of Broadway.  We would need to buy some land and pedestrian traffic is also a consideration. There is $33 million currently allocated for the building. 

                         C.  Chancellor search – The Chancellor asks that faculty be candid and open about concerns.   He will leave if candidates are on campus.  He is excited about the possibility of moving forward on this campus.  He will be moving to Phoenix.


                           1.  Prof. Rominger – is there any thought of tearing down Lindenwood and Sycamore?  The Chancellor indicates that it is being considered and they are hoping to build in the option of tearing the buildings down and providing an alternative space.  The Chancellor does want the buildings to be gone.  The campus is still trying to buy the dry cleaners and hopefully put up a parking lot.  

                           2.  Prof. Bodmer asked if the Chancellor has any thoughts on Pres. Myles Brand.  The Chancellor indicates that the President was a close friend and that hey; he had foresight in many areas including information technology. He states further that we wouldn’t have made the progress we have had it not been for Pres. Brand.  His policies for university matching money of endowed chairs took IU from bottom of big ten to the top and help us get an endowed chair.

                           3.  Pres. Gallmeier indicates Pres. Myles Brand was also a supporter to FACET.

                5.     Vice Chancellors' Reports

                        A. Vice Chancellor Malik is at IUPUI and cannot be present.  Associate Vice Chancellor O’Dell reports:

                                    1.  Budget and RCM:  Budget hearings were held and RCM is expected in  2010-11.

                                     2.  Reappointment and 3rd year reviews:  More faculty input on reappointments and reviews is needed and this will come through P&T committees.  A tentative schedule will be rolled out so you will have input from faculty and administrators and so third year occurs throughout campus.

                                     3.  Summer faculty fellowship: The stipend was raised to $10,000  (deadline is coming up)

                                     4.  VC research award:  This will be raised to $2,500.  Service awards were raised to $1,000.  Recipients will receive the entire amount and an amount net of taxes. Faculty will not be eligible to win the award more than once.

                                     5. SPEA and Political Science: SPEA is now led by a team while a director search is conducted; Director Bankston will be serving as Interim Director, and Interim Associate Directors are Prof. Flint and Prof. Peat. SPEA will remain a free-standing unit and Political Science will merge with history and philosophy with their income going into COAS.

                                     6. Continuing Studies- Prof. Scott will be retiring.  The unit will be free standing with a long term plan and an interim director will be found.

                                     7. Building security:  We are close to acquiring card key access to buildings.  They are expected this year.

                                     8. External proposals:  We have submitted in excess of $5 million in grants, much of which is stimulus money.

                                     9.  SRP is under review: need to make it easier.

                                     10. New Degrees:  A Certificate in Management awaits final approval; Masters in Liberal Studies is approved by Higher Education Commission; Departments are encouraged to move forward on these issues.

                                     11. Hiring updates: We are improving Affirmative Action procedures.  The process is streamlined to only 3 approval steps.  The purple book revision is underway.  It is hoped that we will move to an online process of approvals for positions.  This will assist with placing timely advertisements.

                                     12. The emergency academic planning memo is related to possible pandemic.   Faculty need to consider what might happen as students may not have doctor’s excuses.


                                                 a. Prof. Poulard:  Will vaccines be given on campus?   Director Bankston indicates that Crisis Management on top of this issue and vaccines will be  available but distribution is unclear.  Three sites in Gary have been identified for the administration of H1N1 vaccines.  He also indicates that the seasonal flu vaccine is one everyone should obtain and that this vaccine will be provided to faculty and staff. 

                                                 b.  Prof. Ige:  What should faculty do if they believe a student is ill and should not be attending class?   She indicates that this might be an uncomfortable situation for faculty and students alike and that faculty need guidance on the issues.  Director Bankston indicates that H1N1 is very infectious and we need to be cautious but it likely won’t kill a lot of people.

                                       13. We are thinking about bringing back monthly research coffees.  They will be held near the library.

                                       14.  Recognition of new faculty:  Faculty from Business, COAS, CHHS, Education are welcomed.      

             B.        Linda Templeton – Director of Admissions

                                1. Thanks to everyone for their contribution to the enrollment increase. Your efforts add up to building the strong enrollment we are currently                experiencing.  Thanks to all greeters as well.  We are all working together to achieve goals and this has been progress. CHHS and SBE receive special thanks for their contributions.

2. Student Census Data is available to be posted on the faculty organization website.  The goal is to get to 6000 students by 2013.  Included are data for age, city, feeder schools etc.  


            a.  Prof. Coffin: Is there information on graduate and undergraduate enrollment by ethnicity?   V.C. O’Dell indicates that data available at the meeting doesn’t answer the question.

b.  Prof. Rominger:  893 is the SAT that is currently being reported for this year.  We need to reconcile the bulletin with the number presented in the bulletin.

c.  Prof. Sutherland:  Will any changes occur with academic learning sites?   Linda indicates she is unaware of any changes.

      3. Admissions figures are presented which reveal large increases for beginners.  Approx. 31% of the increase is due to new students.  This does not include transfers.

      4. An important contribution is the new program instituted with Crown Point High School. Prof. Rominger notes that business is up in enrollment despite figures presented. Enrollment figures for January show increases, as do deferred admissions.

            5. Admissions have been cut off for “at-risk” students due to space limitations.

      6. If you go on the road please let admissions know so they can provide cards etc.  The next On-the Road Even will be held at the Lake County Public Library in November.

      7. Note there will be a week of free applications.    

             C.  V.C. Pelliciotti:

                        1.  Parking issues:  Next week a utilization study is going to be conducted that will gather data for the purposes of evaluating parking resources.  A sub-committee will be formed to study the data.  A long-term plan is the goal so plans can be made for continued growth.  We have many limitations including green space but the issues will be examined.

                        2. Tamarack replacement will continue.  The team from Bloomington will visit next week to review the program, get input and make the needed changes. Architects should come on board in the next few weeks.  Input will be continuously gathered.

                        3. IU Notify:  This is the emergency notification system.  This is an important piece of our emergency preparedness.   Your contact information is automatically input from HR but you can add information if you wish.  You can go through OneStart to IU Notify to add information and/or to update information.  Please note that you can ask to receive notices from other campuses as well.

                6.        IT Tech Tips – CIO Elizabeth Ann Van Gordon and Jackie Coven

                        A.  Technical Skills (CIO Van Gordon): During technology council meeting the conversation focused on tech skills.  Prof. Hug suggested that we devote 5 minutes in the faculty organization meetings to highlighting technology that directly assist faculty in becoming more productive.  If you hear or know of something to help colleagues we will have a 2.5 minute presentation and 2.5 minute question and answer session at faculty meetings.  This information will be videotaped as well.   Jackie Coven will be giving the first presentation.

                        B.  (Jackie Coven) This website is being offered as part of a pilot study.   The site offers video training site.  A brief tour of the site is provided.  The web address is:   Faculty will login with their passphrase to take classes on various topics.   You have the opportunity to perform searches by subject, software, vendor or keyword. The site will monitor your use and when you complete a class then a certificate is provided.  It is convenient self-directed training.


                        1.  Prof. Kini:  Can we monitor student use of the site if we want to assign particular classes?   Prof. Ige indicates we need access to computer classrooms for Oncourse exams. CIO Van Gordon states that IT is planning to implement a portable classroom – a mobile cart with laptops and slots with 24 to 30 laptops.  The classroom will need to be located in a building on floors where it will be used most frequently.  The plan is to implement this by next Fall.

                        2. Prof. Poulard:   States that Jackie Coven is always ready to assist with technology issues and notes that she is an asset to the campus.  He asks if there is a course on editing DVD’s on  Jackie Coven indicates a course does exist.

                7.     Old Business

A.  Prof. Flint acknowledges that IUNW makes efforts to address diversity.  He also notes that events are continuously scheduled that conflict with the holidays for Jewish traditions.  He asks that we please note that there are Jewish members that would like not to be presented with conflicting interests and that diversity should be recognized.

B.  Prof. Delunas: The action projects went in before the deadline.  When reviews come back they will be posted.  The next portfolio is due on November 1, 2009. Everyone should open their AQIP emails to respond to requests that will be forthcoming.   Thanks.  

                8.        New Business – none

Prof. Poulard moves to adjourn. Prof. Ige seconds.  Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.          














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