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November 20, 2009
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Time:  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

 Location:  HH 107

       1.   Call to Order

             Meeting called to order by Pres. Chuck Gallmeier at: 10:00 a.m.

2.   Approval of the Minutes of October 16, 2009

     Minutes approved as recorded by voice at 10:05a.m.

3.       President’s Report

Chancellor’s search advertisement is in the Chronicle.  The committee will meet later this month and applications are being received.

Basketball season has just begun.  The men and women’s team had a double header last Wed., both teams won with more than 175 in attendance.  One of our players scored 52 points.   These are our students and we should be supporting them with our attendance at the games.

Since more people attend Fac. Org. from 10-12, we would like for you to consider not rotating the time every other month to the 1-3 hour time slot.

4.   Chancellor’s Report

Search for Ex. Dir. Of External Affairs is proceeding, names will be given to the Chancellor by mid-Dec.

Vice Chancellor  Malik has accepted an extension of his appointment to June 30, 2011  which gives a time allowance for the new chancellor to have a chance to get feet on the ground with Malik staying longer

Mary Ann Milich is going to stay in the interim to June 30 and new chancellor can decide what s/he wants to do with her position on campus

Move to responsibility centered mgmt and Mary Ann Milich is essential to this implementation  and new chancellor can decide how to deal with this position

Breakfast with Rep. Dover discussing Tamarack, everyone doing all they can to get money to rebuild Tamarack. Rep. Dover will check to see if there is anything else IUN can do and get some engineering money to begin work with architect.

No questions

5.       Vice Chancellors’ Reports

David Malik did not make it with us today

Interim Associate VCAA Cynthia O’Dell announces:  11 of the 14 new faculty requirements are submitted today for advertisement in a group add.

Academic affairs and the Dean’s Council met with Pyle and Jean Temple to include capitol campaign and develop case statements.  Foundation will help with selling individuals to work with capitol campaign.

Guidelines applications will be released next week, fellowship and grants.  Look for them, due in February.

Gypsies in the palace movement.

Questions:  academic positions:  Nursing, COAS, Education; Dr. O’Dell will send message as to the number of positions and what areas on campus.

A discussion ensued concerning the waiting period before positions are advertised. Argument was made that we are always late in the cycle, and only act when everyone gets information to Academic Affairs.  We have done it badly in the past and appear to be continuing old patterns.  Professor Hug requested like a drop dead point/date  today, that certainty was necessary. Professor Hug suggested that a previous review committee focused on getting main decisions done in May, that we have fallen back to our old ways and we need to set the date and go with it.

AVCAA continued her report with respect to advertisements being printed in the Chronicle, the unit pays for these advertisements.  Disciplinary advertisement are paid for by the units, units do not pay for the Chronicle add.

Chronicle advertisement has an index.  11 of 14 are ready, 3 still have not gotten their enrollment plan submitted.

O’Dell will try to get all 14 ready by 5 pm today. 

Q.  What’s the advantage of the block add?  The inefficient paper work is not in our best interest.  A block advertisement for SPEA was $3900.

A.  Process is chaotic and arbitrary this year, more so than the past years.  The problem this time is the transition between how the system used to work and using the new rules, both feet are stuck in the past and the future.

Dean Bankston: the intent is to do it early, but the budget slowed us down and the legislature used stimulus dollars that the university had to respond to the budget dollars.  Rules kept changing daily, many were frustrated.  Rolling two week budget, fiscal house became clear, task force worked this summer and not everyone from this semester has been on the same page.  Not every discipline wants to advertise in the chronicle, at least we are moving in the right direction.

No one seems to know who gets the paper and where it is to go next. This aspect needs to be neon red.

Advertise in September when the positions have been approved.  Use the next two months to get all the paperwork or forms in.

AVCAA O’Dell:  We were hoping to move to an electronic application and we have routed to the next person clearly.  Today’s question of where the paper work goes next has slowed the process down.

Dean Bankston: The medical school uses the electronic application and it is wonderful.  You can do a whole set within a matter of hours.

It is confusing how some positions are getting through and others are not.

The deadline was October 15.

Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs Pellicciotti introduces Marianne Malyi

Malyi:  The contract is out to install after the first of the year, keypad as well as the card swipe.

A group is looking for other uses of the identification cards.

A project to bring new furniture, Marianne Malyj is the lead, and has been reviewing classrooms with tabbed desks;  planning to replace with tables and chairs.  It will impact capacity for the classroom as tabbed desks occupy less space than tables and chairs.

The furniture in 13 classrooms in Raintree and 8 classrooms in Hawthorn will be replaced.

Requested from 4 of vendors and have brought in samples that can be viewed on 3rd floor of library.  Survey sheets will be available, presentations will be made by vendors on the furniture.

Marianne Malyj will publicize to sit on the chairs and try out the tables, surveys will be compiled and committee will make a decision.  Only one table and chair will be purchased based upon cost and survey results.

Committee consists of:  2 student reps and 1 faculty from each school plus Marianne Malyj, Beth Van Gordon, … Jo Ann Bowen, …

Results will be given to Vice Chancellor Pellicciotti

Potentially bring in new furniture over spring break and move out desks at that time.

Vice Chancellor Pelliccioti:  Police takes any incident seriously, our statistics are good but we are challenged by our location. A new project is to bring in video cameras, potentially next spring, resources are an issue.  Report any problem to the police.  Chief is developing a relationship with city and county police.

Trying to bring in a Gary police substation on 35th and Broadway, need architect design and add resources.  We are trying to have more of a presence on the south side of the campus.

6.       UFC –  Ellen Szarleta

Summarize actions from 2008-2009:

Creation of the Learning Technology Steering Committee – approved January 27, 2009

Changes to the Indiana University Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and Conduct - The UFC approved the addition of gender and gender identity to the list of qualifications protected from discrimination and harassment by the university. – approved April 28, 2009; Approved by the IU Board of Trustees June 12, 2009.

Changes to the Indiana University Academic Handbook – The UFC approved changes to the Academic Handbook concerning the promotion and tenure procedures for librarians. – Approved April 28, 2009; Approved by the IU Board of Trustees June 12, 2009

The UFC approved a set of principles for promotion and tenure which the individual campuses of Indiana University will seek to implement for one year, following which they will review and report the results of this implementation to the Faculty Council of Staff and the UFC for consideration to include them in the Academic Handbook – approved April 28, 2009.

7.       United Way – Warren Blackmon and Carolyn Wiley

Everyone has received a pledge card and information sheet.

Announcements are read by President Gallmeier

Donation is a tax credit, better than a deduction

Give $400 you get $200 back on IN state taxes.

IU foundation facts does not mention SPEA

United way in Lake county is in tough financial straits and they lost 10-15 %  revenue because of the reduced work place; but needs are up and money is down.

Warren Presenter:  community has changed and we are asked to live united.  Give to Lake area to support community and member.  Be a leader and seek hope.  If you have a job, give to United Way and be blessed.  85 cents goes from every dollar to the agencies you support.

Carolyn: we all know someone who does not have a job or a child with a problem.  Watched  a 3 min. video.

United Way Supports 32 agencies, call 211 in NW IN if you know someone that needs help,

76 people are still not in their home since the flood.

Story about a child helping grandma clean bathroom floor, child writes “IKANDET” note.

What is raised in Lake county, stays in Lake county.

8.       Politics and Education in Indiana – Dean of Education Stan Wigle

REPA Rationales

Supt of Instruction, Tony Bennett proposes a change to rules that are not easy to read or understand.  Two rationales that he has publically given to improve teachers’ instruction skills and teachers’ content knowledge.  Essentially the rules are the very opposite of the proposals, REPA wants to severely restrict the number of courses.  Limit pedagogy hours.  Several years of training people that will be poorly prepared. 

Improve teachers content knowledge will decrease this knowledge as they will take fewer courses in the future. 

Bennett wants IN to compete in a race for the top national dollars, REPA leaves out courses that the federal report card specifically mentions these courses and REPA leaves these courses out.  Changes are opposite, political football; governor is presenting mirror image of REPA proposals.  This public document has to be vented for public comment, 3 days have been identified, and one in Rochester that was in the middle of nowhere on 10 to noon; when people are working.

Hundreds of people showed up at every one of these sessions.  Broad range of people that wanted to have input, DOE website had a limit of 5000 characters for a written comment.  With over 4000 people responded.  IACTE’s electronic petition responded with over 4000 signatures.  97% of all the input was not in support of REPA and urged government to stop and have dialogue with constituents.  Bennett had not talked with any P-12 representatives.  Dept of professional standards was just reconstituted with his had picked choices.  The day he met with the committee, he asked them to move REPA to the public for comments.  Committee thought he was treating them as rubber stamps.

Professional standards board met Wednesday and each subcommittee was assigned a set of REPA rules.  They proposed amendments reflecting public comments.  They will meet again on Dec. 10 and Jan. 7 they will vote on all the amendments and pass REPA on to the superintendent.  Bennett can send it back to professional standards board.  Bennett wants this process to end July 2010. The last time these rules were changed was in 2000, it took 2 years to get it right. Last Wed a good deal of back tracking was proposed with significant amendments that would undo REPA changes.

Why is this important?  Because the university is responsible in preparing K-12 educators.  Research says that what we are doing is important and linked with positive learning and what Bennett is proposing is just the opposite.  Any K-12 superintendent could be hired with master’s degree and no teaching experience and could request a temporary license and would not have to take a course.

Q. George Bodmer asks what he can do. 

A. DeanWigle: let the process run its course and see what happens.  Show up when we have a chance for public input.  Write the professional standards board. Back tracking is occurring because of public input. 

9.       Director of Student Life and Athletics –  Dr. Charles Gary

Tony Linderman, is a recent senator of the SGA. SGA has not been successful, seeking an advisor to back them up and provide guidance.  This has been the most fun in 3 years on campus thanks to Dr. Gary who supports most students who come in with suggestions:  turkey trot, oxygen, relax area during finals week.

Need one faculty advisor and need someone to help the Phoenix newspaper. 

We have come from 6 in the stands and 5 on the court to 175 in the stands and a growing team.  If you cannot attend a game, then join the spirit club for apparel, discounts to attend the game, recognition in the program. 

Feb. 4th is home coming.  Last year had over 400 members in the stands.

10.   IT Tech Tips – Jackie Coven

This month’s tech tip, Jackie Coven, adobe’s acrobat connect.  A way to connect on the web. login

With email address and DO NOT use university pass phrase.

Enter my test room

This can be a way to communicate with students in addition with Oncourse.

Formerly macromedia breeze.  Free to IU faculty & staff.

Way to collaborate via the web and can share documents, desktops, anything on computer.

Every room is made up of pods. 

You and participants need PC or Mac, flash player, connect meeting add-in for presenter, and the web address, as a host you’ll need an account, headset with microphone ($11 from IT), web cam is optional but will slow down due to bandwidth requirements.

Set up meeting account, you’ll get an email confirmation and link to getting started guide. Do not use you university pass phrase as Adobe is not secure.

Everyone on campus can get to the Pub Data drive and can get to Jackie’s resources for computer training pdf’s

11.   Old Business

12.   New Business  

Adjournment: 12:00











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