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January 16, 2009
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Time:  10:00-12:00 Noon

Location:  Hawthorn 107 


1.       Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 10:01 a.m.

2.      Approval of minutes of the November 21, 2008 meeting:  Prof. Tolhuizen moves to accept the minutes, Prof. Dorin seconds.  Minutes are approved unanimously.

3.      President’s Report:

a.     Faculty nominations for the Faculty Board of Review are needed.  Nominations should be send to Prof. Poulard.

b.     As per the announcement by Michelle Searer media contacts/speakers are needed.  Please volunteer to serve as a media contact.

c.     Items set for the UFC meeting on January 27th include the budget and P&T.  There is some concern regarding the P&T proposal because it applies to this year’s review process and the origin of the policy is unclear.

d.     On February 2, 2009 Chancellor Bergland, Vice-Chancellor Malik, the Pres. Gallmeier, Prof. Delunas, Prof. Ige, and Prof. O’Dell will be attending a meeting regarding the upcoming search for IUN’s new Chancellor.

e.     Chancellor Bergland cannot attend today’s meeting due to a prior commitment but asks that the faculty take notice of the $675,000 donation made to the campus by Attorney General Carter. 

f.        The search for a new interim Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs has been completed.  The President thanks all of the members of the search committee for their hard work and dedication to the process.

g.     Introduction of Dr. David Malik as the new Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

4.      President’s Report:  None, as noted above.

5.      Vice Chancellor’s Reports

a.     Address by Vice Chancellor Malik:  The Vice Chancellor notes that there is much enthusiasm on campus for what the future holds and he notes that President McRobbie has IUN on the agenda and is interested in this campus.  The Vice Chancellor does not think that the campus will close.

                                                               i.      The search for a new Dean of COAS will occur soon.  Academic Affairs will not be represented on the search committee.  The process should be enhanced by the removal of the academic affairs representative on the committee.

                                                             ii.      The search for the new Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs will be initiated soon.

                                                            iii.      Enrollment is of primary economic concern.   Fall enrollments were up over last year and while the figures for spring are not final it appears that enrollments will also be up for spring.  The administration is trying to identify potential sources for the $200,000 kickback to IUB.  The goal is not to remove the money from programs.

                                                          iv.      We need to think about creating a distinct character for IUN.   We can work together to find commonalities to facilitate growth.  The state’s priorities are shaped by the HEC and the HEC’s approach is formulaic; given this structure we need to examine ways to distinguish IUN from other campuses.  Discussions with V.C. Hodges regarding the Trio Program and the Bridges Program were started.   While remedial programs can be looked upon negatively, it is accepted to offer selected remedial opportunities.

                                                           v.       The $675,000 fund is one instrument that can be used to catalyze investment.  Some opportunities include bringing students into the medical program.  

b.     Vice Chancellor Pellicciotti (By Prof. Hoyert)

                                                               i.      The building committee is meeting with 3 individuals from Bloomington to create two plans.

1.      Plan 1:  replace Tamarack; this plan would create space that is within 5% of the existing size of Tamarack

2.      Plan 2:  create a building that would also absorb some of the units of the campus including, for example, units that are housed in Lindenwood.

                                                             ii.      Three possible sources of funding are being examined, including the State Legislature, the Federal Stimulus Plan, and FEMA.

                                                            iii.      Fine Arts is still housed in Tamarack.  The building of three steel buildings on the east side of Broadway is being considered to house Fine Arts.  There would be a black box theatre and office space.  Four modular building units would also be built.

1.      Question:  How many people are on the building committee

a.     Answer :  Approximately 20

2.      Question:  Will the funding be available? 

a.     Answer:  V.C. Malik states there is no reason to believe the money will not be available.  The planning process is vital and as long as planning is being undertaken we will be moving forward.  We should also think of this as an opportunity to create an identity for IUN.

3.      Prof. Flint states that there is a need for shovel-ready projects under the stimulus plan and this project might fit nicely into the stimulus plan objectives given the characteristics of the area.

4.      Prof. Rominger states that Sen. Dobis is committed to getting Tamarack replaced. 

5.      Prof. Ige asks if a form letter could be generated that could be sent to legislators.  President Gallmeier indicates he will look into this possible action.

6.      Prof. Ige also asks about the status of reciprocity with Illinois.  V.C. Malik states that this issue is being explored.   There are some administrative difficulties (eg., no unit  in Michigan that would directly address this issue, and Illinois wants reciprocity for all campuses and institutions in the state of Indiana).   V.C. Malik also noted that the HEC would have to support the idea so we will have to be creative in finding a solution and the economic issues are complex.  In the interim we need to ask what we can do to bring students to the campus.

6.      IU Foundation Scholarship Application for 09-10 Academic Year – Associate Vice Chancellor/Executive Director Pat Giannini

a.     Applications are due on February 6, 2009 in the Financial Aid Office or they can be submitted online (with the exception of nursing).  All students must submit an application.   The scholarship does not affect eligibility for other awards.  Please encourage student participation.

b.     Emerson Scholarship ($675,000):  Approximately $35,000 in interest is expected from this endowment.  We know that 35 students from the Emerson area are already enrolled.  A decision regarding how to distribute the money has not yet been made.  Any scholarships will be renewable.

            i.          Question by Prof. Delunas:  Who decides how the program will                                           function?

                                    Answer:  The Scholarship Committee will decide.

ii.          Question by Prof. Delunas:  What is the status of the Robin Hass-Birky             scholarship fund?

            Answer:  It is doing well.  It is endowed and has approximately             $7,000.

iii.         Question by V.C. Malik:  Are there already enough students from   Emerson to start making determinations on the Emerson Scholarship?

                                                            Answer:  There are 35 students but only 3 are juniors, and 2 are                                                                    seniors.  Priority will be placed on selecting Emerson students,                                                                      the grant can be expanded

c.     Question by Prof. Ige:  Are you in touch with the Gary Schools or the Barden Foundation

                                                               i.      Answer:  We have not spoken with the Gary Schools yet but will in the future.  Barden has contributed money in the past and hopefully will continue to do so.

d.     Prof. Stokely:  On the 22nd a meeting will occur that will address the recruitment portion of grant.

e.     Question by Prof. Sutherland:  Can we model our initiative after the efforts put forth by the City of Hammond?

                                                               i.      Answer:  That is a possibility.

7.      Athletic Director/Student Life Director – Dr. Charles Gary

a.     Chancellor Bergland is an important supporter of the athletic program and does attend the games.  Sports are a potential recruitment tool, and sports and scholarship do go hand in hand.

b.     The Men’s Redhawks basketball team successfully triumphed over Eastern Kentucky.  We were featured on ESPN and by AP press.  This win is one of the biggest wins in college basketball history.

c.     The women’s basketball team also has been doing well.  The team has a key player – Sharon Houston – who has been averaging 32 points, 25 rebounds and 7/8 blocks per game.  She has also been selected as national player of the week for three consecutive weeks.  Please come and support the games and the players.

d.     Upcoming basketball events including Homecoming Games on February 13, 2009.  For $10 you receive admission to two games and food.  On the 25th and 26th of January IUN will host the qualifying tour.

e.     With regards to baseball, 4 games will be played in the Railcats stadium during the upcoming season.

f.        Question from Prof. Ige:  can we use the 10 minute summary presented by Dr. Gary as a recruitment tool in the Gary schools and for large classes at IUN?

                                                               i.      Answer: Dr. Gary responds that he is ready and willing to attend classes at IUN and at other schools.  He will find time for such recruiting activities.

g.     Prof. Stokely asks if Dr. Gary can talk about the assistant coaches.

                                                               i.      Answer: Coach Trgovich is a celebrity and we can capitalize on his presence on campus.

h.      Prof. Rominger proposes the use of a Pep Rally and asks where we can find information on the teams and games.

                                                               i.      Answer:  Hard copies of the schedules are present at the meeting.  They can be taken and distributed in the departments.  Information is also available online, including under the Big List on the front page of the website.

i.         At 5:00 today (January 17, 2009) athletes will be honored for their accomplishments.  Faculty are encouraged to attend and show support.  Academics and service activities will be highlighted

j.         Prof.  Avis indicates that active recruitment is important and this is improving the program.  VC Malik indicates that recruitment overall can be improved by sports.

k.      Prof.  Schoon states that Coach Trgovich is a graduate of the Urban Teaching Program.

l.         President Gallmeier notes that sports develop a sense of community and the school’s identity.

8.      Voting on Resolution – Student Learning Outcomes Principle I, Assessment/General Education Committee – Professor Mary Ann Fischer

a.     In November the learning outcomes received a first reading and today we are here to vote on the outcomes.

b.     Prof.  Avis  notes that an “s” is missing in the first outcome in the word “student“; the phrase should read, “IU Northwest students will”.

c.     Prof. Rominger indicates that she has sent comments to Prof. Fischer regarding outcomes.  With respect to #2, the 3rd bullet, Prof. Rominger asks for an interpretation of the meaning of the outcome and asks if it is the same meaning as in #6, the 3rd bullet.

                                                               i.      Answer:  Prof. Fischer would suggest referring such questions back to the Dept. of Communication for clarification.

1.      Prof. Tolhuizen notes that similar bullet points may exist in two different domains.

2.      Prof. Fischer indicates that the expectation is that departments will do their best to interpretation the meanings.

d.     Prof. Rominger suggests that in outcome #5, 1st bullet, the phrase “social scientific” be included with the reference to scientific methods etc.  She also asks if she should send her comments back to the committee for consideration. 

                                                               i.      Prof. Delunas states that she hopes a vote will occur today and suggests that “scientific” is inclusive of “social scientific” methods. 

e.     After discussion and additional comments by Prof. Bloom, Prof. Rominger, and Prof. Fischer it is decided that the vote should take place.  Motion is voted and passed unanimously.


9.      Tribute to Professor Gary A. Lynch – By Professor Bert Scott


Gary A. Lynch, Ph.D.
School of Business and Economic


Gary Lynch came to IU Northwest in 1981, left us last month at 70 years of age.  I considered him a friend as well as a boss.  He hired me here in 1982.  Gary was hired as Chairman of the Division of Business and Economics by Chancellor Orescanin primarily to achieve AACSB accreditation for the Division.  After many pain-staking years, and a lot of hard work, he helped us reach that goal.  It was no small accomplishment, as we were one of the 5 smallest schools in the world to receive AACSB accreditation.


In addition to being the Chairman of our Division, he was the Director of the Center for Economic Education on the campus.  Gary was a master teacher, and as such taught many of our local teachers in social science and economics.  He conducted summer courses for teachers and many workshops throughout the year for them also.  Also, he led the state’s participation in the national Stock Market Game sponsored by the National Economic Education Society.  I had occasion a couple of years ago to determine the number of participants he served during his time as Director.  That number was staggering in that it exceeded 125,000 students, seniors, and other citizens that joined in the Indiana contingent to play the game.  His excellence in economic education, and the performance of many of his teams, led to numerous regional and national awards in economic education for Gary and his Center.  Because of this reputation, he was frequently sought after by newspapers, radio and television stations for his views on local and regional economics.


Gary lived and breathed his economics.  I remember on one occasion, we went to seek funding from Peggy Elliott for a project in the Division.  She listened and gave us approval.  As we walked away, she got up from her desk and followed us out of her office.  Not knowing she was right behind us, Gary turned to us and said, “We’ll spend her money first, just in case.”  She heard the remark and became furious about it.  He was the economist all the way through.


I think he would find it humorous if I called him a Generous Tightwad.  When I was hired, he and his son Chuck helped us personally in our hunt for a home, and even helped us move in once we found a place.  He son babysat our kids while we looked for a home, and both of them helped us move all our belongings from a storage unit to our new home.  Just prior to his death, he had entered talks with the IU Foundation about a scholarship fund to recognize former members of the faculty that he thought had not received the recognition they deserved.  Since his death, his family has concluded an agreement for a new scholarship fund named for Gary, Bill Reilly (a former business law professor), and Phil Rutledge, the former Chairman of SPEA.  Both had noteworthy careers, but received little recognition at IU Northwest.  I encourage any of you who feel similarly to contribute to that fund, and help them honor these noteworthy former members of the faculty.


I will miss Gary, as I think many of you will also.  His great sense of humor and his unique style of running things, left us all with stories that bring a smile to our faces when we think of him.  Goodbye Gary.



10.  Old Business:  None


11.  New Business: 

a.     Prof. Bloom:  The Presidential debates were televised on campus with much success.  We will also have a showing of the Inauguration in Moraine Hall.  There will be large screen TV’s for the event.   People are encouraged to attend.  Should the event exceed the room capacity of this space, the event will be moved to Savannah Auditorium

b.     Prof. Delunas: 

                                                               i.      Weight Watcher meetings are being held on campus.  Fifteen people are needed for the session to run and money is due on January 20th, 2009.

                                                             ii.      Health Clinic:  Through the tireless efforts of Prof. Marcia Mulcahey and others there is now a health clinic on campus.  The hours are currently limited. Methodist Hospitals is providing a modest subsidy and course reductions are provided for work in the clinic.

1.      There is a value added to the campus from this clinic.  Patients are already being seen, including 1 patient on the 1st day and 5 patients on the 5th day.

2.      Over the long run additional support will be required to sustain the clinic. Currently the clinic is asking for the faculty support.  A health fee is being considered as a means to support a full-time position in the clinic.  If a health fee were imposed students would have free access to the clinic.

                                                            iii.      Dean Bankston adds that the subsidy from Methodist would not have been possible had the College of Health and Human Services not existed.  There are 6 exam rooms available for patient consultations, and there is a nursing station.  A $20.00 health fee would allow the clinic to offer a nurse practitioner’s services and would fund a student worker.

1.      The Grand Opening will be March 1st.  The soft-opening occurred this past week. 

2.      The Gary Community Health Clinic has approached the clinic asking them to provide services, but there is presently no capacity for such services.  The services are now offered to students and faculty.  There is a tremendous need for the services but if there is no subsidy then the clinic will close.

c.     Prof. O’Dell announces that the National Survey of Student Engagement will soon be underway.  1800 freshman and seniors will be invited to participate.  Faculty are encouraged to ask students to respond to the survey.  There will be some incentives including a drawing for I-pods.

d.     President Gallmeier announces that the MLK celebration will be held on campus on January 16, 2009.  The speaker will commence at 6:00 p.m.

12.  Adjournment:  Prof. Tolhuizen moves to adjourn. Prof. O’Dell seconds.  Motion approved unanimously.  Adjourned at 11:50 a.m.







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