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October 3, 2008
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Hawthorn 107 

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.         

56  Present

1.         Call to Order. 

2.         April Minutes were approved

3.         President’s Announcements

Recognition of the loss of three members of the faculty/staff including George Adair, Dr. Terry Lukas, and Assoc. Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Assoc. Professor of English Robin Hass Birky. Thanks to Vice Chancellor Aggrey for assisting the campus in the healing process.  Thank you to Kathryn, Dennis and Otto for assistance in the recovery effort following the Hurricane Ike floods.   Welcome to new colleagues and an introduction to the structure of the faculty organization, recognizing that all members are “Senators” and have a responsibility and obligation to participate.  The schedule of faculty meetings and the committee assignments for the year are posted on the website.  Executive committee meetings will occur on the 1st Friday of the month.  In the past, the faculty organization has faced a crisis of legitimacy but under the leadership of George Bodmer we have re-established our credibility and legitimacy.   Thanks to George for his leadership and thanks to Chancellor Bergland, Vice-Chancellor Aggrey and the Cabinet for working with George Bodmer on this effort.   We accomplished a great deal including the following Greatest Hits:

            1.  Permanent hire of the V.C. of Academic Affairs

            2.  New College of Health and Human Services

            3.  AQIP success

            4.  GE/A:  General Education/Assessment

            5. 5th Annual Arts & Sciences Research Conference

            6.  Course release resolution

Additional thanks to Prof. V. Kilibarda and Prof. M.A. Fisher for work on GE/A, Prof. L. Delunas and Assoc. V.C. R. Hass Birky for AQIP, and Prof. I. Hozo for Faculty Equity work.

4.         Chancellor’s Report

 ·        Welcome back and thanks to the faculty for their work on welcoming back the students after the flood.

·        Thank you to V.C. Aggrey for his guidance and assistance in healing the campus after the death of Associate V.C.A.A. Robin Hass Birky.

·        Thank you to George Bodmer for his leadership of the Faculty Organization.

·        Reminder that enrollment has increased, specifically the student credit hours have increased which makes a difference in the budget.  The next Town Hall meeting will take place next Wednesday and the budget will be discussed

·        Thanks to the staff, Deans, and administrative personnel who assisted in the recovery work following the flood.

·        Compliments to President McRobbie who immediately responded to the difficult circumstances and pledged that his staff would be accountable for their actions, including Vice Chancellor.

·    Tamarack is closed given mold and other issues.  The visual artists will stay in their location.   There is support from IU and the legislature to rebuild. A September meeting with the legislature’s representatives was productive.  Representation from the faculty will be sought in the planning process.  Don Coffin notes that at the UFC meeting McRobbie stated the rebuild is one of the university’s highest priorities

·        V.C. for Student Affairs D. Hodges and V.C. for Administration J. Pelliciotti have been in discussions.   Enrollment services will be transferred to Student Affairs.

·        The Chancellor is impressed by the thinking of ECHO and is considering that the group become the cabinet

·        Upcoming issue is the budget process.   V.C. Aggrey will bring the budget proposal to the council

·        Chancellor Bergland was asked about progress on the hospital.  Dean P. Bankston spoke to the Gary Chamber and discussed the expansion of the medical school.  There is some movement to get Methodist Hospital to become involved in the discussion.   Charlie Brown will be meeting with the Methodist Hospital Board.

·        Chancellor Bergland was asked about the status of the proposals for new programs. They are on the agenda for the Cabinet meeting next Tuesday.

·        Suggestion to the Chancellor:  an email from his office that addressed flood conditions would have been helpful.  Chancellor indicates that it is a learning process and that the issue of effective communication processes is being examined.  Prof. R. Needleman notes that she was not included in the phone announcements and notes that the status of Labor Studies needs to be addressed.   The Chancellor directed the question/issue to V.C. Aggrey who reported that Labor Studies is under the IUPUI campus and that work needs to be done on the issue to sort out the status of the Labor Studies program on the IUN campus.  Prof. C. Gallmeier indicates he will work with the Executive Committee on this issue.

 Chancellor’s Report (continued)

     ·        Question on the status of Lindenwood and the plastic walls.  K. Manteuffel reports that the walls have been in place in the past (Flood 2007, January 2008).  The current use of the walls is to keep people out and it is not to isolate poor environmental conditions.  Air quality inside the building is better than outside the building.  Prof. D. Coffin indicates that Lindenwood is not optimal even when not flooded and asks if the academic programs will be moved from the building and suggests the new Tamarack might be used.  Prof. L. Montalbano requests to be placed on the planning committee for Tamarack.

·        Prof. G. Bodmer asks about two recent appointments and the process followed, specifically whether the appointments went through the diversity process.  Chancellor responds that in both cases the appointments of Prof. Pat Bankston as the new Dean of the CHHS, and the promotion of Prof. Joe Pellicciotti to the position of Vice Chancellor of Administration were consistent with the Affirmative Action Rules.  Prof. D. Ige states that she believes the spirit of Affirmative Action would have required a search and that a search should be conducted.  The Chancellor indicates that under special circumstances appointments can be made and these appointments were required.  Prof. R. Needleman echoed Prof. D. Ige’s concern and requests to look at the data.   Chancellor indicates that data on appointments is readily available.

·        Chancellor notes that any misunderstanding regarding the status of the program proposals is attributable to him and not to V.C. Aggrey.

5.         Vice Chancellors’ Reports

A.     V.C. K. Aggrey

·        Thank you to Prof. G. Bodmer for his work as President of the Faculty Organization

·    Greeting and welcome to all; note that we are in a missing man/woman formation

·    Summary of the end of the 2007-08 academic year

-           Faculty have been globe trotting despite limited funds; Prof. J. Poulard to France, Prof. G. Assibey Mensah to China

-           Prof. K. Vinodgopal and Prof. J. Peller have successfully solicited support and other research proposals have also been submitted

-           In Business and Economics, awards were received for assessment projects, and Prof. S. Bandyopadhyay made two presentations

-           In the CHHS we have growth with painful baby steps.  The next challenge is to translate plans into action.  Dean P. Bankston led faculty to Washington D.C. along with V.C.A. A. R. Hass Birky to participate in discussions regarding public health

V.C.  Aggrey’s Report (continued)

      ·    Welcome to New Faculty

-         Introduction of two new Directors:

                        Social Work: Darlene Lynch

                        SPEA/PS:  Dennis Wichelns

-         CCHS Faculty

                        Marianne Harman – Visiting Faculty (Nursing)

                        Vesna Balac – Lecturer (Radiologic Sciences)

-         Education

            Yusuf Koc – Assistant Professor (Education)

-         Arts and Sciences

            Jennifer Keith – Visiting Lecturer (Math)

            Vanessa Meschede – Visiting Lecturer (Math)

            Olatunde Abiona   - Assistant Professor (CIS)

            Seth Weitz – Visiting Faculty (History)

            Albert Martin – Adjunct Professor (Clinical Psychology)

            Tim O’Donnell – Tech Director (Performing Arts)

-         Business

            Thomas Swirski - Visiting Lecturer of Accounting

Ruiliang Yan - Assistant Professor of Marketing

-         SPEA/PS

            Barbara Peat - Assoc. Professor  (SPEA, Criminal Justice)

            John Tsolakos - Lecturer (SPEA, Criminal Justice)

-         Library

            Scott Sandberg – Visiting Librarian     (Library)

-         CETL

            William Radell – Instructional Tech. Specialist

·        V. C. Aggrey acknowledges the issue regarding Labor Studies and also acknowledges Prof. R. Needleman’s Fulbright Scholarship in Brazil

·    Thank you to Jack Bloom, architect of the Debate event.  Thank you to all who participated.  It was of value to the community and to the university.  There was news coverage and attendance was larger than expected.

·    A memorial event is being planned for October 29th, 2008.

B.  V.C. D. Hodges

·    New Director of Life and Athletics:  Dr. Charles Grey

·    Counseling services have been moved to Hawthorn (2nd Floor)

·    Students came away from the flood events believing that the campus cares; they also learned about volunteer activities and received free food and additional information upon their return

·    Congratulations to the faculty for the flexibility in handling the events and for their constant emails to students

C. V.C.  J. Pellicciotti

·    Please send a note to K. Mantueffel if you did not get notice of flood events thru I.U. Notify; we are evaluating the program

·    Three people are present to answer flood related questions including K. Mantueffel, D. Chatfield and O. Jefimenko.

·    Prof. L. Delunas reports a break-in at the Dental clinic

·    Hawthorn’s roof is being vacuumed

   6.         UFC Report – Professor Coffin

·          A committee on faculty compensation and benefits is to be formed.  Prof. S. Flint asks what this signifies and Prof. D. Coffin says the Trustees have asked the President to form a committee and the President has asked the UFC to undertake the task. No other information is available at this time.

·          New Frontiers:  the university is looking to extend the project with additional support from Lilly

·          Prof. L. Delunas notes that Prof. S. Flint and S. Shanks-Meile will be part of a Health Care Reform discussion to be held on October 23rd.

7.         Tribute to George Adair – Mr. Roger Thomas

George Washington James Adair the 3rd was born on December 3rd, 1961 then taken from us on August 15th 2008 at the age of 46.

He was born into a loving family, and taught values that he never forgot; these values he used every day.  His outgoing personality, and easy smile could cheer anyone up.

His love and dedication to his wife Pam was known to all who knew him.  They have a wonderful son, Lawrence Adair, who also is an employee of Physical Plant and IUN student.

George loved his music, played guitar and enjoyed his jam session with IUN electrician Gary Beauchamp.  Eventually he formed a band and played a few gigs of his own, Bon Jovi style.

A little known story about him is as follows:

He and his family had moved to Texas in 1982.  While on the job, he was run over by a large forklift truck.  His leg and hand were severely crushed and his skull was broken.  His broken leg never fully healed and when all was said and done his sense of smell played a trick on him and everything began to smell like perfume.  Strong smell, strong perfume.  Weak smell, weak perfume.  Recently it seemed he might be getting his sense of smell back.  We told him he smelled all along.

Moving back to Indiana after the accident, George joined us at IUN in 1985 where he dedicated himself to whatever task that was asked of him.  He used those values that he learned so long ago.  George was so easy to relate to, the entire crew admires him.

At night, if one of use needed something to eat; he would go buy it for you.  George wouldn’t stand and watch you do the work by yourself, he would get involved.  He believed in teamwork and that was his nature.

He helped people on campus and made friends from every walk of life and that was reflected in the large number of people that came to his funeral.

His sudden departure for the other world, brought not only sorrows, but; also; reminded us of our own mortality.

We will miss George as we move forward with our lives but we will not forget him.

8.         Tribute to Dr. Terry Lukas – Professor Bob Lovely

(Bob Lovely moves to the podium and places an “ancient” Apple Macintosh on the desk and says “...and in conclusion…” anticipating smiles from the knowing audience as to Terry’s love of MACs.) 

“This Apple Macintosh is from the “Macintosh Museum” found in Terry’s basement, where nearly every computer and accessory ever made is found.  My theme for this tribute today is Dr. Terry Lukas- “Mr. Macintosh”.

Each one of us has used the expression “user-friendly” when describing a new piece of software.  But we can also describe Terry Lukas, himself, as “user-friendly”: an individual who was easy to talk to when we had a computer problem, and easy to follow when he explained what we had to do to correct the problem, all the while not making us feel incompetent. 

After graduation from Highland High School, Terry entered Indiana University (attending both the Bloomington and the Northwest campuses) in 1965, graduating in 1969 with a major in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Physics.  He entered Ball State University in 1969, graduating with a Master’s degree in Biology in 1972; as a recipient of a doctoral fellowship, he continued with his doctorate in Biology- awarded in 1978, with minors in Computer Science and Physiology.  During this time, he maintained a productive relationship with Dr. John Dustman (IU Northwest Prof. of Biology) as co-author of two reference works for McGraw-Hill- Slides for Anatomy and Physiology and Slides for Microbiology

Developing a very strong interest in media in graduate school, he transferred these skills to his first position as instructor of Medical Education and Instructional Design Specialist at the University of  Illinois Medical Center.  He hosted two programs: 1) the radio program “Your Doctor Speaks,” and 2) a TV program “Consultation.”  Each of these combined his expertise in the sciences and medicine with the practical, everday needs of his audience.

Over the course of thirteen years, Terry published 16 articles.  Two that were “pioneering” works reported on the research into “medical odors”: fetor hepaticus and phenylketonuria.  Who knew the full scope and dimension of Terry’s interests? 

Terry partnered with Dr. Wayne Siek (IU Northwest Prof. of English) to establish a Macintosh Writing Laboratory for the composition students, awarded through a grant from USX-Gary Works. While the “PC” community on campus was not fully accepting of another “platform” for the campus, the early support from the English faculty and their students cemented the efforts that Terry had for the more user-friendly computer.

The studio on the 3rd floor of Hawthorn was quite busy:  Chancellor Peggy Elliott’s half-hour program, “Your University,” and Mr. Thomas Higgins “Your Legislator’s Report,” were taped with Terry directing.  These were then broadcast over Channel 56.  Terry also produced and directed two videotaped courses- one with Dr. Dee Dee Ige (Interpersonal Communication) and the other with Dr. Dave Strupeck (Introduction to Financial Accounting.)  Both of these, at the time, were innovative in that these were not “talking head shows,” but included interactivity and problem-solving activities. 

Life at IU Northwest had its ups and downs- and Terry wore many hats in his career at IU Northwest, as reorganizations were taking place and administration regimes shifted focus:  Associate Professor of Nursing, and Director of the Learning Resource Center in Nursing, Senior Director, Instructional and Informational Systems, Associate Scientist for Data Processing and Information Systems, Director of the Instructional Media Center.  When the position of Associate Vice chancellor for Technology was created, Terry’s job responsibilities were modified:  he was no longer to support any Mac-user on campus.  However, when a call came from the chancellor’s office to help with a problem, Terry was faced with a hard decision.  (I’m sure he asked himself the question: “who is more important?- Kathy Malone in the chancellor’s office, or Bob Moran, my supervisor.”  Needless to say, he quickly walked over to the chancellor’s office.)

Many colleagues submitted remembrances:   Paul Blohm spoke of Terry’s perseverance and investigative abilities if he couldn’t answer a question immediately.  The next day he had an answer for Paul.  As part of Terry’s personnel file, Jim Lane had written to Dr. Lloyd Rowe commending Terry’s work on Steel Shavings – acknowledging that Terry’s work saved the university thousands of dollars, and allowing more copies of the journal to be distributed. Beth Van Gordon assembled comments from the IT staff on campus and from IUPUI and Bloomington.  Carol Wood spoke of a special bond between them because of her family’s first use of a Macintosh;  Paul Sharpe commented on Terry’s sense of humor in meetings; Beverly Teach (IUPUI) said: “soft spoken with a ready smile, he was dedicated to the faculty and their needs,” David Donaldson (Bloomington): “I’m certain the recent trends of increased adoption of Apple products made him smile.”  Beth ended with a quote from Helen Keller- “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.”

Linda Rooda fondly remembers Terry and his assistance with the School of Nursing.  Her attempt to call his extension (6819) a week after his death shows that his memory will be lasting for those who knew and loved him.

9.         Tribute to Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of English Robin Hass Birky – Professor George Bodmer

I first met Robin Hass Birky when she came to school to interview with the department for her job.  By necessity, I brought my one-year old daughter along and she played quietly on the floor through the interview.  Robin brought this up to me quite a few times, telling me that the fact that the department was so cool with a baby playing on the floor was one of the factors that helped her decide to come here.  To provide a little perspective, my daughter entered her first year of high school last month.

Robin began working for the university and the English department in fall 1995, and over the years she grew as a teacher, as a researcher, as an administrator, and as a colleague.  There were times when her enthusiasm almost wore us out, but she shared her experiences and kept us apprised of what was going on in her life and her career.

When I returned from her funeral last month I was a few minutes late to my literature class, so I explained that Robin, a teacher from our department, had died.  One of my students interrupted me and said, she wasn’t just a teacher, she was a great teacher.

When Robin earned tenure, I told her I thought a professor’s career has three parts.  At the beginning, one is hustling to earn tenure.  In the middle part, one sets the groundwork for the final third.  I advised her that if she wanted a career in administration, she needed to establish a base of research so that that showed firmly on her resume.  As Robin moved forward, she kept working in her discipline, kept researching, and kept teaching, all with great energy and creativity.  Events have robbed us of what might have been, but I would not have been surprised to see a Dean Hass Birky, a Vice Chancellor Hass Birky, or even somewhere perhaps a Chancellor Hass Birky.

In conclusion, if I ask did Robin’s passing leave a great hole in our university and in our hearts, I can only answer in Robin’s own words: “do ya think?”

Motion to add tributes to the meeting minutes and request that the President of Faculty Organization write a letter to George Adair's, Terry Lucas's and Robin Hass-Birky's family including the minutes of the meeting complete with the tributes presented by their colleagues.  Motion made by Prof. J. Tolhuizen and seconded by Prof. D. Coffin.   Motion Approved.

10.       Old Business:  None.

11.       New Business:  Women’s Center Resolution

Resolution to name the Robin R. Hass Birky Memorial Women’s Center

Whereas the entire campus community is saddened by the tragic death of Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Robin Hass Birky

Whereas Professor Hass Birky was an active and valued member of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at IU Northwest

Be it resolved by the Faculty Organization of Indiana University Northwest that we rename the Women’s Center (Savannah 207) the Robin R. Hass Birky Memorial Women’s Center to honor her memory. The name of the Center will be henceforth known as the Hass Birky Memorial Women’s Center in all university correspondence and communication and will be permanently marked at the entrance with a memorial  plaque indicating such.   

Motion for approval by Prof. K. Evans, second by Prof. D. Coffin; motion passed.

Moment of Silence

12.       Adjournment


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