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March 21,  2008
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Hawthorn 107:             52 Faculty Present


Call to order. (My computer did not respond for the first 5 minutes of the meeting. . .)


I. Feb. Minutes were approved


II. Chancellor’s Reports

1. looked into residential campus

2. Tamarack could be moved up (?)

3. increased freedom of construction – purchasing small construction projects –

4. campus asked to develop diversity plan


B. Enrollment planning process. Three task forces: recruitment (Joe Pellicciotti), retention (Aggrey and Hodges), and marketing


C. Hospital topic – Calling April 1st meeting, with Mayor of Gary, CEO Methodist, CEO Clarion and Community, VP from IU, someone from State office who handles funding, Sen. Rogers, Rep. Brown, and another senator.  Meeting to discover where is the hang up—Mayor wouldn’t sign, didn’t think IUN was serious, IU VP wrote a letter,

Rick Hug – need $200 million to make this happen


Sam Flint mentioned that Dr. Applebaum will be speaking on April 1st at 7pm


III.             VCAA Aggrey

A.    AQIP coming next week

B.     Assoc. Vice Chancellor should be in place by next academic year

C.     Interim Dean of COAS under way

D.    National search for Dean of COAS begins in fall

E.     CIS networking lab ready for Fall 08/ Infomatics

F.      Don Sarkowitz is retiring, position will be filled as long as Aggrey is VCAA

G.    Chancellors’ On Hold Messages – advertisement for IUN, faculty achievements, etc.

H.    Encourages us to use coffee hour Wed. and Thurs.

I.       Brought us psychological issues of students and safety of our classes; dealt with such an issue this week—two uniformed police officers escorted the student out—very uncomfortable for all; we made a mistake and learned from it

J.       Will be meeting with Deans to review the course load reassignment policy—may need to revise the policy

K.    Chancellor has approved $30,000 for initiatives – this year, $15,000 and next year $30,000 – but it’s almost gone already due to the bulletin—IUB used to give us $18,000 and they no longer do.

L.     Waiting for resolutions on the Centers. Will establish small group to address concerns, etc.

M.   Social Work is working on BS and Education is working on M.S. (R. Hass-Birkey); and Geosciences (D. Ige); Public Health (P. Bankston)

N.    Question about positions to be funded (R. Hug). There are no new positions coming in. Replacements: NCIS – was one of largest units, but has died, need to rebuild it, so they will get their lines; BUS- they got line back; other units should go through APC process, will be announced May 1st.  George Assibey-Mensah is interim dean, so his line sits vacant until we get a permanent Dean of SPEA.

O.    Third year review should be done regularly for tenure track people—shouldn’t have to wait until they go up for tenure.


IV.             UFC Report. Don Coffin.

a.                   RE: P&T guidelines regarding number of letters ; Kwesi commented upon the recent dossiers and wants to ask permission to use one as a model. Extensive discussion ensued about the content vs organization of dossiers.

b.                  Limit of transfers from 2-year institutions  to 64 hours; 

c.                   Honorary Degree comm. – no proposals from any of the campuses, esp. looking for submissions coming from the faculty & supported by the faculty


V.                Robin Hass-Birkey. AQIP begins Wed-Thurs-Fri at noon. March 27, 3:45-5pm is the designated time for faculty to participate in discussion about how we value people, how we assess, etc. Place to be honest and work towards the future, continuous effort for improvement, not punitive but collaborative. Affirmation of the data they’ve already been given. She encourages us to call her extension 7222 – read Program Summary posted online.


VI.               Gen. Ed. Assessment committee. Vesna Kilibarda and Mary Ann Fischer.  Much discussion about the non-universality of the bullet points. On Outcomes for Principle 3 and Outcomes for diversity, ethics and citizenship. They want feedback on these issues.  Outcomes should be broader than individual courses- can strip the specific language in the outcome, but cover specific issues in our courses. Taylor - Identity politics, if don’t name the group, it disappears.  Use these items as guidelines for courses. Had members from Minority Studies, Women’s Studies with them. Faculty are urged to give/send comments about all concerns. Virginia Anderson will be speaking on April 4th, Savannah 203-204, Writing Across the Curriculum.


VII.          Meeting was adjourned at 11:50am.


Respectfully submitted,


Tanice Foltz, Faculty Org. Secretary

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