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January 18th,  2008
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 I. Call to order, 10:00 am ~60 people attending


 II. Minutes of the November 16, 2007, meeting approved


 III. Pres. Bodmer’s announcements

a.     Fac. Org. officer elections coming up – please begin thinking of nominations and asking your colleagues whether they are interested in serving

b.    2 initiatives – Pres. McRobbie requested all campuses to report to him on two programs to work on in the coming years – due Jan. 22, 2008

a.    A survey was conducted, thanks to the many participants in such a short time

b.    Results were tabulated and a summary sent out to the campus

c.    The 4 item list sent out has not been prioritized yet – that will be the job of the Cabinet

c.    Academic Leadership Council – working on revising P&T Guidelines – UFC will discuss on Tuesday, Jan. 22

a.    Would like a reduced dossier to leave campuses

b.    6 references

c.    Peers evaluating peers

d.    MLK Program tonight – Elder Bernice King

e.    Tim Sutherland introduced new library staff member Therese Booker

f.    5 resolutions – 3 passed (CRE, ILL, CHHS) and two did not (CETL, Summer Salary) – next step is a meeting with the Executive Committee and Chancellor and VCAA Aggrey to discuss how to move forward   


 IV. Chancellor's report – not in attendance


 V. Vice chancellors' reports – VCAA Aggrey

      a.  SPEA – George Assibey-Mensah will serve as interim Director until July 31, 2008 as the external search has failed, another search will be instituted

      b.  CHHS and COAS are authorized to hire a full-time Associate Dean

      c.  New title for Pat Bankston – Interim Director of CHHS

      d.  Institute an eight percent salary increase with promotion

      e.  Introduced the new Chief Information Officer – Beth Van Gordon

            -she indicated her initial focus will be classroom technology, also reported on a new alliance agreement with SONY.  Please contact her with any questions or ideas at, or x7202. 

      f.  Reestablishing Commons area – former “That Little Café” – free coffee and donuts on Wed. mornings and Thurs. afternoons.  Faculty and Staff invited to stop by and chat

      g.  Introduced Robin Hass Birky for a report on AQIP an thanked Linda Delunas, Robin Hass Birky for their hard work on this endeavor

 – process moving along well, site visit scheduled for Mar. 26-28, 2008 so please be on hand to meet the accreditation team.  All documents provided to AQIP are online at


 VI. Tribute to Professor Florence Sawicki-Professor Grskovic – Professor Toluhizen moved that this tribute be included in full in the minutes as well as sent to Professor Sawicki’s relatives by the Fac. Org. President – motion passed – voice vote


I’m here today to pay tribute to our colleague Dr. Florence Sawicki. Florence retired from her position on the faculty of the School of Education in December 2006. One year later, just 3 weeks ago, she passed away from Cancer. 


I’ve just recently learned that Florence had the nickname of "Cookie." I didn’t know that.  I knew that Florence was from New Jersey and proudly owned her Jersey accent.

I knew she was a pet lover and lived with 6 dogs, two of them Great Danes. I also knew she loved horses.


I worked with Florence here at IUN for 9 years and there were a lot of things about Flo that I didn’t know.

I didn’t know she’d hosted a monthly television show called, "Education Now." I didn’t know that she used to be a nun.  Or that she loved crab legs, which I’ve heard she could really pack away. I didn’t know she worked at St. Joseph’s College, in Rensselaer, before coming to IUN in 1978. I didn’t know she was a part-time realtor.


When I mentioned all the things I didn’t know about Flo to Ken Schoon, he said, “Florence liked it that way.”


And I have to agree with Ken. Florence didn’t like to draw attention to herself. She was modest.  When we tried to plan her retirement party, she didn’t want one. She said she didn’t want people to waste their money going out to a restaurant for her. She said, instead, “Donate the money to the scholarship fund to help the students.” And that statement says a lot about Florence. She was all about the students.


And from what I hear, she had always been all about the students, throughout her many roles at IUN.    

Florence had served on many, many campus committees.

When I was a newby at IUN I appreciated that Florence had “institutional memory.” If I didn’t know what a procedure was or how a committee was to proceed, I could always ask Flo and she’d tell me how things had been done in the past. She had a great memory for details and procedures.

She served as Coordinator of the Critical Literacy Program and was adored by her staff and the students.

She had also served as the Director of Student Teaching and Placement, a position that requires a good relationship with the schools.

Florence had an excellent relationship with the Gary schools. Through the years, hundreds, maybe thousands, of Gary elementary school teachers took her Masters reading courses. 


She served as the Director of the Developmental Reading Program.

Conducted literacy and early childhood workshops and enrichment programs for the community.

She was a current board member of Altrusa Intl. of the Indiana Dunes.

At one time she was the chair of IU Northwest's kindergarten and reading programs.

Florence was always a champion of early childhood education.

Recognizing that the most effective intervention is early intervention, she chaired the committee that created the IU Northwest Child Care Center and advocated for high quality early childhood educational experiences.

Florence also conducted diagnostic reading assessments on the side and if parents needed the service and couldn’t pay, she always helped them out.


Many people have spoken to Florence’s character as a person. Here are a few of the things they said:

She was caring, kind, considerate, and compassionate.

She was always happy and knew how to make a room smile. She was fair and truly cared for children in need.

If you had a problem, she made sure that it was solved.

She was a person that could be counted on.

She was a person who touched the lives of many who knew her.

She loved her students and her animals most of all. Nothing was too much trouble to help any student or care for any animal in distress. She did her "good works" privately and few would know of the charity she engaged in helping the elderly, the poor, and children in need.

She had a true gift as teacher.


Florence was a teacher first and foremost. First she was a teacher of children, kiddygartners, as she liked to call them. And then of university students. She was a teacher in life, and now she is a teacher in death because she has a lesson for us. 

A year ago, at her modest retirement reception in the School of Education I asked Florence what she was going to do in her retirement. She said she was going to pack the dogs into her motor home and see the country. She said she had a lot of living to do. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to do it. So the lesson for us is:


Enjoy your life, your work, your colleagues, your students, your loved ones, your pets. Live and love each day with kindness and compassion, as Professor Florence Sawicki did.



VII. Report from the Academic Affairs Committee- Cynthia O'Dell ( see attached report)

Academic Affairs Committee Report to the Faculty Organization


-        ALC resolution on Community College Transfer credits – 64 credits across all campuses

-        Committee examined one year’s worth of academic grade changes and created a set of rules for the committee to follow in the future processing of grade changes.


-1)     Routine Grade Change requests may be processed by the Chair without input from the entire committee.  These requests include:  changing an F to a grade (after an incomplete has converted to an F); miscalculation of grades; and late completion of work after grades were submitted.

-2)     Non-routine Grade Change requests will require a committee meeting and vote.  These requests include but are not limited to:  F to W; F to FN; F to I.

-3)     The Chair will collect the non-routine grade change requests and the committee will then meet once per semester to process these grade change types


 VIII. Resolution on Amendments and Framework for Principles 3-5 from the Gen.Ed./Assessment Committee-Prof. Dimuzio (See attached Resolution on Amendments and Framework for Principles 3-5)

a.     Much discussion of framework related to confusion regarding outcomes (some suggested and at least one stated in framework)

b.    Modification of principle 3 framework – to read “mandatory capstone or equivalent experience as determined by the unit

c.    Vote taken on lined additions to definitions column for principles 3, 4, and 5 as well as the first sentence for principles 3, 4, and 5 only – motion passed, voice vote


 IX. Library budget motion-Librarian Szymanski (see attached budget)

a.    Discussion on how individual department budgets are allocated

b.    Suggested that Library Committee make a report to the Fac. Org. regarding the process in the next few months

c.    Motion passed – voice vote


 X. New business

      a.  Earl Jones – Student voice and help has been completely eliminated from MLK Day celebration.  Tried to meet with students and administration over last weekend with little success. Wanted faculty to be aware of this problem. Discussion curtailed due to time limitations.


 XI. Old business


 XII. Adjournment 12:03.




 Faculty Organization Tracking


 Resolution 101-07

 Breadth of Learning Framework, passed Oct. 19, 2007

 Result: On-going Gen. Ed. initiative


 Resolution 102-07

 "Given the significance of the faculty voice in planning the future of the university,


 Be it resolved that faculty nominated representation on the Strategic Planning Team be increased from 3 to 6," passed Oct. 19, 2007

 Result: 3 faculty representatives will be appointed to the Strategic Planning Team for the spring meeting


Resolution 103-07

Outcomes for Breadth of Learning Framework, passed 16 Nov. 2007.

Result: On-going Gen. Ed. initiative


Resolution 104-07

The IUN faculty organization reasserts its commitment and support for its 1997 resolution outlining the institutional process for Martin Luther King Holiday/Black History Month activities, passed 16 Nov., 2007.



Resolution 105-07

Dissolution of the Center for Regional Excellence, unless the center can generate its own revenue to pay for personnel costs for at least a two year period, beginning July 1, 2008. Such a determination will be made by a committee appointed jointly by the Faculty Organization and the VCAA, passed by mail ballot Dec. 2007.

Result: A meeting will be set with the Fac. Org. Exec. Com., the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to discussaction to be taken on this and following two resolutions.


Resolution 106-07

Dissolution of the Institute for Innovative Leadership, unless the center can generate its own revenue to pay for personnel costs for at least a two year period, beginning July 1, 2008. Such a determination will be made by a committee appointed jointly by the Faculty Organization and the VCAA, passed by mail ballot Dec. 2007.



Resolution 107-07

No additional cost for the College of Health and Human Services be incurred, i.e., administrative restructuring of the divisions incorporated into CHHS can be the only way to fund the administrative structure of the CHHS, passed by mail ballot, Dec. 2007.



[The following two motions, also considered by mail ballot Dec. 2008, did not pass:

* Reduction in costs associated with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, by eliminating all salaried staff and reducing the Director position to a part time teaching position.


* Summer teaching stipends shall not exceed $ 7000 per course. This amount will be indexed annually to the average faculty raise awarded in the prior academic year.]


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