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February 15th,  2008
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Hawthorn 107, 1-3p.m.

I. Call to order  (Faculty present = 54)

II. Approval of the minutes of the January 18, 2008 meeting. Minutes were approved.

III. President's announcements

Tragedy at NIU- shooting, (7 students died, 16 injured so far), puts us in vulnerable position: Pat Bankston, we have a crisis management team (Mon 2-3p.m. and Tues 9-10am); Robin Hass Birkey -town hall meetings next week; Bankston: if it sounds like gunshots it is, either lock the door or put things in front of door—don’t go into the hallway; Ken Schoon said that one announcer misspoke and said IUN instead of NIU

Will elect Pres-VP-Sec- Univ._______________

Two excellent art exhibits, Wanamaker Native American photos and Kinsey Exhibit

AQIP site visit Mar 27-28

IV. Chancellor's report:  Chancellor Bergland has meeting in IUB

V. Vice chancellors' reports

VC Aggrey is away on a family matter in Africa

Introduce Diane Hodges, VC for Student Affairs: here since July 1st, hopes to work with students , developing student government and athletics; Ray Fontaine is off campus due to death in family, but Denise Travis is here, and Diane Hodges can use counseling background in the interim

Beth Van Gorton, CIO IT:  Town hall meeting Feb. 25-26 discuss illegal file sharing and consequences, VC Hodges, VC Aggrey, VC Vasquez to discuss disciplinary infractions; afternoon session 3pm Monday- coupon for soul food dinner, Tues. morning, coupon for soul food lunch (9am)

VC Vasquez – re town hall meetings, re NIU discussion – Mon 18th 2-3, Tues 9-10 in Savannah auditorium; Pres. McRobbie called all police chiefs together to see how to deal with this kind of thing on all campuses- treated as “high alert”

Rick Hug – any way to identify students? Hodges- developing way to identify, not negatively but to be aware

Savannah: air conditioning won’t be available this summer. Lindenwood and Sycamore: more flooding in basements in January as well as last August. Need to evaluate whether to fix the problem, if not, what to do.

Good news: retention is up from 74% last year to 77% this year

VI. Resolution on Requirements for Principles 3-5 from the Gen.Ed./Assessment Committee, for vote, and a first reading, to be voted on in March for Student Learning Outcomes for Principle 3-Professors Fischer and V. Kilibarda (see attachments  "Resolution on Requirements for Gen. Ed. Principles 3-5" and "Student Learning Outcomes-Principle 3")

MaryAnn Fischer.  All of the principles (attached) were adopted.  Next: need to write learning outcomes for 3-4-5. Asked to vote on language at bottom in italics. Unit is responsible for meeting outcomes for principle 3-4-5. Guidelines include a class or an “enriching educational experience” such as service learning, internship, capstone project, student teaching, independent study research/creative activity, study abroad, a show, or a performance”. 

Take a vote:  it passes unanimously.

Try to design learning outcomes for principle 3 – Critical Thinking. (see attachment). If agree, course must specify in the syllabus at least two of these criteria.

P. Bankston – says in the sciences and medicine this would be called “problem solving”

Diane Chen-Lin: are we going to apply these to our disciplines to assess them or what?

M.F. – says we need to apply within the disciplines

VII. Discussion of the AQIP Site visit (Mar. 26-8)—Professors Hass Birky and Delunas (see attachment "AQIP Feb2008") – we can open this whereas can’t open George’s Mac-generated

Robin Hass-Birkey – assessments; sent out 39 pg doc as attachment; assessments done on unit and campus level; since 1982 have been doing this, need to move forward before Mar. 26-28 site visit. Need shared definitions of assessment. Pp.7-8 walks through individual responsibilities on campus, from instructor through the chancellor who needs to support the student outcomes. She’s not asking for an extra position, will hire person with this job description in addition to other responsibilities.  Collected plans from individual units – first step, periods of collection in spring, and from the units in the fall, then analyze those pieces of data. She wants feedback, skim it, attend particularly to pp. 7-8.  National survey for student engagement (NSSE) –info collected from freshmen and seniors (under Office of Institutional Research). Linda DeLunas says there is a wealth of information here as Kathryn Lantz has collected them in terms of student learning according to Gen Ed principles (as close as possible).

AQIP- admitted 2002 (normal reaccreditation year should have been. Started with three action projects, feedback in 2006, and in response have been working with AQIP working groups, to expand portfolio into living portfolio (expanded version of systems portfolio). In about what has been done in response to the feedback. Asks us to take a look at that as well as 2008 Quality Program Summary – summary of all quality activity (improvement)- Linda recommends looking at this if looking at one thing. See also 2007 AQIP Action Projects, submitted in 2007. Robin: key point is response to reviewers. Two reviewers in March originally made the comments in the previous report; want to see continuous improvements in terms of previous critiques and movement forward. Most serious issues: Learning outcome assessment, leadership succession planning.

Q: Chuck Gallmeier, do we know the background of these people?

Robin: one is with Quality Improvement at a university—can post on website, Chris Crawford and Linda Stacy (?). Other questions. Robin is asking us to wear AQIP is coming big red buttons.

VIII. Library Budget committee criteria

Cindy Szymanski.  At last meeting when library budget was passed, Pete sent out a document on how the budget is calculated. Met last Thursday but did not achieve a quorum and they have another meeting scheduled.

Nick Rosselli – let’s forward all to Cynthia, or George or Pete and that person can forward to everybody.

George asked that we table the issue until after the Library committee meets again and re-introduce it at the next faculty org meeting.

IX. Report from the CT & DE (Classroom Technology and Distributed Education) Committee—Prof. Coffin (see attachment "Classroom Technology")

Don Coffin – Beth Ann Gorton and Beverly Peach shares time with IUPUI and IUB. Nelson presented results last month. Committee was gratified by extent of the response; implications were concerns about the classroom tech situation. Bringing forth a framework for proceeding with classroom tech refitting process. This CT &DT committee will be soliciting info from us – need to get proposals out by April 1st to get equipment replaced (and there is money for it). Authorizes the committee to address these issues. If you want to be on the committee, more people are welcome.

Call the question- to vote on if there are no objections. (George objected, but he’s not allowed to. He asked how does this make any changes?)

Don: doesn’t make substantive changes.

Beverly – please call through HELP line because otherwise they don’t know if technology works or not

About 35/51 general purpose classrooms have technology- goal is summer 2009 to equip all of them.

All in favor: passed unanimously.

X. New business:

Linda De Lunas - Go Red – heart disease; heart healthy reception and speaker Robert Kushner, M.D. on Feb. 26, 5pm, Savannah Auditorium

XI. Old business

XII. Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 2:30pm


Respectfully submitted,

Tanice G. Foltz, Secretary

IUN Faculty Organization




 Faculty Organization Tracking

Resolution 101-07
Breadth of Learning Framework, passed Oct. 19, 2007

Result: On-going Gen. Ed. initiative

Resolution 102-07
"Given the significance of the faculty voice in planning the future of the university, Be it resolved that faculty nominated representation on the Strategic Planning Team be increased from 3 to 6," passed Oct. 19, 2007

Result: 3 faculty representatives will be appointed to the Strategic Planning Team for the spring meeting.

Resolution 103-07
Outcomes for Breadth of Learning Framework, passed 16 Nov. 2007.

Result: On-going Gen. Ed. initiative

Resolution 104-07
The IUN faculty organization reasserts its commitment and support for its 1997 resolution outlining the institutional process for Martin Luther King Holiday/Black History Month activities, passed 16 Nov., 2007.

Result: A meeting was held with the Fac. Org. Exec. Com., the Chancellor and the Cabinet on Feb. 8, 2008, to discuss action to be taken on this. The chancellor stated that the administration will determine the activities for the Martin Lunther King Holiday through the Diversity Programming Group and its decision-making process.

Resolution 105-07
Dissolution of the Center for Regional Excellence, unless the center can generate its own revenue to pay for personnel costs for at least a two year period, beginning July 1, 2008. Such a determination will be made by a committee appointed jointly by the Faculty Organization and the VCAA, passed by mail ballot Dec. 2007.
Result: A meeting was held with the Fac. Org. Exec. Com., the Chancellor and the Cabinet on Feb. 8, 2008, to discuss action to be taken on this and following two resolutions. It was stated that the time described in the resolution is not realistic, but a faculty committee will be set up to determine a reasonable time table for funding.

Resolution 106-07
Dissolution of the Institute for Innovative Leadership, unless the center can generate its own revenue to pay for personnel costs for at least a two year period, beginning July 1, 2008. Such a determination will be made by a committee appointed jointly by the Faculty Organization and the VCAA, passed by mail ballot Dec. 2007.

Result: A meeting was held with the Fac. Org. Exec. Com., the Chancellor and the Cabinet on Feb. 8, 2008, to discuss action to be taken on this, in setting up a committee and assessing the impact this institute has on the community.

Resolution 107-07
No additional cost for the College of Health and Human Services be incurred, i.e., administrative restructuring of the divisions incorporated into CHHS can be the only way to fund the administrative structure of the CHHS, passed by mail ballot, Dec. 2007.

Result: A meeting was held with the Fac. Org. Exec. Com., the Chancellor and the Cabinet on Feb. 8, 2008, to discuss this resolution. It was stated that it is not possible to set up the CHHS without incurring further costs.

[The following two motions, also considered by mail ballot Dec. 2008, did not pass:

* Reduction in costs associated with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, by eliminating all salaried staff and reducing the Director position to a part time teaching position.

* Summer teaching stipends shall not exceed $ 7000 per course. This amount will be indexed annually to the average faculty raise awarded in the prior academic year.]

Resolution 108-08 Resolution on Amendments and Framework for Principles 3-5, passed January 18, 2008.

Result: On-going Gen. Ed/Assessment initiative

Resolution 109-08 Library Budget, passed January 18, 2008.

Result: A call was made to discuss further the criteria by which money is allocated. 

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