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April 18,  2008
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Friday, 18 April, in Hawthorn 107, 1-3 p.m.

I.     Call to order -- ~50 in attendance

II.   Approval of the minutes of the March 21, 2008, Faculty Org. meeting, approved as read

III. President's announcements

a.      G. Bodmer thanked his fellow Fac. Org officers and executive committee and the General Education Committee among others, for their hard work during his reign as President

b.     May 8, 2008 Commencement

c.     G. Bodmer thanked Robin Hass Birky and Linda Delunas for their hard work on AQIP

d.     Election Committee Report  - J. Poulard

e.     President-Elect   Chuck Gallmeier

f.     Vice President   Cynthia O’Dell

g.     Secretary    K.  Vinodgopal

h.     UFC Representative   Don Coffin

i.     At-large Exec. Comm. Jim Tolhuizen, Bill Dorin

j.     At-large P&T Comm.  George Bodmer,  Tanice Foltz

IV. Chancellor's report

a.     Thanked AQIP leaders Robin Hass Birky and Linda Delunas

b.     Distributed letter from Pres. McRobbie regarding funding for major initiatives – all monies went to main campus, no regional funding

c.     R. Hug Q - Kelley School of Business and SPEA will consult with Methodist hospital on scenarios regarding a new hospital in Gary, Chancellor Bergland reported that Mayor Clay was not at the last meeting regarding this issue and so little progress was made

d.     G. Bodmer Q – What is the expected timing of the chanellor’s retirement – A. The chancellor will be meeting with Pres. McRobbie in May to discuss different scenarios

e.     J. Poulard Q – Job Search – will discuss with Pres. McRobbie in May


V.  Vice chancellor of Academic Affairs

a.      Raises – 2% should be called Across the board not cost of living

-1% merit – units defined and awarded

-1.5% equity – this is first year of 3 years of equity monies b.  Enrollment -  3 taskforces formed -  Retention, Recruitment, Marketing – reports will be shared; campus-wide approach and effort required c.  Assoc. VCAA – offer will be made later today d.  Assoc. Dean HHS – Linda Delunas e.  Interim Dean COAS – interviews completed, recomm. Early next week f.  Sabbaticals – all approved g.  Awards:  IUB Founders Day – Cynthia O’Dell, Stephanie Shanks-Meile, Vernon Smith h.  AQIP – very well done, other campuses have contacted us for information and advice about the process i.  Thanked G. Bodmer for all of his hard work as Fac. Org. President j.  Faculty leaving IUN this May – Julie Jackson, JD Sargent, Manoj Pardoshani k.  Don Coffin Q – Response to Gov. Daniels proposal (2 yr free tuition IvyTech?) Chancellor stated that the major univ. in the state would be lobbying for expansion of the program to other universities l.  Pat Bankston Q – announced $400,000 earmarked federal funds (referenced P. Visclosky) for health related research equipment that will be used by faculty in chemistry, biology, HHS, etc.

VI. UFC report-Professor Coffin

a.      Last meeting 1 hour Q&A – not much happened this year

VII.       AQIP report-Professors Delunas and Hass Birky

a.      System portfolio check – satisfactory

b.     Followup prev. issues – no longer accreditation issues, making good progress

c.     Campus capitalization on feedback report – work to do, but good progress made

d.     Fed. Compliance review- no issues found

e.     Org. commitment to quality improvement --- still need to work on a global, more pervasive system

VIII.     Computer Committee report

a.      VCAA Aggrey stated that there have been many positive comments regarding Beth Van Gorden’s leadership since taking her position at IUN

b.     New computers – will be upgraded to VISTA and Office 2007

c.     Old computers – will upgrade to Office 2007

d.     Will be upgrading everyone to pass phrases instead of passwords

e.     If you need to keep old versions that will be possible on a case by case basis

f.     Don Coffin – classroom technology committee – next 12-18 months will have completed efforts to make technology more uniform across classrooms starting this summer

IX. Proposed calendar from the Calendar Committee (please see attachment)-Professor Mucci

a.      Similar to previous years, passed unanimously

X.  Resolutions forwarded from the Salary Equity Committee


Resolution 1: Promotion Increases

Be it resolved that the First Tier Salary committee recommends that a.  Promotion to higher academic rank be accompanied by raise amounting  to 8% of the average salary of the originating academic rank. These  promotion raises will be automatic and accompany promotion from  Lecturer to Senior Lecturer, Asst. to Assoc. Professor and Assoc. to Full  Professor.

b.  The average salary will be determined for each rank based on the previous year's salary numbers (i.e. the year preceding the year when the promotion takes effect).


Resolution 2: Relative Cost of Living and Equity Given IUN's geographical location in the Chicagoland area and the consequent high cost of living relative to other parts of Indiana, IUN is hampered in its ability to recruit quality faculty in the quest for academic excellence. Comparison of salaries with our Trustee approved peer institution list shows that we are at 91% - 94% of the average of this peer group. The Salary committee hereby requests the Chancellor and the  VCAA to commit funds to achieve 100% of the average over an  appropriate period of time. This would considerably ameliorate problems  such as those faced by the Div. of Nursing where the salaries do not reflect the realities of the local Chicagoland area.


Resolution 3: Matching Offers

a)           The faculty member must be able to document the offer of a

position elsewhere.  While we recognize the confidentiality inherent in some job offers, we believe that the office of the VCAA must be able to inform the rest of the faculty that a genuine offer exists.

b)           The process of making a matching offer must be made in a timely

fashion so that the faculty member can give reasonable consideration to the various possibilities .


After discussion, the resolution passed unanimously.


XI. The Faculty Affairs Committee has reviewed the recommendations for the contents and off-campus handling of Promotion and Tenure dossiers.  The Committee offers the following resolution:

Be it resolved by the Faculty Organization of Indiana University Northwest:

1. That the candidate review and approve of the material included in the summary dossier submitted to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs [if that’s the correct administrative officer]; 2. That, if a negative recommendation occurs at any level of review, the full candidate dossier be submitted for all off-campus reviews; 3. That the requirement that membership of all committees reviewing candidates for promotion be limited to members at the same or higher rank be modified as needed for candidates from smaller campuses; 4. That the target for six independent reviewers for a candidate’s research be modified for candidates whose research fields are extremely specialized; 5. That candidates for tenure or promotion on the basis of excellence in teaching have the same recommended targets for external/independent reviewers as do candidates for tenure or promotion on the basis of excellence in teaching; 6.  That candidates for tenure or promotion on the basis of excellence in service have the same recommended targets for external/independent reviewers as do candidates for tenure or promotion on the basis of excellence in research;

After discussion, this resolution passed 18-12.


XII.    Introduction of new officers President Bodmer introduced Professor Gallmeiier, the president of Faculty Organization for 2008-10.

XIII.     The meeting was adjourned 2:45 a.m.


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