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Oct. 19,  2007
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Hawthorn 107
In attendance: 65 people

I. Meeting was called to order 1:05 p.m. by president Bodmer. Resolutions moved from the floor cannot be voted on until next time, according to the constitution. In the future, resolutions will be tracked and results reported.

Announcement: Prof. Flint: Oct. 25, 7:30 pm Health care reform town hall forum – statewide/ org’d by Erik Wright IUPUI –

II. Meeting minutes approved from September 21, 2007 meeting.

III. Chancellor’s report. There will be major graduation initiative coming from Pres. McRobbie to help our students graduate (5% of academic budget). Another directive to prepare a diversity plan from each campus – we are probably further along, will be developed in next few months.

Addressed faculty salary equity – how to move forward to fund equity initiative—“we will fund it, we’re going to do it, equity adjustments made for faculty, prof’l staff and biweekly staff.” (got the study a week ago)

Rick Hull: The cabinet will make a decision about what are the significant things to pursue. Time line?
BB: Not beyond early spring term, focus on things that will be of importance to us, that we believe will make a difference. I don’t expect to be funded.
RH: what about Illinois reciprocity? (re tuition) BB- Illinois doesn’t want to play.
RH: aren’t there agreements about the border institutions? (FC Richardson developed reciprocity thing with Louisville and IU SE?)
BB: S.B. tried something with Michigan and told to stop it.
If we ask for instate tuition we lose money
(Flint – marginal cost is zero, if open up classes to Ill residents, existing classes only, no additional costs) Bert Scott: when Peggy Elliott and John Black were here, we tried to do it but had to come up with real money to pay downstate. Online study – given message to charge differently depending upon where the students live

IV. VC Aggrey’s report.

Midterm reports not yet submitted (7 pages long)

Labor Studies: re question asked last time; what LS arrangements are in place—with the faculty; funds have been expended to upgrade technology—claims that LS faculty salary has been decreased are not true – used to work for 12 months, now 10 months, it’s really an increase. He asked about replacing line, no – they want to replace faculty member on the IUB campus, then IUPUI, because they generate the most money. IUPUI faculty moved to other departments so have to look at replacing them, so nothing in place to replace the faculty member who resigned last year.

HIT is not being moved to Ivy Tech—mistake, so no reason for panic.

V. VC Vasquez. Thanks to people who came to Peter Kesheimer’s party. Joanne Bowen, 25 years experience in administration – Gary native, took classes at IUN, IUB B.A. in Business. Shredding Oct. 27 – use bins. Lindenwood is now dry, now have to decide what to do. Credit Union is going back to Moraine. IT – 180 responses to the survey. UITS had been contributing to the 3-year life cycle for our classroom technology. Have $400,000 that can be spent on technology and distributed education. Cyber security month (Oct. 24, 12-4) how to secure info on desktops, passwords and passphrases. IU Notify – notify students, parents, staff, about events or crises taking place on campus

Prof. Bloom: Does this $400,000 mean videos will work in classrooms (A: yes); he asks a question regarding safety & mold in Lindenwood Hall since the flooding early this semester

A: Kathryn Manteuffel assures us that they’ve taken out 2 feet of wall and the mold is gone, go to her

Prof. Iverson: re Lindenwood accessibility and wiring, how to make the building a 21st century building.
A: discussion re: can we continue to use the first floor

Prof. Foltz: commented on the smell in Lindenwood and the black garbage bags at the south entrance into the building.
A: see K. Manteuffel about that

Prof. Gallmeier: Is there a backup plan in case we have to leave Lindenwood?
A: not really yet

VI. Classroom Technology and Distributed Education. CT & DE. Prof. Coffin will send link to tabulation of survey results. Will discuss in a month, after analyzing data

VII. General Education: Profs. Fischer & V.Kilibarda. Resolutions to pass – see Resolution 1.


IU Northwest Principle 2. Breadth of Learning Framework

Mastery of the core concepts, principles, and methods in arts and humanities, cultural and historical studies, the social and behavioral sciences, and the mathematical, physical, and life sciences.

NOTE: Credits used to satisfy Breadth of Learning may also satisfy Advanced Coursework in the Principle 1. A student may not use the same class to satisfy more than one domain in Breadth of Learning.

Proposed minimum
Arts and Humanities at least 6 credits
Cultural and Historical Studies at least 6 credits
Social and Behavioral Sciences at least 6 credits
Mathematical, Physical and Life sciences at least 3 credits

Prof. Bloom – every course will have to be designated by criteria

Committee made and seconded the motion
MAF: Resolution 2
Assessment, Learning Outcomes for three areas – here for discussion today.

Cultural and Historical studies
#4 bullet under cultural and historical studies proposed by minority studies—here for discussion Prof. Iverson – replace the word minority with marginalized Prof. Bloom – what does this mean?
TI – need to look at women’s experiences, those with different sexualities, etc.
-Prof. DeLunas – speaks in favor
Dean Rooda- how is it not covered by bullets 1 and 2 TI – diversity vs equity Prof. Chen Lin – we’re going to deal with diversity, but what are we going to do with diversity

Prof. Fischer- going to try to keep from overlap
Prof. O’Dell: Students will demonstrate and analyze cultural patterns including marginalized experiences and worldviews (consolidate two together)
Prof. Bloom – to say anti war views are similar to experiences of race experience makes this too broad. . .shaped the history and character of this country

Prof. Assibey-Mensah: Arts and Humanities; bullet 1: . . . have helped and continue to shape present cultures. Extensive discussion follows.

VIII. Resolution brought forward from the Executive Committee:
Given the significance of the faculty voice in planning the future of the university,

Be it resolved that faculty nominated representation on the Strategic Planning Team be increased from 3 to 6.
There are 27 members of the Strategic Planning Team now, want an increase from 3 to 6 faculty representatives on the Strategic planning team.
BB – wants to move to a system where we nominate the faculty.
Prof. Barr calls the question.

Motion passed.

IX. The five resolutions tabled in the last meeting:
1. Dissolution of the Center for Regional Excellence, unless the center can generate its own revenue to pay for personnel costs for at least a two year period, beginning July 1, 2008. Such a determination will be made by a committee appointed jointly by the Faculty Organization and the VCAA

2. Dissolution of the Institute for Innovative Leadership, unless the center can generate its own revenue to pay for personnel costs for at least a two year period, beginning July 1, 2008. Such a determination will be made by a committee appointed jointly by the Faculty Organization and the VCAA

3. Reduction in costs associated with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, by eliminating all salaried staff and reducing the Director position to a part time teaching position

4. No additional cost for the College of Health and Human Services be incurred, i.e., administrative restructuring of the divisions incorporated into CHHS can be the only way to fund the administrative structure of the CHHS

5. Summer teaching stipends shall not exceed $ 7000 per course. This amount will be indexed annually to the average faculty raise awarded in the prior academic year.

Prof. Coffin – VC reports to Exec Com. Coffin asks for the fiscal impact of the CRE, IIL and CETL, HHS and summer teaching cap resolutions to be ready for the November meeting and the Exec committee transmits results to faculty, and that the resolutions be tabled until Nov. meeting.

Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 pm.

Submitted by Tanice Foltz, Acting Secretary for 10/19/07

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