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November 16  2007
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Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Hawthorn 107
In attendance: 83 people

I.          Meeting was called to order 10:02 a.m. by President Bodmer.

II.        Meeting minutes approved from October 19, 2007 meeting.

III.       President Bodmerís Announcements

         This will be the last meeting for year 2007. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwansa.

         Notice that tracking of previous resolutions from faculty org will be documented on the agenda.

         Tanice Foltz was voted as secretary for remaining year 2007-2008.

Dean Ige:

         COAS Conference. There will be a Keynote Speaker and sessions going on today. All are welcome to attend.

VC Vasquez:

         Budget for next year was based on biennial appropriation. We know what we will be getting from the state. Enrollment was projected to be a 4.3% decline. If enrollment stays the same for next year as this year, we just break even, allow for a 3% increase in salaries and S & E.

         IUIE confidential data needs to be moved off ALL personal computers and be placed on secure server. Question was asked if this includes Letters of Recommendation for students. Those letters do not need to be placed on secure server as SSN and other confidential data are not on letters of recommendation. The University can be liable for stolen Student confidential data and so can the individual.

         OneStart-Crisis and Emergency Notice. Everyone needs to make sure correct information is on file. Update your information if needed.

         Faculty/Staff 2007-2008 Telephone Directory did not list IU Northwest faculty/staff in front of book. IU Northwest was listed in the back section by campus. It was reviewed and sent to printer without being picked up. Looking into where the problem occurred and to make sure it does not happen again.

         Chuck Gallmeier- Gala money of $755,000 where is it going?
VC Vasquez- Not for sure. Ask Chancellor Bergland or Pat Giannini.

IV.       No Chancellorís report.



V.        VCAA Aggreyís Report:

         Encouraged all to stop by COAS conference today.

         Strategic Plan Retreat- Just finished this week. Report will be forthcoming.

         Approval for new Certification in Womanís Studies effective immediately with Spring 2008.

         School of Business- New MBA doing well.

         Faculty Equity and Merit Study-Presented report. There will be a meeting on Tuesday, November 20 with the Cabinet. Staff salaries will be included as well. The CSI project has adjusted some salaries. Baseline adjustment is on the way.

         COAS-Offices have relocated to Hawthorn Hall.

         Search for Library Director completed and Tim Sutherland will be the new director.

         SPEA Director Search- Ongoing with search committee. Progress is being made.

         Email from IU Northwest former (Special Ed) student-Thanks to IUN faculty and staff. Good to hear compliments.

         Read a proposed Disability Syllabus statement, and asked that this statement be included on all syllabi. Apologized that his approach may not have been correct, (discussed with Deanís and Faculty Org President Bodmer), but he believes this is the right thing to do.


VI.       Computer Committee Report: Professor Scott

         Instructor computer of classrooms for Spring 2008 will have standard login through ADS. Instructors will use their normal login and password to access the computer. Want to allow for installation of special software downloads. Mark Uncapher found a database in Bloomington that can verify administrative rights for faculty on download and installation of software on classroom instructor computers.

         Mark warned that faculty needs to make sure to logoff. Mark sent out emails for Spring 2008 computer builds. If faculty has modifications or setting changes, please fill out the form under IT for software mount builds.

         Michael LaPointe- How do we know if we are in the database in Bloomington? Can TAís have administrative rights?

         Mark Uncapher-Stop by RH 204 to see if your name is in database. No, TAís cannot have administrative rights.

         Some application software has conflict with existing builds. Report conflicts to Mark Uncapher to resolve.


VII.     CT & DE Committee: Professor Deleon. See Survey Report.

         The IU Northwest Classroom Technology Survey (October 2007)

         What the survey does:

Serves as a guide to setting priorities in the policy

Its gives legitimacy to the decisions made in the policy

Serves as a template for the CT policy

         What the survey does not do:

Determine the policy

Confine the policy

         CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY POLICY (As suggested by Survey)


At least 67% of all instructors use technology in the classroom.

Most nonusers of technology are willing to try it in the future.

A majority of instructors use the technology in all of their classes.

Reliability of equipment is the single most important issue.

Instructors generally have a negative view of the current state of CT.

         Emerging CT Policy Should Primarily Focus on:

Classroom use

Making reliability a priority

The projector/screen configuration

Making connectivity to external devices easy

Making ALL classrooms technology classrooms

The policy should also:

 Consider all current standard equipment as essential

       (e.g., Mac, PC, Elmo, DVD, VHS, CD, Audio)

  Improve room conditions

  Strive for uniformity in configuration among classrooms

  Improve technical support

         Survey results are just the beginning. There will be a webpage shortly for access to survey results. Terry Lukas will also be included on this committee. Will start to develop the policy in Spring 2008.

VIII.    Resolution on Gen. Ed. Outcomes from the Gen.Ed./Assessment Committee:

Professors Fischer and V. Kilibarda

See Outcomes for Breadth of Learning Resolution and Amendments and Framework Resolution

         There will be voting in January 2008 for Breadth of Learning Outcomes Principles 3-5 (Critical Thinking, Diversity, Ethics and Citizenship). There were some minor changes in wording on the principles 3-5. Please review Framework/Requirements. Discuss with your divisions and faculty these outcomes. Diversity worded broadly rather than specifically.

         Jack Bloom asked students will do all these outcomes? Students need to take courses that teach these outcomes.

         Vesna Kilibarda said syllabus will be the reference for these outcomes.

         Robin Hass-Birky pointed out that we already voted on the 6 courses.



IX.       Resolution from the Department of Minority Studies: Prof. Contreras


         Raul Contreras moved the following resolution:
The IUN faculty organization reasserts its commitment and support for its 1997 resolution outlining the institutional process for Martin Luther King Holiday/Black History Month activities. (the 1997 resolution is attached  and was titled Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month - the Institutional Process)

         Chuck Gallmeier seconded.

         Raul Contreras gave more explanation on the resolution.

         Unanimously passed.

X.        The five resolutions, tabled in the October meeting:


         K. Vinodgopal- Due to COAS conference today, motion moved to Mail Ballot on these five resolutions.

         Chuck Gallameier seconded.


Open Discussion on Mail Ballots:

         Linda Delunas asked why is this being moved to mail ballot?

         George Bodmer indicated he received a lot of emails this week on these resolutions.

         Alan Barr supported mail ballots by noting they have been done in the past, once or twice a year.

         Charlotte Reed stated that since you are dealing with jobs, it is too important to vote by mail ballots.

         Peter Caithamer asked if in addition, can there be written responses?

         Taylor Lake asked if we can let it go to next meeting.

         Jack Bloom said this is one of the biggest turn outs for faculty org.

         Robin Hass-Birky supported the mail ballot saying it offers a more definitive response.

         Chuck Gallmeier stated these resolutions are important. Mail ballots are fairly appropriate.

         Alan Barr agreed, saying mail ballots with written responses are appropriate. If you want to share your viewpoint you can do like Don Coffin with listserv and open email.


Mail Ballot: 39 For, 21 Opposed




Open Discussion on Five Resolutions:


         Rick Hug said he agrees with Don Coffinís email. Pointed Donís perspective as an economist.

         Alan Barr said that in reality is centers are expensive. The cost-benefit analysis seems to imply they are extremely inefficient.

         Rick Hug stated there needs to be an analysis of the benefits of these centers.

         George Assibey-Mensah asked that we look at the psychological benefits of these centers.  Forget about the monetary cost, and adding that to vote by mail ballot is cowardly.

         Chuck Gallmeier raised the issue that Bloomington is looking to combine centers for cost savings. Flagship campus looking for changes. Noted that President McRobbie has ordered an investigation into combining centers on the Bloomington campus.

         Iztok Hozo reaffirmed that we need to place these resolutions within the framework of the deficit. If there will be faculty cuts, there will be cancellation of classes, and enrollment suffers.

         Rick Hug charged that the centers at Bloomington are not comparable to IU Northwest. The comparison is not appropriate. We need to be compared to other regional campuses.

         Chuck Gallmeier responded that the Institute for Advanced Study in Bloomington has 3 years to become self sustaining.

         Charlotte Reed said that as a board member of the CRE, the board members should be defending this center. The CRE used to be 2 centers and now it is one center. Members of the board are faculty. The campus hired an individual (Debbie Thomas) and now the elimination of the center is being proposed. There needs to be discussion on the value of people. Enrollment management needs to help. There needs to be permanent money not grants.

         Jack Bloom stated for the last 6-8 years, raises have been below cost of living.

         Manoj Pardasani said the Centers do help faculty and students. We need to see the intangible benefits of these centers rather than just the cost benefit analysis.

         Rochelle Brock added that these centers have helped with grants, and expressed her gratitude for the centers.

         Neil Goodman noted that the CRE has created strong outreach with community. CRE has helped start faculty research in disciplines that faculty would not have received. IUN combined 2 centers to cut expenditures. CRE was a center from the bottom up (faculty) not from top down (administration). Debbie Thomas needs to do a presentation on what the CRE does.

         Raul Contreras said the human factors are important. All these centers are important, noted all programs are beneficial. How do we weigh all this?

         Erin Argyilan asked if faculty are responsible for raising their own research money, why canít the centers generate their own money?

         Chuck Gallmeier reiterated that this is not a personal attack on anyone.

         Subir Bandyopadhyay said this is about the costs and not the benefits derived from the centers.

         Bill Nelson urged the administration to activate the budget committee.

         Bert Scott reported that last summer all centers had to submit reports on budgets. All centers were evaluated. Deanís and Directors passed evaluation on to administration.

         Debbie Thomas addressed the faculty and said her concern is that CRE center is being called into question. No one has talked to or asked her personally what CRE does. She pointed out how the CRE is enhancing community outreach. CRE functions with a staff of 2. During the last 2 months, CRE has been talking with various organizations. Now organizations are coming to IU Northwest to work together on community engagement.

         Michelle Stokely asked if the CRE can get external grants to help funding.

         Debbie Thomas replied Yes. We still have to create and mend relationships with outside organizations.

         Chuck Gallmeier reminded everyone that the administration said these centers were going to be self-sustaining. Faculty are now fighting amongst themselves.

         Charlie Hobson expressed his viewpoint comparing these resolutions to a Company Union.

         Sam Flint addressed the summer teaching resolution by indicating faculty need to step forward in shared sacrifice.

         Linda Delunas supported Debbie Thomasí comments about PUCís community engagement. PUC enrollment is over 9,000. PUC is always well represented at community engagements. Anywhere you go, PUC is there.

         Rochelle Brock said Gary does not like to deal with IU Northwest education department. Gary is important. IU Northwest needs to be in a relationship with Gary.

         Pat Bankston said enrollments as a whole need to increase.

         Bert Scott said the summer teaching resolution would affect Ĺ the faculty in Business and COAS. Adding that the Potential savings is minimal. IUSB the average salary is 13-20% higher. Against this resolution.

         Taylor Lake addressed IUNís relationship with Gary stating that IU Northwest burned bridges in Gary. CRE and CETL helped immensely in service-learning with Gary on Television Production. Public access has been in Gary for 10 years. Now there is a Production studio. Valparaiso University and PUC are always at the table. Through these centers IU Northwest is now getting visibility in Gary.

         Jack Bloom said that Politics (Former Mayor Hatcher) and administration has been the problem with our relations with Gary.

         Jennifer Anderson said Gifted and talented students need a chance.


Discussion was cut off due to the time. The meeting was adjourned at noon.


Minutes prepared by Diane M. Larson, 11/16/07.

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