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March 23rd,  2007
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Time: 10:00-noon

Location: Hawthorn 107
 in attendance ~50

I.  Call to order

II.  Minutes of the February 16, 2007, meeting approved

III.  President George Bodmer’s announcements

a.  Enhancing Minority Attainment Site Visit from IPFW went very well – we have also visited IPFW

b.          Directors Presentations – Charlotte Reed today; Debbie Thomas in the future; Denise Travis (chair of Enhancing Min. Attainment Group report) in April

c.           Vice-Chancellor of Student Services (VCSS)candidates on campus – come to the open meetings please

d.          Trustee’s coming to IU Northwest on June 19

e.           CRE Conference, March 31, 2007

f.           First Tier Salary Committee formation in process

g.          Faculty Org. Election ballot out next week

h.          Public presentation of all criteria and mechanisms for Course Release Policy soon

i.            Flow chart for how positions are determined; budget processes; etc.  – in the interest of more transparency are being developed

IV.             Chancellor's report

a.           Strategic Outcomes for 2007-2008 will be announced soon

a.       Diversity – publicly recognized Denise Travis (chair) and the portfolio she produced as part of the process for the Enhancing Minority Attainment Program

b.      Salary Equity – by the end of this year, we will know what the size of the challenge will be – and we are making a commitment to this and will be working on this in the future

c.       VCSS candidates – next 3 weeks, please attend open meetings

d.      Assoc. Vice-Chancellor Lieteau will issue her monthly report on our media coverage shortly

e.       Visual Identity – in process of going unit by unit to insure everyone has what they need to proceed

f.       Alumni Associations – 3 associations in NW Indiana – IU Alumni Association Lake Shore Region Chapter (predominantly IUB alum) has this new name

g.      Over a 6 month period, 284 doors have been found unlocked after hours, please make sure to lock your doors and be safe

h.      Investigating a keyless entry system to our buildings currently

i.        Budget 101 sessions – they will begin shortly, delays due to scheduling issues

V.                Vice-chancellors' reports

a.        Vice-Chancellor Fiscal Affairs Marilyn Vasquez 

                                                              i.      House recommendation– $643,000 increase; not over yet, but much more positive

                                                            ii.      Making IT Happen – appreciate K. Bagan’s help and everyone who participated efforts

b.      Vice-Chancellor Academic Affairs Kwesi Aggrey

                                                              i.      Labor Studies (LS) – will join Social Work; will join School of Social Work at IUPUI; fees are being worked out to pay to each campus who houses LS faculty;  details still to be worked out regarding whether our LS faculty will report to our Social Work or IUPUI’s

                                                            ii.      Health and Human Services – Board of Trustees presentation – reaction extremely positive; have the go ahead to proceed; scheduled to meet with Chancellor and Interim Dean Bankston to charge the planning group – Permanent Dean, July 1, 2008; Consider moving HIT to HHS in Fall of 2007

                                                          iii.      Respiratory Therapy and MLT  -  Ivy Tech is moving its program from Michigan City to Gary.  Ivy Tech will take over the two programs here at IUN.  They will continue to use our facilities for some years – it will be determined exactly how long (and what assessment that will be involved.  Will continue discussions of the fate of the faculty in our IUN Program – Ivy Tech already has faculty and so they are doing a market assessment to see if they can increase their staffing

Q – Timeline for the articulation of Ivy Tech and IUN allied health prog.?  No, at this point - -working carefully to avoid leaving the region unserved 

                                                          iv.      Faculty Positions – presented this plan to Deans – when someone retires, the plan is that program will be approved to hire a visiting lecturer for one year.  Within the year the position will come to the table for discussion of the permanent outcome of the position

1.      however, for CIS, due to the low number of faculty and number of retirements, they are being given immediate permission to hire a tenure-track faculty member, keeping the Informatics degree in mind

2.      Education – I will meet with Dean Wigle regarding the Critical Literacy Program position formerly filled by Prof. Sawicki

                                                            v.      First Tier Salary Committee- has asked that at least 2 deans be represented on the committee (Deans Ige and Rooda have been requested to serve)

                                                          vi.      Commencement – Many faculty have indicated they are attending, thank you; the Faculty Organization President will be on the Dignitary platform

                                                        vii.      When you are assigned to work on a committee your presence and hard work is appreciated and necessary.  There are changes being made on campus and this will make people uncomfortable, but we all do need to come together and work these things out. 

VI.  Tribute to Professor Phil Rutledge by Professor Jean Poulard

            Dr. Philip Rutledge passed away during the fourth week of January 2007. It was particularly poignant for me because, recently, we had spent several hours together; first, when he brought an African delegation to our campus in November 2006, second, when I met him at his hotel in Merrillville on November 26 and he invited me to dinner at a restaurant nearby. The next day, he was again on our campus telling an invited group of friends about his latest endeavor - the writing of his memoirs. He came to ask us for suggestions on how to proceed. For me, this was a bit like old times when he was the Director of IUN SPEA and he and I spent much time together at different venues and often had chats in his office at the end of a school day. He was my Boss then. I owed my job to him as he hired me in the Fall of 1983. Soon, he got me involved in all sorts of things: the IUN International Affairs Club, which he founded, the World Affairs Council of Northwest Indiana, which he also created, several national and international conferences, and in an on-going relationship with the Paris Ecole Nationale d' Administration when he introduced me to Jean-Marie Duffau and Charles Vallee, whom I now count among my closest friends.

            I have always been grateful for all that, and especially for defending me over a nasty accusation of having made a racial slur in one of my classes. He was my Boss, but I can say he was also my friend. We had very different political ideologies, but that did not bother us. We agreed to disagree on certain things. He used to kid me in front of audiences saying: "There are ways to look at things, and then there is the Poulard way!" And he would laugh and I would laugh along with him. There is no doubt in my mind that his affection for me was equal to my affection for him. He was a good and honest man.

            In the few years he spent on our campus, he demonstrated how great a leader he was, not only through his creations but also in bringing to us all sorts of interesting personalities from his world-wide acquaintances. He made me work - boy, did he make me work! - but I never found it a chore to help him achieve what he had in mind. I simply could not say no to any of his invitations. I regretted his leaving our campus. But we stayed in touch....

            I will miss him greatly, and I am mourning him along with his wonderful wife and his children whom he loved so much.

Rest in Peace, old friend!

Professor Poulard than gave the following speech , despite requests from President Bodmer and the floor of the Faculty Organization.   

At the beginning of The Republic, Plato introduces several important political themes. One of these themes is about what to do with those who won't listen to reason or, put another way, since the main theme of The Republic is the question of justice, what to do with those who won't listen to what is just.

 The solution to this problem is a difficult one indeed. Plato does give an answer, which is an unpleasant one: coercion.

But then, how does one coerce anyone, especially in academe, to listen to reason?

 Although I have voiced a reasonable argument more than once against the injustice done to me by the SPEA Interim Director, this argument has fallen on deaf ears.

 I will voice this reasonable argument once again in front you my colleagues, and appeal to your sense of justice.

 Why is it that, having been evaluated for the year 2005 as excellent in teaching, "highly satisfactory," or in other words excellent, in service, and "provisionally satisfactory," or in other words adequate in research, I was punished by not being given the full 2% pay raise that the vast majority of the  2006-2007

 I am sure that I do not need to remind you that such an evaluation in a P & T Committee is what it takes for the granting of tenure or of a promotion.

It is clear that the decision to give me a pay raise of only 1.5% was as arbitrary as it was puny and contemptible.

It is also clear that where there is arbitrariness there is discrimination.

And it is just as clear that I have been discriminated against on the basis of my political views, surely not, I would hope in this age of diversity, because of my national origin.

In the light of P & T standards, there is no other possible conclusion.

Thank you for listening.

VII.  Discussion of University document "Statement on Publishing Agreements"--Prof. Coffin

"The University Faculty Council will vote at its March meeting on whether to adopt the policy outlined in the attached document.  At the February UFC meeting, the purpose of this policy is to enhance access to research (especially research published as peer-reviewed articles in journals and as book chapters).  The policy calls on IU faculty members to submit, to journal editors or book editors, the form that accompanies the policy statement, which essentially requests that the faculty retain for a limited period certain rights designed to make access to the work easier. (Among these are the right to post the final version of the article-not a preliminary version-on a web site.)"

general consensus is this concept places an onerous burden on faculty to negotiate these rights - a better route might be to work with AAUP and academic publishers on national dissemination rights issues. Support for idea but a lack of support for process described.

VIII.  Presentation on the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning--Director Reed

a.           Powerpoint Presentation presented attached to these minutes

b.          CETL Advisory Board made up of faculty interested in and concerned about pedagogy (award winners)

c.           Q- teaching students about ONCOURSE?  A-perhaps we could train students to do something like that

d.          Suggestion – Online orientation for ONCOURSE developed by CETL

IX. Old business

X.  New business

a.  Robin Hass Birky – if a person has something they would like to express, it is best left for new business

XI. Adjournment  11:32


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