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February 16th,  2007
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Time: 1:00p.m.-3:00p.m

Location: Hawthorn 107
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I. Call to order

II. Approval of minutes of the 19 January 2007 meeting, approved as read


III.  President Bodmer’s announcements

  1. Elections – Fac. Org. elections forthcoming, vice-president, secretary, represent. for UFC, etc. – email forthcoming;  salary committee and board of review nominations have been closed

  2. Jack Bloom motions from previous Fac. Org. meeting – directed to Budgetary Affairs Committee

  3. Commended marketing for updating us on new hires and leavings

  4. Citizenship Day (sponsored by SPEA) – next Friday, Keynote Speaker George Roberts (9:00 am)


IV. Chancellor’s report

a.    ECHO Group (Enhancing Community, Harmony and Organization) Monday will be the 2nd meeting of the cabinet, deans and Fac.Org. rep. – address issues of importance to campus and look to the members so that the information flows out into the organization (by that I believe he means the campus);  every meeting will have as a standing agenda item strategic planning; 2nd item – enrollment management

b.   Wed. Strategic Planning Team meeting – hope to finalize 2007 outcomes

c.   Final Reception for Bilbao art exhibit – this afternoon in Munster; 4-6 pm

d.   Search Committee- VC Student Services – 3 names for finalists; meetings will be scheduled to bring them on campus

e.    Q - CHHS -  A - will bring proposal to the Board of Trustees during March 2007 meeting

f.    Q- Smoke Free Campus proposal – A – each campus must have a policy by Fall 2007 – once charged we will engage the campus in the discussions (IUPUI and IUE are already smoke-free) and obtain information from these campus as well

g.    Q – Presidential Search – A-no information yet, unable to confirm the finalists

h.    Q-Reciprocity Agreement – Chicago newspaper listed several states, but not Indiana – A-our commission has now contacted the Illinois commission, they seem willing to talk but not particularly interested

i.      Q-retreat a year ago – 2nd taskforce?  A- not until we have the reaction from the board on Mar. 5 regarding CHHS will it be continued


IV. Vice chancellors’ reports

a.       VC Academic Affairs Aggrey

                                           i.    Marty Zusman and Bob Mucci -  Founder’s Day President’s Teaching Excellence Awards

                                          ii.    Ruth Needleman – Fulbright Award

                                          iii.    Ken Schoon – Pinell Service Award

                                          iv.    Linda Rooda – NCLEX scores – both ASN and BSN students above the national average

                                           v.    Recognizing other events on campus like Darwin Day, Redhawk Debate Competition

                                          vi.    Research Course Reassignment – Instruct the Deans - please share your unit criteria with your faculty; Fall 2008 is the earliest that anyone could lose their course release – this process should be good for all of us and intended to help us grow/  Q-can the criteria for all units be made public?  A-yes – I will put them all up on the Web for everyone to see; Q-isn’t one of the main purposes of tenure to enable you to undertake big projects like a book?  A- you tell your chair and your dean what you are doing, the progress you are making, and continue with your project – complete package of what you have done in the past and what you are proposing to do; Q-when do you anticipate the document will be available?  and does it need to come back to Fac. Org?  A- I feel that the new criteria are not incompatible with previously voted on policy; should be able to see all of the criteria very soon

                                           vii.  Entry into Buildings on Weekends/Campus closed – minimal police coverage – the Cabinet will try to work on this issue (with introduction of new Technology); meanwhile be sympathetic to the Police and their jobs

                                           viii.  VC Student Services search – working with the Deans to set up meetings with candidates; open meeting for the campus


V.  Calendar Committee-Chair Piehl--please see the tentative schedule attached 6-year calendar and tentative calendar2007-09 approved with voice vote, though not unanimous


VII. General Education/Assessment: Gen Ed/Assessment information on intensive writing (IW): IW Requirement at IUNW document & IW Grant Announcement document (deadline 04/02/2007), Professors V. Kilibarda and Fischer

i.    everyone will be required to take 2 IW courses

ii.   once designated a course will remain IW unless formally changed (regardless of who teaches it);

iii.   Q- will A&S need to revisit theirs?  A-yes, by 2010 bulletin

iv.   Q- who will approve IW?  A-perhaps WAC; Q- why not Survey and Curriculum Committee as all other curricula work through A- still under discussion

v.    Q- could you take IW in another division?  A-yes, for example W231 is required by some divisions

vi.    Geo. Bodmer – see value in writing in own discipline


VIII.       Report on Sponsored Research--Director Marie Czach

i.       22% increase 2005 to 2006; $1.3 million

ii.       38% increase in proposals submitted 2005 to 2006

iii.       4th since 1990 in funding at IU;  behind IUPUI, IUB, IUE

iv.       Majority of our grants are in Student Affairs (by dollar amount)

v.       Our Medical School grants are counted at IUPUI

vi.      ERA – electronic administration – does away with paper route sheets; you will need a little more time in the beginning  - you will need to be registered and open your application everything will need to be completed – a more linear process; but will make up time later related to obtaining signatures, etc.; within the next few months

vii.      VCAA suggested we solicit suggestions about things you would like to see happen related to grants:  perhaps a panel of grantees to discuss process; could offer more community of scholars training sessions


IX.  Old business


X.  New business


XI. Adjournment 2:18 pm by President Geo. Bodmer

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