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April 20th,  2007
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Time: 1:00 pm-noon

Location: Hawthorn 107
 in attendance ~50

I.  Call to order 1:07 pm

II.  Approval of the minutes of the 23 March 2007 meeting delayed until September 2007 meeting

III. President Geo. Bodmer’s announcements

·         Freedom of access and freedom of speech present certain risks and dangers as we have seen earlier this week, but we must continue to emphasize these qualities at our universities

·         I am assessing committee work this year and planning for the future; requests for new committee assignments will be distributed shortly

·         Convocation for Fall 2007: one suggestion - speakers and themes to honor the 200th birthday of Lincoln – other suggestions accepted until May 1 to VCAA

·         Candidates for Vice Chancellor of Student Services seem very qualified – one more on Tuesday, please visit with them as you have time

·         Course Release Policy will be presented by Assoc. Vice-chancellor Hass Birky

        IV. Chancellor Bergland’s report

·          VCSS search – begun background and reference checking on the 2 candidates

·         May 10 – Commencement – encourage strong turnout

·         Like a lot of little institutions we are not well prepared for disasters similar to Va. Tech.  A committee has been formed (co-chaired by VCAA Aggrey and VCFA Vasquez) but has little progress to report to date.  One thing that appears necessary, is some form of loudspeaker announcement system for the whole campus, however this would of course be expensive and we will be looking to the President for possible resources. 

·         J. Poulard – cheap alternative – a siren in the middle of the campus

·         A- keyless entry as a possibility

·         Q - Dick Borden – Tuesday – could you open the meeting to more people with an interest in retention? A- will look into this

·         Technology issues reported – A-will report to Vasquez about it; queried the Technology Council members present – are aware of it and VCFA Vasquez is too, and there are budgetary issues regarding repair and service

·         Parking – seems tight in particular areas – could we enforce the faculty/staff parking better? A-will look into it

V.  Vice Chancellors' reports

Assoc. VCAA – Robin Hass Birky reporting for VCAA Kwesi Aggrey

·         Thanked everyone for their productivity during the school year

·         Promotion and Tenure– Adrienne Kochman, Gian Luca Di Muzio (Associate Professor); Vida Arshanapalli (Senior Lecturer)

·         IUN Service Award –Cynthia O’Dell

·         IUN Research/Creativity Award – Marie Eisenstein

·         Trustees Award winners - Erin Argyilan, Charles Gallmeier, Mark Hoyert, Zoran Kilibarda, Karl Nelson, Manoj Pardasani, Scooter Pegram, Jerry Pierce, Surekha Rao, Bogdan Vajiac

·         Founders Day Award winners – full-time: Zoran Kilibarda, part-time: Cynthia Miller

·         FACET – Stella Pudar-Hozo

·         Student Awards – SPIRITS magazine – many individual awards, 2nd place for literary magazine of the year

·         Bob Mucci – IU Herman Fredrich Lieber Award for Teaching

·         Marty Zusman – IU Slyvia Bowman Award for Teaching

·         Ken Schoon – IU George Pinell Award for Service

·         Ruth Needleman – Fulbright Award

·         new journals and conferences -- South Shore Journal; Drawing the Lines Conference, etc.

·         J. Poulard - We need to find a way to honor our retirees beyond what we currently do A-will tell VCAA

·         VCAA will be looking at travel money this summer

·         VCAA will look at internal grants and whether they are accomplishing what they set out to do this summer

·         VCAA will look at committees and committee structures as well this summer

·         Course Load Release Policy (for Teaching Load Reassigned Time Policy document that combines the policies and procedures of each division for assessment of the research component, see link )

a.         development plan in place by Spring of 08 with dean

b.        first time could lose release would be fall of 08

c.         even though tenure track faculty are exempt, wants them to submit documentation every year for deans to evaluate so there will be no surprises

d.        expects that deans will provide a list of tenure track and tenured faculty with their evaluation

e.         Pres. Bodmer – there seems to be a disconnect between the faculties feelings about whether they have voted/discussed this in their units and the deans who say they have – A- encourage faculty to bring this up with their deans again, will take this concern to VCAA as well

f.         D. Coffin - Framework that was passed by Fac. Org missing?  This fleshes out the framework but framework/policy is missing A-will combine them

g.        S. Bandyopadhyay – top performers  - expand to larger release? As it currently exists, there is no incentive for this

h.        C. Gallmeier – would like to add COAS Chairs to the group that is working on the individual plans

i.          M. Pardoshani – faculty annual report the documentation?  A- Course Load Release Document is a separate page even though handed in together

j.          G. Bodmer – would like to strongly suggest they be considred separately not together

k.        S. Flint- why tenure track faculty to fill out form?  duplicitive and redundant

l.          D. Coffin – form mandated by the Trustees for all faculty

m.      A. Rominger – questioned COAS lack of a bottom line number?

n.        I. Hozo – explained broadness of types of projects pursued in COAS

o.        C. Gallmeier – bring back 3 year review for tenure track faculty to avoid surprises

p.        R. Hug – have deans notify VCAA of who is on tenure track and so exempt

q.        L. Delunas – want to make sure that we are all clear on what scholarship is

r.          M. Lapointe – writing review, while it is service to the scientific community, has a research component

s.         A. Barr – this may depend on the discipline – where does the 3 year review reinstitution stand? A- will relay this concern to VCAA

t.          J. Poulard – the ranges for COAS seem problematic

u.        S. Flint – so any division can water down their criteria?

v.        C. Gallmeier – focus is to enable the chair ad the dean to be able to make these decisions based on their disciplinary knowledge

w.      J. Bloom – We have spent years now working on how to make faculty accountable to the administration -- now, how can the administration be accountable to the faculty?

x.        D. Coffin – let’s move the conversation back to the broader topic, not what an individual division has decided; let’s stop second-guessing everyone and move forward

y.        I. Hozo – went to the point system to insure that quality was paramount, not quantity; ultimately the VCAA approves the criteria or not

z.         J. Poulard – this policy does not recognize the phases of one’s career

aa.     C. Gallmeier – I don’t believe that the COAS guidelines are watered down

bb.    R. Hug – need to move to a broader notion of scholarship – for example, Boyer

cc.     C. Gallmeier – we have done so already in our outcomes in a variety of places

dd.   email any further questions to Geo. Bodmer or R. Hass Birky


VI.  Report of the Election Committee--Professor Poulard

Electronic Ballot – 61 ballots

·         run-off for At-Large Member of the Exec. Committee – Linda Delunas, Diane Larson

·         Elected:  Chuck Gallmeier (Vice-President); Cynthia O’Dell (Secretary); Don Coffin (UFC Rep); Iztok Hozo, Alan Barr (At-large members of the All-Campus P&T); Mark Hoyert, Frank Caucci, Ken Schoon, Iztok Hozo, Donald Coffin (Faculty Board of Review, Chair – Mark Hoyert)

·         Geo. Bodmer – never hit reply all when responding to an email – think of it as having a large black spider on that button warning you away (related to issues with electronic balloting)

VII.  Report of the Gen. Ed. Assessment Committees--Professors Fischer and V. Kilibarda ( see Framework )

·         FYI only / vote first meeting in the Fall

a.           C O’Dell – will we designate the courses in someway? A-at some point, an all campus group will work on this

b.          R. Hass Birky – perhaps there will be a global list or perhaps there will be lists for each division

c.           A. Rominger clarification – VK - courses can double count if they fit more than one criteria; they can overlap advanced courses not foundational courses

d.          L. Delunas – V. Kilibarda and M. Fischer thank you for all of your hard work; applause

VIII.  Report of the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee--Professor Pierce (see Survey )

a.           Presented preliminary work on survey - would like to continue this survey annually to track changes over time; over summer – clearinghouse of links to guide students for more help

b.          A. Barr – how do we track who was referred and then helped at the Writing Center?  A- that is our next plan to work on implementing

IX.  Summary of the "Enhancing Minority Attainment" report--Dean Travis

c.           we were paired with IPFW and required to produce a Diversity Portfolio with 60 questions plus evidence

d.          site visit to Fort Wayne and they came here

e.           they were very pleased with their visit;

f.           April 13 – all 8 teams together and presented portfolios and assessments

g.          everything will be up on the web so that everyone can benefit

h.          Chancellor- where do we go from here?  A-document will be prepared and sent to us so that we can work on some of these issues

X.  Old business

XI.  New business

a.           AQIP – L. Delunas -  Action Projects – Gen Ed Reform; Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes; Measuring Effectiveness (HR) – we will be updating the system portfolio over the summer; our next quality check will be next spring

b.          UFC – D. Coffin – Research Misconduct Policy – sent to everyone, no comments from anyone as of yet; Multicampus Units Draft - will be sent to everyone this afternoon – the resolution asks for time to consider this more slowly and to include more faculty input; Coffin Resolution – regards the Copyright resolution – treat as a collective action instead of asking individuals to negotiate these contracts   

c.           Resolution from Linda Delunas

Whereas Indiana University Northwest is forming a College of Health and Human Services, and

Whereas, war is a global health issue of concern to health and human services professionals around the world, and

Whereas, taxpayer money that is being used to fund the war in Iraq is draining money that could be used to support education and health care in our country,

Therefore be it resolved that the faculty of Indiana University Northwest do hereby voice their support for our troops serving in the Iraq war, for expeditiously ending the war in Iraq, for bringing our troops home post-haste, and for reallocating the money being spent on this war to fund health care an education in our country. 

·         J. Poulard  - suggests university remain apolitical

·         voice vote held – carried almost unanimously  

d.           President Bodmer thanked Chuck Gallmeier (Vice-President), Stella Pudar-Hozo (web site maintenance), Don Coffin (UFC), Cynthia O’Dell (secretary)for our work this year

e.           Jim Lane, Mary Russell, Judy Knapp retirements – best wishes

f.            R. Hug – thanks to Geo. Bodmer for serving as President this year; applause


XII.  Adjournment


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