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September15,  2006

 10 a.m.-noon
 Hawthorn 10-7
 80 in attendance

I.  Call to order

II.  Minutes of the 21 April 2006 meeting approved

III.  President’s announcements

a.       Description of  the Faculty Organization, including a list of the elected executive committee Representatives05-06.htm and the numerous committees that serve the campus

b.      A proposal for a School of Health and Human Services was worked on during the summer, presented to the faculty in an email and town meeting in August and will be discussed more fully during the semester in the Faculty Org. meetings

c.       The campus will be considering the outcome of  the pilot program for the course-release this semester  

d.      We are interested in the position request process for this year

e.       General Education – The Trustees in Aug. passed their own resolution saying everyone will need to have completed their General Education Plans by February – we are waiting for clarification from UFC on exactly what needs to be finished by February and what needs to be similar across campuses

f.       We are interested in the plans for the future of Labor Studies

g.      Presidential Search – The Board of Trustees at IU is extremely proactive; a consultant has recommended that the Trustees compile a list of things they want done by the new President, and then hire someone that will agree to do those things

IV.  Chancellor’s report

a.       Welcome

b.      He praised the work done on the campus in the last year, especially general education and indicated that he will support and defend our plan as events unfold downstate

c.       Introduction of new Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs Kwesi Aggrey

d.      Introduction of new Associate Vice-Chancellor and Executive Director of Advancement Toni Lieteau

e.       not filled as of yet – Head of Development Operations – search extended

f.       Search for Vice-Chancellor for Student Services is proceeding – K. Kirkpatrick, chair

g.      HHS – met president’s requirement of date 9/1/06 for submission of proposal –we  should be hearing back from him shortly; met with Dean of Nursing, Social Work, SPEA at IUPUI to get their reactions to the proposal, very complimentary of the process (and our campus);  he also complimented all of the hard work on the proposal

h.      AQIP – very important ongoing accreditation process for the institution, Academic Affairs is in charge

i.        Strategic Planning – We are developing ideas in response to the President’s Challenges to our campus

j.        Presidential Search Committee – heavy emphasis on confidentiality in process: Chancellor is on the Search Committee and there is a faculty committee that will provide input to the Search Committee in purely an advisory role

k.      Forum, 27th Sept. 2 pm at IUN– to discuss Presidential search that will be run by trustee Clarence Boone

l.        Bids have been opened for an entryway – 33rd and Broadway

m.    We have purchased Deana’s Pub – will become a police substation, city police and state police, sheriff will have presence there; Community Center Room there as well (as a result of our Weed and Seed site designation, Department of Justice);  Mary Lee leading the Community Advisory Body

n.      Mardi Gras picnic today  – come on down!

o.      Questions -

·         Mary Russell – Cafeteria and Coffee Shop are much much better!

·         I. Hozo – Salary Equity Report – what next?  Don’t know yet

·         I. Hozo – Raintree Hall (tear down?) – Space Consultant has been hired – feasibility study, what would happen were it to be removed?  Facility Planning Committee will work on this as well. I. Hozo asked that the executive committee be involved   

V.  Vice chancellors’ reports

a.        Vice-Chancellor Marilyn Vasquez – Fiscal Affairs - Enrollment – down 3.4% in headcount, credit hours: down .3% - New Budget Appropriation Request can be found at

b.      Vice-Chancellor Kwesi Aggrey – Academic Affairs –

1.      Introduction of New Faculty

                                                              i.      Dean Dorothy Ige – Arts and Sciences -  English – Pat Buckler, Assistant Professor; History – Chris Young, Assistant Professor; Minority Studies – Regina Jones, Assistant Professor; Mathematics – Peter Caithamer, Assistant Professor

                                                            ii.      Dean Karen Evans – SPEA -  Jacquie Huey – Assistant Professor Criminal Justice

                                                          iii.      Dean Stan Wigle – Education -  Dana Dotson – Assistant Professor of Math Education, Judy Donovan – Asst. Professor of Technology Education, Tim Mitchell – Director of Field Experiences, Jane Nelson – Licensure Office and Director of Student Services, Yonghee Suh – Assistant Professor of Social Sciences

                                                          iv.      Dean Denise Travis – Social Work - Chris Cotton – Assistant Professor; Mark Thomas –  Assistant Professor

                                                            v.      Dean Linda Rooda - Nursing/Allied Health - Melanie Samardzija, Visiting Lecturer,  Andrea Goode, Lecturer,  Patricia Maule – Lecturer,  Sonia Mitchell, Lecturer, Susan Rouse, Interim Assistant Dean of Nursing

                                                          vi.      HIT – Linda Galocy, Clinical Coordinator Health Information Management  

2.      Recognized the hard work of Anna Rominger, the Interim Vice-Chancellor of AA in the past year

3.      Thanked the administration for creating the opportunity for autonomy and ability to reinvent the Academic Affairs Office

4.      Status of new position announcements – waiting for APC to meet, preference is to make these decisions in the Spring from now on, pending budget;  would like budget before hand so that we can make informed decisions on hiring recommendations within Academic Affairs  

VI. Tribute to Gary Martin--Director Karen Evans

I had been looking forward to this meeting of the Faculty Organization because I would have had the privilege of announcing the return of Gary Martin to full-time teaching. However, on August 22, that possibility was taken away. So, instead of welcoming Gary back, I have this opportunity to commemorate his life.

Gary Martin had three passions. The first was his family. The second was his professional practice as a police officer and administrator. The third, and the one most relevant to us, was his passion for teaching and his love of his students.

Gary was our friend. He was unfailingly kind and generous. He provided his support to all of us. He was the first IU Northwest faculty member I met, and the impression he made on me played a significant role in my choosing to come here. I think many of my colleagues in SPEA had similar experiences.

And, he was our colleague. He contributed his energy and expertise to his department and his university. Gary loved life, and lived large. He shared his adventures with us, inspiring some of us, and entertaining all of us.

He was, in short, our brother, and we miss him and mourn his loss.

He was a teacher and mentor to students of criminal justice. He brought a seemingly limitless well of positive energy and excitement into the classroom. His passion for his subjects excited his students. That positivity was the last lesson he taught here, and we are the students. It’s his legacy to us. We all, in memory of Gary, should reflect on our teaching and commit to keeping our energy high. We need to care for all of our students as Gary cared for his. Accepting this legacy will go a long way toward filling the hole in the fabric of IU Northwest that Gary’s death has caused.

I hope that all of you will be able to come to SPEA after the employee picnic today to share your memories of Gary and stories about Gary so that we can all begin to heal. Thank you.

VII.  AQIP Update--Professor RobinHass Birky


b.      Described structure for working groups; will be meeting throughout year to respond to feedback from the accrediting body

c.       Preaccreditation checkup – somewhere between August 2007 and Sept. 2008,  2009 reaffirmation of accreditation

d.      Many people have already volunteered for this working groups, if you would still like to volunteer please feel free by contacting Professor Hass Birky

VIII.  General Education/Assessment Committee report--Professor Fischer and Professor Kilibarda

a.       Oct. 19-20 Expert on General Ed Barbara Walvoord on campus

b.       National Assessment Institute at IUPUI – November  

c.       Current Draft of General Education; principles passed last March

d.      Principle One – working on the details of how to operationally define; have eliminated Intro Logic Course, and A106 for learning technologies

e.       ONCOURSE for group has all comments available, Linda Delunas can add you to it if you would like to read them

f.       Principle One will be presented for a vote in October; the table –please read it and be ready to discuss it

g.      O’Dell – please bring in PeopleSoft advising software to aid this endeavor

h.      Lundberg- what % of students currently take S121?

i.        Could speech piece be enlarged to include S122?

j.        Add oral to oral communication/intensive requirement

k.      We have received General Education documents from IUPUI, and others and ours looks very similar to theirs

IX.  Discussion of the proposal for the Unit of Health and Human Services--VCAA Aggrey  - discussion postponed due to time constraints

X.  New business

1.  J. Poulard - Statement


I have taken a close look at the list of salaries at IUN for this year.

It struck me that among the academics I am one of four not to get the anxiously awaited 2% raise but only 1.5% or lower.

Now, I would like to know what gave us and me this notoriety.

I’m asking myself why?

Is it because of my national origin?

Is it because of my political opinions?

Surely it cannot be because of my teaching performance.

Surely it cannot be because of my publication record which is rather decent in quality and quantity.

Surely it cannot be because of my service to this campus, where I spend so much of my time.

Surely it cannot be because I have been the active advisor of a lively student club for 23 years.

Surely it cannot be because I have been the Editor of the Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences for the past 11 years.

Surely it cannot be because of my public service to my community.

Surely it cannot be because.....

But you get my point.

Seeing that many, including administrators, got more than a 2% raise, I conclude that decisions about these percentages are purely arbitrary and must involve some sort of discrimination, which administrators surely know is against the law.

I am not a greedy person, but this obvious slap done to me is an insult to me and my loyal career at this institution. 

I will seek redress accordingly. 

Thank you !


XI.  Old business

XII.  Further remarks from Vice Chancellor Aggrey

a.       PowerPoint presentation

b.      Family is like a forest  - from far away, it appears to be just a canopy, but up close you can see each tree, each individual

c.       stop in any time at AA, and he will also be strolling campus especially on Fridays to see everyone

d.      said that Administration has fences to mend on their end

e.       asked us within our family, to think about what your colleagues feel about speaking up in Fac. Org. – they are often intimidated or fear retribution for speaking out – please think about this issue (Exec. Committee take the lead in this, start the discussion)

f.       Positives – list

g.      charged the faculty organization executive committee between now and Thanksgiving break to take the lead in evaluating the pilot, meeting with chairs and deans and coming up with suggestions to move forward as a campus

XIII.  Adjournment 12:18


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