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October 20,  2006

Friday 20 October 1-3 p.m. in Hawthorn 107

. President Bodmer called the meeting to order - attending ~50

II.  Minutes of the 15 September 2006 faculty organization meeting approved

III.  President Geo. Bodmers’ report

a.     Chancellor traveling and so unable to attend

b.     Introduction of visiting sociologist – Jon Leonardo from Spain

c.     IU Undergraduate Research Conference Nov. 2006 in Indianapolis

d.     Review of Pilot Project for Course Load Release – reminder, please send your comments to either Pres. Geo. Bodmer or Charles Gallmeier as chair of Faculty Affairs, who is working on this review

IV.  Vice chancellors’ reports

a.        Vice-Chancellor Fiscal Affairs – Marilyn Vasquez

·         board of trustees is interested in auxiliary (self sustaining, on their own) aspects of campus and outsourcing them, started with motor pool, and then moving to the bookstores – we will be submitting a request to keeping our bookstore as is

·         Institutional Researcher – an offer has been made but no news on acceptance

·         Biennial budget allocation still in process

b.      Vice-Chancellor Academic Affairs – Kwezi Aggrey

·         thanks for greeting reception

·         convocation  - attendance was good and would like to grow it as an academic event and have classes to attend as well in the future

·         assessment  - Barbara Wolvoord, Professor of English, Notre Dame recognized at this meeting – has been working with us in general and very specific ways on assessment across the campus for the last two days

·         commencement – regalia will be paid for by the university; please attend

·         Health and Human Services – sent out documents to the campus; met with President Herbert last week – Med School, Nursing, Social Work Deans, Aggrey, Bergland and Delunas -  Pres. Herbert pleased with the proposal – stated there was no specific money available for this project and he has charged us to do more work, planning, however, the idea that we are being asked to distinguish ourselves and this would do that is very positive – 3 year schedule – this year is planning, appoint an interim “Dean” of HHS (core areas, social work, nursing and allied health, medical sciences program); perhaps will be called a college

·         J. Bloom – cost of adding a new administrator? – Aggrey – this will in the long run come to help all of us; if we are able to attract more funding, approve facilities, it will end up being beneficial, I hear your concerns about this, however, and will continue to work on this

·         C. Gallmeier- what about when Herbert leaves?  Aggrey – plan is to get this to the board of trustees for approval and then when Herbert leaves it won’t be in jeopardy

·         A. Barr – will this impinge on hiring?  Aggrey- my first response is no, however, we are pulling money from the same pot, however, we are not going to reallocate any replacement positions to support this endeavor.  The CTE funds we have been saving will be beneficial to this particular endeavor now and then it will begin to generate dividends for us; A. Barr – if there is a point during the planning that things do not seem to be working is there a plan for how to do this?  Aggrey – Pres. Herbert asked this very question and suggested we make sure to plan well so that we don’t make an expensive mistake; interim will be internal to begin planning

·         A. Adler – have lost 2 administrators that sat on deans council in the last 10 years – dental education and allied health and so the Dean of HHS would then supervise the Directors (not deans)

·         T. Sutherland – life sciences funding? – Aggrey – Pres. Herbert says no, not really; part of that money is earmarked for the regional medical centers

·         C. O’Dell – HIT?  Aggrey – has to work out with informatics and hit on campus; later endeavor

V.  Labor Studies – support proposal for labor studies at IUN (see later resolution vote for more details)

a.     what is not in our hands – IUPUI saying we can’t tenure people now because we are getting rid of program as it is now – we are looking at a 4 member department within A&S – so we are proposing a national search; we are still in negotiations with IUPUI on how much of the LS money will come to IUN

b.     C. Gallmeier and J. Bloom- what will happen when R. Needleman retires? Will LS die at IUN?  VCAA Aggrey – no, it will be like any other department on campus

c.     L. Delunas – won’t they be tied to the same program prioritization system as everyone else or are they special?  VCAA Aggrey – yes they are special, the legislature has allocated an amount that indicates they believe that it is special and so we need to work on

VI.  Voting on the General Education Policy Principle 1 Framework—Professors Fischer and Kilibarda

a.     thanked everyone who has worked on this process over time

b.     presented table of principle 1 – foundation courses and advanced coursework

c.     J. Bloom – 200 or above? A- yes

d.     A. Rominger – amendment – 5-6 hours in science instead of course with lab

e.     L. Delunas – not sure they are equivalent

f.       D. Coffin – to do this we are making a commitment to offering these when the students are available to take them – including the evening –

g.     P. Lundberg – would not preclude a division from requiring a lab?  No; follow-up – why would we make it tougher than Bloomington?  L. Delunas – our students not as prepared in general when they begin as at Bloomington

h.     J. Tolhuizen – one thing to reason scientifically, one thing to present information – need a lab to do the former

i.       J. Bloom – will specific science courses be designated as logical reasoning?

j.      L. Delunas – next step would be that specific outcomes would have to be developed

k.     call the question  26 to 19 (Count reported by Pres. Bodmer) on the amendment – amendment failed

l.       A. Barr – s121 – why is it still here since p150 has gone? why isn’t it assumed to be a part of all of coursework?  M. Fischer – basic skills need to be built at foundational level; A. Adler – s122 meets our needs better; T. Lake – question of formal feedback

m.  D. Coffin – why doesn’t logic (p150) count towards logical reasoning?

n.     B. Dorin- computer reasoning as logical reasoning?

o.    R. Hass Birky – would be in alignment with Bloomington

p.     L. Delunas – p150 removed because of too many requirements

q.     K. Evans – doesn’t seem to be too much – just 4

r.      F. Caucci – why no foreign language?  a - later in other domains

s.      C. O’Dell- can advanced coursework come on slowly? a-yes

t.      K. Evans – advanced coursework framework – multiple ways of meeting ways of reinforcing foundational courses – would like skills designated not courses?

u.     R. Hass Birky – not voting today on what exactly is advanced experience – that is still to be defined

v.     M. Fischer – still just voting on a general concept; not outcomes yet

w.   L. Delunas – voting on foundation courses and idea of advanced courses

x.     Call the question - 36 –  (Count reported by Pres. Bodmer) passed

y.     coming attractions – Gen Ed – proposal for when specific gen ed courses will need to be completed


VII.  Report on the Institute for Innovative Leadership—Director Kirkpatrick – did not attend

VIII.  Integrated Imaging Initiative (use of IU logo on letterhead, business cards)--director Michelle Searer – see marketing for details

·         everything will need to be standardized using new rules

·         Nov. 10 – submit list of marks needed per campus

·         all fliers need to be approved by marketing before going out externally by January of 2007

·         compliance by July 1, 2007

·         IU Northwest

IX.  New business

a.     A&S Research Conference – Nov. 9-10, 2006 with Sarah Vowell Evening Keynote Thursday and Chuck Gallmeier and Stephanie Shanks-Meile Lunch Keynote Friday  

b.     Drawing the Lines Conference – Nov. 2-3, 2006

c.     Labor Studies Resolution (see below)



For the All-University Faculty Council

For over 60 years, the Division of Labor Studies (DLS) has provided education through Indiana University, as part of a post-war compact that established labor education at Indiana University and supervisory education at Purdue University.

The Division of Labor Studies has offered class on six campuses since the early 1970s, providing extension courses for workers and their organizations as well as full bachelor, and associate degree programs. Despite the loss of a legislative supplement of $358,000 and a university-wide cut in budget of 10% over two years, the faculty members of the DLS made up the budget deficit through some staff cutbacks and then went on in fiscal year 2005-2006 to produce $1.3 million profit above budget. This turn-around was accomplished through high teaching workloads and a commitment to make Labor Studies viable.

Despite this effort, the IUPUI administration has developed a plan that will limit Labor Studies to two campus programs, one at IUPUI and a second at IUN, closing down the degree programs at South Bend, Fort Wayne and Kokomo. With 260 labor studies majors around the state and over 3,000 students enrolled in Labor Studies courses currently, this cutback will harm students, faculty and academic programs at IU.

The IUPUI administration’s plan calls for drastic cuts in faculty and course offerings. The DLS had 17 faculty lines, currently has 12 and will be reduced to 7 faculty lines by the end of this restructuring process. IUPUI will receive two-thirds of the DLS budget and five tenure-track faculty. IU Northwest will receive only one-third of the base budget, one tenure track line and other associate faculty positions. IUPUI froze faculty salaries, increased faculty workloads and has used DLS funds to hire four administrators and to review its on-line program twice in one year. IUPUI never held a meeting with all DLS faculty members to discuss their status, and have never provided a reason for this urgent restructuring, which by policy should not be initiated by the administration without financial exigency, and should not be carried forward without faculty governance.

Labor Studies offers courses with a unique perspective on the workplace and workers’ issues that is not offered in other academic units. The majority of Indiana’s population is made up of working families, and they along with their children have a stake in understanding these issues, especially as jobs and markets become globalized. In addition, Labor Studies provides courses and workshops tailored to the needs of workers and union members throughout Indiana. DLS courses have been valuable for training students for pursuing graduate degrees, along with preparing them to make vital contributions to their workplaces and communities. No other undergraduate programs offer similar courses on labor and employment law, discrimination, ADA, FMLA or Workers’ Compensation laws. No other program examines labor and work from comparative perspectives nor examines the impact of globalization on work in Indiana. Finally, this program adds vital diversity to course offerings as well as the student body.

Given the above, we the faculty at IUN request:

•       That the IU all-University Council recognize these important contributions and intervene on behalf of the Division of Labor Studies with the IU Administration to request that

o       President Adam Herbert intervene to stop the current process of dismantling the Labor Studies Program;
o       President Herbert change the decision-making venue from IUPUI to an all-university forum, since all campuses will be affected;

o       Tenure-track contracts with faculty members be honored, halting the termination of all DLS tenure-track faculty members;

o       IU administrators assist in finding the DLS a home within the IU structure so that the program can continue flourishing in a fully efficient and academically accountable way;

o       The IU All-University Council be involved in finding a constructive solution;
o       And, adequate time be allowed until such a constructive solution can be identified


X. Old business

XI.  Adjournment by Pres. Bodmer at  2:55 pm


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