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November 17,  2006

Call to order 10:05 am by President Geo. Bodmer

II. Minutes of the 20 October 2006 meeting approved as read.

III. President Bodmer’s announcements

a.       Keith Kirkpatrick was invited to discuss the Leadership Institute for the October meeting and was unable to attend either then or this month.  We will continue to invite him

b.      Strategic Planning Retreat was held this week

c.       Request for volunteers to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee – please contact Pres. Bodmer if you are interested

d.      Call for Nominations for faculty Board of Review is in process

e.       Discussion of "A Review of It’s Core Campus and System School Operations: A Report Commissioned by president Adam Herbert"  - excerpt included below:

For the Regional Campuses and the System Schools

O The School of Social Work is the only system school we examined that has broad support in all quarters. The importance of the central school to the accreditation of each campus no doubt plays an important part in this support.  We recommend no changes for the School of Social Work.

o For SPEA, Nursing, and Informatics, the support varies both on the campuses and in the central administrations of the schools. We think the leadership of each of these schools should, as per the above suggested Board of Trustees directive, work with the faculty and each of the regional school chancellors to define the nature of their future relationship.  This should then be codified in a memorandum of agreement that includes transition steps, if needed, and any changes proposed in the manner in which degrees are awarded and designated on each campus.  This should then be presented as a recommendation to the President and the Board of Trustees for their consideration.

oWe suggest that, in the cases where the system school structure is recommended for discontinuance, the schools and the campus programs should consider establishing a statewide council of faculty, such as that used by the School of Education, to continue links between the programs and to discuss curricular and other common professional interests.  We also believe the School of Education's statewide Council of Deans has been a useful mechanism that could profitably be copied.

o The System School Deans and the campus Chancellors should consider the costs associated with any recommended future relationship between each of the System Schools and the Regional Campuses and arrive at a mutually agreeable cost allocation for each School on each campus.


1)      muddles our relationship w/ schools – are we part of Bloomington or not?

2)      currently not under IUB but IUPUI.

3)      Meeting on this subject is in 2 Tuesdays

IV.                Chancellor’s report  - Chancellor Bergland not present, however a PowerPoint presentation on Health and Human Services Initiative was shown

V.                  Vice chancellors’ reports

                        A.  Vice-Chancellor Aggrey (Academic Affairs)

a.         HHS Plan

1.      Appointed Interim organizing dean: Pat Bankston w/ Linda Rooda:  Interim Organizing Director

2.      Build a health and human services interdisciplinary team approach

3.      IU:  Why?: excellent opportunity to utilize our campus to sow seed for unique brand of healthcare education

4.      Strengths:  Cooperation from IU Med School, Region is IN gateway to Chicago, small size of IUN

5.      One of a kind response to the emerging health care issues

6.      Cost to our campus?  Not a lot but instead planning to leverage available resources to cover most of the anticipated cost

7.      IUN has contributed 500000 CTE funds for start up

8.      Sustain: 150000 from CTE

9.      Chancellor is meeting w/ area hospital execs to request assistance

10.   Also meeting w/ legislators to add us to the agenda for life sciences proposal

11.  Planning town hall meeting to talk and try to answer more questions


            a.  Prof. Bodmer - Diverting CTE funds?  Not really saving only diverting funds? 

            Answer: CTE should support new programs.  $ 1.3 mil per year.  Over the years $ 500000 saved from other years

            b. Prof. Smith: How much from legislation?  Will IUB also be asking for    funds?

            Answer:  Not sure… that’s why the chancellor is setting up a meeting w/legislators.  No commitment was made to put our name on the agenda. IUB doesn’t want Regional campuses to go around Pres Herbert.  Pat Bankston and Linda Rooda will be setting up 3-5 year budget which will finalize $ amount requested of legislation.

            c.  Prof. Hass Birky: consultants mentioned other methods of funding… other institutions have fees for those programs so not diverting funds.  Don’t forget this is an option for us.  Gives the required money and lessens hostility.

            d.  Prof. Needleman: is public and occupational health being considered?

            Answer:  No, not yet… but ultimately will be part of the proposal.

            e. Prof. Delunas: no current public health program but it is one we’d like to explore.


b. PowerPoint Presentation VCAA Aggrey

            c.  Events on campus between Oct-Nov

                  1.  COAS Research Conference at IUN (Nov. 9-10) - Went well…well organized and well reviewed:  3 levels of review.  Emeritus professor from IUB did outside review.  Thanks to all.

                  2.  Regional Nursing Research Conf. at Radisson

                  3.  Ethics conference at IUN (Nov. 13)

                  4.  Theater: Permanent Collection production went well

                  5.  Dec10 2:30 pm Susan May w/ Bobby Schiff Trio.

                  6.  IUN Gala-Well attended

                  7.  Indiana Academy of Social Sciences Conference – Oct. 13

                  8.  Academic Convocation Oct. 13 focused on blogging and higher ducation       

                  9.  Enhancing minority education conference (Kokomo) Nov. 9-10;  Teamed w/ Fort Wayne.  They will be coming here to see what’s going on our campus related to this issue.

                  10.  Drawing the lines conference (Nov. 2-4) went well

            d.  Need more faculty representation at the Strategic Planning “retreat” – please contact Pres. Geo. Bodmer or VCAA Aggrey if you are interested in participating

            e.  IUN Business School is working w/ Kelly School of Business because the LCCDC is to provide business forecast for region.  Kelly school denied access to some resources that are available to IUB and IUPUI.  A resolution is being sought.     

            f.  Budget: Talk about the things we aren’t always aware of…

                                    1.  Nursing retiree’s always replaced immediately

                                    2.  History: R Wollons on leave- money is available to hire 2 for spring semester

                                    3.  English: secretary has been replaced

                                    4.  COAS: authorizing replacement of Noelle Bates

                                    5.  Library Director:  OK’d finding permanent replacement

                                    6.  SPEA

                                    7.  Money for replacement of R. Hass Birky is in the budget for English to find a replacement

                                    8.  Linda:  money is in budget to replace

                                    9.  Director of Respiratory Therapy resigned: replacement authorized

                                    10. CRE Director: Debbie Thomas will be visiting tomorrow.  She is the replacement.

                                    11.  Faculty positions:  changes are a process

          a.  Retirees: Academic affairs will replace new positions where needed when someone retires.  History retiree may not get it filled if they are not in most need.

           b.  Why is there a need: “so and so resigned and not  replaced” is not a good reason. 

           c.  Chancellor and VCAA Aggrey:  2 positions will be authorized

           d.  2 top positions of (14?) that were ranked by APC and deans.  The rest of the list will stay until we are sure of budget.  Under good times we would say that the retirees  are the people at the top positions.  We would expect to be  able to get 2-3 part time for the 1 top retirees. We currently we are getting 2 for 2…

Statement:  if a position is lost, that means that the position will remain on campus.  If the loss is in COAS, the position may go to SPEA or Nursing. 

Question:  Campus is in crisis:  enrollment going down?  YES   other places are growing… it’s not because of lack of students in the region.  What are we doing wrong?

Answer: new marketing director.  We are going to be aggressive in making the campus a place where students want to come.  Yes, we need to think of our enrollment issues.  Many issues we need to address, enrollment is definitely one of them.

Question:  Several professional schools have a requirement of number of faculty.  COAS doesn’t have that, so when we find a loss, we always take from COAS.

Answer:  the 2 currently authorized positions are in COAS.  We evaluate all requests equally and placements go to highest need.  COAS is the core and we will make sure they are taken care of.

Question: problem in COAS.  Administration cut so courses are not available.  Labor studies couldn’t get 2 courses because of under staff.  As we continue to be understaffed and low course selection, students look to other colleges.  We have experienced a 5-8 year process of losing our key positions in COAS.  It will take that long to rebuild to gain students.  Beautification doesn’t seem as important as academics

Answer:  beautification,  as well as other points are important.  We consider the college a total package and try to improve all aspects.

Statement:  Business went from 37 to 14…lost 1/3 of faculty over the years… problem w/ loss of position is not just COAS but other areas also.

Question:  What is the accountability of administration to justify the effort in administration and planning yet we’re still losing students?

Answer:  joint effort lead by administration to plan for aggressive effort in enrolling students.  We have many aspects that we need to sell to the community and we’ve not done the best job so far.  We need to look at this to improve.

Statement:  States revenue has gone up significantly in the past few years.  It seems that the problem lies w/in the university - as a failure to appeal to the legislation.  Why is IU/IUN not getting the funds… is it a lack of lobbying? Failure to present our case?  Seems we’re fighting over a shrinking pie but we’re not because the states revenue is the best in 5 years

Question:  summer scheduled already but we have not news on summer grants, etc. 

Answer: we will try to get it earlier in the future

Statement:  constantly under budget which we don’t know until spring or summer… would it be beneficial to switch to a year forward… so that the budget we get drives searches for fall instead of waiting till spring.

Answer: that approach is possible when campus has resource reserves to pull in for these situations.  But, if there is no reserve it is difficult to approve something we don’t know about.  That doesn’t matter… the spring budget money is being used to search in fall.  We can’t search for a position for 2007 because we don’t know how much money we will have.  Budget comes in June to search for August.

            g.  Trouble with Infrastructure on campus (PowerPoint images)                                          

        1.  (Nov. 13th) Art classroom:  buckets collecting water from leaky roof w/ students working… Picture of ceiling:  paint and things falling down…w/in 2 months some of these were fixed…We didn’t have to wait for Bloomington… if we work together we can create the environment we want. Thank you to the facilities group for quickly fixing these leaky roof problems.

            h.  Faculty Affairs Committee working on review of Course Load Reduction policy:  report should be completed soon:  Review Panel should not say “scrap this”  We want solutions.  87% compliance… what about the 13% not compliant?     Other solutions for research course release.

Statement:  Pilot showed 87% accountability.  There should be an apology to faculty because pilot shows that there is more compliance then suspected to cause this pilot. 

Answer:  Prof. Bodmer: We will follow review where it logically directs us.

            i.  Request:  related to topics discussed:  for VCAA Aggrey for next meeting:  Administrators number of and pay from 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and now?  There seems to have been an enormous rise in administration and fall in faculty. 

Answer: hesitate- because we’d also have to know # of students.  Increase in administration we expect to see better accountability.  Must also look at why people where hired

Statement:  That information: money and number of faculty, staff, admin, can be found online (FMS) via Bloomington.  Info from 1997 to present.  IU fact book also has those stats.  A study was done a few years ago (4?)  faculty number was fairly constant.  Now there are more lecturers then tenure track however.  Not official study:  it looks like drop in enrollment followed drop in faculty

VI.  General Education Initiative Motion--Professors Fischer and Kilibarda

            A.  Gen Ed Resolution-withdrawn

                        1.  Registrar says that People Soft makes it impossible to enforce

                        2.  Statement:  Technology shouldn’t drive policy.

Additional proposed requirements for foundation coursework by the IUN General Education/Assessment Committee (10-13-2006)

1) IUN undergraduate students must take W131 within first 30 credit hours. A composition course must be completed by IUN undergraduates within first 15 credit hours. The other three fundamental courses, S121, math, and natural science with lab must be completed within first 60 credit hours. We expect that resources will be made available to ensure proper placement and advising of students as well as the appropriate number of sections of foundation courses.

3.  Suggests break point to be at sophomore and Junior standing.

2) All foundation courses, W131, S121, mathematics, and natural science with a lab, must be passed with a grade of C or better.

            4.  Could be enforced thru advising.  Committee will work on this with options that can be enforced

                5.  Asking for VCAA Aggrey to approve tasks for coming year

1.      Required courses: Timing Pilot assessment of outcomes

2.      Designated Advanced courses: Intensive writing

3.      Principle 2 outcomes and implementation

VII. Library Collection Development Budget for 2006-2007--Professor Echtenkamp  - see handout.

a.       Approved as read

b.      Question: Sociology budget went down but enrollment went up…WHY? Answer:  Tim Sutherland will get actual explanation.

VIII.  Resolution on Labor Studies

We the faculty of IU Northwest request that the IU UFC recognize the important contributions and intervene on behalf of the Division of Labor Studies with the IU Administration to request that

o  The IU UFC and President Adam Herbert work together to find a constructive solution to the Division of Labor Studies organization that works for all the regional campuses, the students, and the state of Indiana

o  Tenure-track contracts with faculty members be honored, halting the termination of all Division of Labor Studies tenure-track faculty members

o  6 tenure-track positions and corresponding budget lines be brought to IU Northwest, so that the Division of Labor Studies program is sustainable

o  Adequate time be allowed for such a constructive solution to be identified and implemented

            A.  Discussion:

Prof. Needleman:  2 proposals, 1 presented to IUPUI, 1 that was presented by IUPUI.  Labor Studies has been at IUPUI for 5 years.  Previously at IUB.  IUPUI suggest 5 TTF for IUPUI, 1 TTF for IUN.  NONE at other campuses.  $1.2 mil budget met last year and increased to 1.5 mil.  IUPUI says Labor studies is a liability and doesn’t belong on a college campus.  IUN has largest majors.  Unbelievable to think that 1 TTF + associates could sustain program especially since TTF is retiring.   There is no other labor or industrial relations program in the state.  If we are gone there will be no one to teach anything about labor – manager relations, new technology, etc.  While I support 2 campuses I oppose number of faculty because we are more productive then IUPUI.   Don’t let IUPUI steal the money… there will be no programs for the workers in the state.

VCAA Aggrey:  1. On the face value this looks fine: but at this point our campus is not prepared to just take tenure track positions from other campuses and accept them to run the program… Don’t make our hands tied to only accept who they give us.2.  6 tenure track positions to be brought here:  we do not believe we need 6 TTF to run the program… 4 or 5 will do.  And we aren’t prepared for any more.

Prof. Needleman:  when we were moved to IUPUI TTF were auto accepted and did not have to go thru Search and Screen.  TTF have been fired each year since IUPUI move.  TTF are willing to put off Tenure but do not want to get fired each year and have to reapply.  Ours is one of the only accredited LS programs.  It is the only place to learn the things we teach.

Prof. Delunas:  if we had LS on campus what stops from offering online?

Prof. Needleman: we need to offer it across the state not just our students

Prof. Caucci: do we owe allegiance to TTF from other campuses?  What are implications to allowing these 6 faculty?

Prof. Needleman: w/out online program we don’t need 6… w/ online, we will be serving all campuses.

Prof. Tolhuizen:  online program is problematic.  We’re talking about schools w/out this program so whose school are they attending?

Prof. Lundberg: this should go to UFC  not our board.  2 elements that are difficult to accept.  Is there a resolution that is a little less precise? 

Prof. Needleman:  we met w/ UFC.  They express very strong support but we are on a timeline that will have us gone by next month. And there will only be 1 person to do this.  And that person is retiring in a year.

      B.  Call the question:  Favor 30 Oppose: 0

IX.  Old business


X.  New Business

                        a.  Geo Bodmer encourages all to participate in committees

                        b.  Dean Ige:  Dec 15 – COAS Holliday Party 11-2pm 

                        c.  V Smith: magnets to support school of ed for marketing. $3 donation… previously sold for $10. 

                        d.  May be last Faculty Organization meeting for Florence Sawicki and Patricia Lundberg.  Thanks for service to IUN.


 XI.  Adjournment  11:59 am

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