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March 24,  2006

10 a.m-noon

Hawthorn 107

I.  Call to order 10:06 am

II.  Minutes of the 20 January 2006 meeting approved

III.  President's announcements

a.       VCAA search – Professor K. Aggrey has agreed to take the job

b.      Election of board of review and faculty organization offices is coming up – today is the deadline for nominations

c.       Labor Studies – 11th hour push to locate within the IU system ongoing

d.      UFC meeting at IUN on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 from 12:30 – 3:30 pm H318, open to the public

e.       Pres. Herbert has asked that each campus work on reorganization beginning in May of 2006 

IV.  Chancellor's report

            a. An analysis of the organizational structure of the university advancement office was conducted with the assistance of the IU Foundation – as a result, we will not be recruiting for a new vice-chancellor of advancement, instead an executive director for development and several development staff will be put in place, this reorganization will not add to the general budget for the campus

            b.  A Campus Climate survey will begin within the month, as part of strategic planning; analyze data over summer and begin focus groups in fall based on survey results

            c.  Vic Borden (Assoc. VP for University Planning, Institutional Research, and Accountability) is working on selecting new Peer Institutions for IUN – sent us extensive data and has asked for a response by March 31, 2006

            d.  Reorganization – IUN goes first – reaffirms our commitment to move forward with Health and Human Services aspects of campus

-Chancellor will take concerns expressed at the meeting today to the Dean’s Council so that others can weigh in on these topics prior to the retreat plan finalization

            -a facilitator will come in May to begin this process at a retreat, Vice-Chancellors, Dean’s Council, Associate Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Faculty Liaison, and Faculty Organization President will attend; ideas will then be shared with other constituents; September report to President about our plans

            -R. Hug – Q- what is driving the need for this change?  A- School of Health and Human Services focus, mission differentiation; President Herbert is driving the School of Health and Humans Services emphasis at IUN

            -G. Bodmer – Q- what problem is this trying to fix?  A-disparities in size of units is one piece

            -C. Gallmeier – Q- more faculty at retreat?  A- 3 will be present

            -T. Iverson – Q- relationship to faculty governance?  A- should enhance it

            -J. Bloom – Q- will this result in a change in med school 2 years here and 2 years at IUPUI Med School?  A-perhaps;  who will ultimately make these decisions?  Fac. Org. can express an opinion, Board of Trustees will make the decision.  Discussions this summer, hopefully we will all be on the same page by the end of the summer. 

            -J. Bloom – Q- why all in the summer?  How can faculty have major input?  Please include substantial faculty input to this process. A- will take this into consideration

            -R. Wollons – Q- if focus is HHS and that means that A&S will no longer be the focus, shouldn’t A&S be at the table for this entire decision making?

            e.  Labor Studies – Chancellor is committed to the Labor Studies Program and IUN is not walking away from the Program even if IUPUI System School is dissolved                        

V.  Vice chancellors' reports

A.  Vice-Chancellor Rominger

            1. Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certificate Program housed within the Psychology Department was approved and will be implemented in the Fall

            2. Vice-chancellor Vasquez found some unspent monies – $200,000 and these were allocated to CTE projects

            3. Sponsored Programs has officially begun allocating funds again  – $20,000 for each campus with matching funds from the campus (so total of $40,000 per year)

                        - must develop campus specific guidelines for awarding funds to begin using funds

            4.  One Campus One Book continues, Wed., April 5, 6-8 pm

            5.  AQUIP info up on web at

            6.  $30,000 CTE funds for Gen Ed are being dispersed for travel to conferences related to Gen Ed and New Course Development grants

            7.  Vice-chancellor will meet with Executive Committee to resolve differences in the Course Load Reassignment Policy the last Friday of March

            8.  A strategy for off-campus instruction is currently being worked on –looking at Portage site and ALC – will be disseminated publicly for discussion

                        -returning revenue – ALC returning more revenue than cost

            9.  Review of Centers and Institutes – Prioritizing them, are they meeting mission, serving constituents, revenue generation, etc. will be publicly available shortly

10.    CRE Director Search and  report to APC –  Vice-Chancellor Rominger authorized search on an emergency basis, there will be no overlap in holders of position though P. Lundberg has graciously agreed to help the new Director get their feet on the ground; it is a funded position (it is not a new position).  This position needed to be filled because of the large number of projects ongoing in the CRE.

a.       Center recovering about 50% of its costs. 

b.      C. Gallmeier – Q- will this search be successful since CRV search was not?  A- hopefully it will be

c.       R. Hug – S- CRE is integral to our relationship to the community and we can’t drop the ball on this important issue


B.  Vice-Chancellor Vasquez – 2006-07 – our state appropriation will go up $49,000.00

            a.  We are expecting undergrad tuition to go up about 5.3 % ($600,000 - 700,000 dollars est.) 


VI.  Progress Report on Admissions requirements from the Admissions Committee--Prof. Wyzinski

a.       Linda Templeton has been very helpful in this process

b.      Week from Monday, a general draft policy to all faculty will be circulated (comment via email) and then changes made

c.       Vote by next Faculty Organization committee meeting

d.      Must be on UFC agenda for May meeting


VII.  Report from the Academic Priorities Committee (APC)--Prof. Barr

            a.  Emergency Hire for CTE – Vice-Chancellor notified APC at end of February about emergency hire; the APC met shortly thereafter; strongly objected to the emergency status of this hire;   no hostility meant towards Center but rather in terms of priorities of campus, why this?  But primarily, what is the role of APC in this process? They feel once again that they have been circumvented in the priorities process; Motion from the Faculty Org. that the APC committee recommendations be heeded and that this money be used for faculty positions, no second for motion

            b.  Q from the floor - If we vote on this what will happen?  A - Vice-Chancellor has already considered the APC’s voice, the Dean’s Council voice and the Curitoriate voice and has made the decision already

            c.  Chancellor – The Chancellor pointed out that the problem here is a faculty governance issue.  He says since there is no formal relationship between the administration and faculty governance, the chancellor views what happens at Faculty Organization meetings as merely the opinions of those who are present and treats them as such.  He argued that our faculty organization meetings are not representative either. 

            d.  Vice-Chancellor Vasquez – APC and Dean’s Council don’t work collaboratively and so an adversarial relationship may be automatically set up

            e.  Neil Goodman – as chair of Curitoriate – reminded us of history of the purpose of the Centers as outreach to the community


VIII.  Report from the Service Leaning Committee--L. Karabel

a.       CTE funds for summer money ($2500.00) to create service-learning courses – deadline for submission April 14

b.      Steven Jones workshop this afternoon will help you in your submissions

c.       Specifics on CETL website

IX.  Old business

    Motion to approve the "5 General Education Principles--Definitions"—

    Professors Fischer and V. Kililbarda

            a.  A. Osan – Q- specific mention of foreign language? A - Is there under humanities

            b.  J. Bloom – Q - how will reorganization effect our changes in General Education?

            Chancellor –doesn’t see that org. structure will have much bearing on this

d.      R. Hug – praised the committee, and called the question

e.       J. Bloom – procedural question – tried to have a mail ballot, no second provided

f.       Question called and approved.


X.  New business

    A. Resolution on Labor Studies from the Executive Committee:

        Because the Labor Studies Program has so positively contributed to our campus offerings and because it is especially appropriate andimportant a program for our region, we move:

        To encourage the chancellor to accept IUPUI's offer to transfer the Labor Studies Program to IUN.


            1.  T. Iverson –a.  Revenue – after denial of appropriation ($358,000) by State, there was a crisis- however, they are currently solvent

                                    b. We do have a body of students, progressing in their programs, and contributing to our areas of foci in important ways

                                    c.  S. Ashby, R. Needleman, T. Iverson – IUPUI – we are talking with technology and engineering dept. to house Labor Studies

                                    d.  Still looking for a home, and would like to ask you all to support this resolution         

            2.  R. Wollons – Q- structural question?  A- LS would like faculty to remain housed on their home campuses, but participate system wide with on-line courses

            3.  Chancellor- if they can’t find an IUPUI home, it would become decentralized and each campus would decide to keep it or not.  And he is committed to maintaining LS at IUN regardless of what happens downstate. 

            4.  J. Tolhuizen – Q- asked Chancellor is there a deadline?  A- December as reported from IUPUI

            5.  Motion tabled for the time being. 

    B.  Resolution from the Calendar Committee--Prof. Mucci Deferred to April. 

XI.  Adjournment 12:00



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