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April 21,  2006

1-3 p.m.

Hawthorn Hall 107. 
I. Call to order; 47 in attendance

II. Minutes of the the 24 March 2006 meeting approved

III. President Geo. Bodmer’s announcements

a.        Recognized Cynthia O’Dell as secretary and Stella Pudar-Hozo for maintaining the Faculty Organization website this school year.

b.        Recognized  Campus Research and Creativity award winners - Iztok Hozo and Bill Dorin

c.        Recognized Campus Service award winner - Linda Delunas

d.        Recognized Trustee Teaching Award winners – Bandyopadhyay, Subir; Di Muzio, Gianluca; Garcia, Adrian; Kochman, Adrienne; Larson, Diane; Mucci, Robert; O'Dell, Cynthia; Pudar-Hozo, Stella; Smith, Vernon; and Zusman, Marty

e.        Recognized Founders Day Award winners – fulltime faculty: Marty Zusman and parttime faculty: Deborah Alspaugh

f.        Pres. Bodmer – at the end of the March meeting, the Chancellor expressed a lack of confidence in our form of governance – since that time we have had several meetings with the Chancellor and are working on facilitating a better working relationship.  We will continue to work on this issue with the Chancellor and ways for us to work more effectively with the administration and have consensus decision making on the part of the administration and faculty governance.

g.        Graduation is May 11, 2006 -  6 pm at the Genesis Center

h.        Labor Studies – talks ongoing regarding housing the program at several campuses (including IUN) or decentralizing the program to a variety of campuses

i.        May Retreat on Reorganization process – Executive committee will attend to represent the faculty

j.        Committee sign-ups will go out soon and please select your favorites

k.        Intellectual Property Policy is being revised to include computer software, if you have any feedback on this issue please let Pres. Bodmer know

IV.  Chancellor's report

a.     Chancellor - you have chosen a faculty organization and your form of governance which is your right, my job is to develop a strong working relationship with this body.  I have met with George and the Executive committee and concerns about processes and their lack of clarity are paramount.  I am drafting a flow chart about how I think decision making regarding position requests work and will share it with George and executive committee for feedback so that we all agree on this process.  The executive committee will attend the reorganization retreat in May and we will work on meeting more often with the Chancellor, perhaps two meetings per month. I will make an effort to arrange for Trustee Boone to attend some executive committee meetings so that we can forge a stronger relationship there as well.

b.    R. Hug – regarding the university policy on naming buildings – was there any consideration given to soliciting a donor to have a named building?  A- While we did not have time yet, we will continue to look into that and then it wouldn’t necessarily have to be named after a tree, though that would be fine as well

V.  Vice-Chancellor Rominger’s Report

c.    Promotion & Tenure – Janice Grskovic- Associate Professor of Education with tenure; Lori Montalbano-Phelps – Associate Professor of Communication with tenure; Ana Osan – Associate Professor of Modern Languages with tenure; Rajan Selladuri, Associate Professor of Business and Economics (tenure only); William Dorin, Professor of Computer Information Systems; Chuck Gallmeier, Professor of Sociology; Patti Lorimer Lundberg, Professor of English

VI.  UFC Report – Professor Don Coffin

a.        conflict of commitment policy – passed at March meeting

b.        intellectual property policy – passed in March, bounced back in April, related to treatment of software, treated as copyrightable material not patentable (in copyrightable ownership remains the faculties, in patentable the ownership is shared with the faculty and the university)

c.        18/20 retirement program – things look fine financially for the fund; Geo. suggested this is because when you retire they award you a carton of cigarettes to encourage a healthy retirement

d.        Taskforce worked on unifying IU identity; so letterhead etc. will change; RedHawk mascot will change too

VII. Elections- Professor J. Poulard

a.        Tribute to Professor Kern’s retirement

b.        77 valid ballots cast – Results

George Bodmer, President

Chuck Gallmeier, Vice-President

Cynthia O’Dell, Secretary

Don Coffin, UFC Representative

Bill Dorin and Jim Tolhuizen, At-Large Members of the Executive Committee

Mary Russell and Bala Arshanapalli, All Campus Promotion & Tenure

c.        Faculty Board of Review – 96 ballots cast – Results -  Tanice Foltz, Bala Arshanapalli, Paul Blohm, Raoul Contreras (George Assibey-Mensah, Subir Bandyopadhyay tied)

VI.  Proposed academic calendar--Professor Mucci

a.        voted in the committee to change the first day of semester to a Monday.  Beginning in the Fall of 2007, the academic calendar will begin on the first Monday of the semester if approved by Faculty Organization 

b.        concerns raised about Labor Day weekend, but no way to resolve it

c.        approved with a voice vote

d.         2007-2008 calendar approved with a voice vote

e.        potential issues for future discussion – we have no flexibility in the dates for the calendar; summer schedules allow students little study time; classes that are 4 cr. hours are problematic within the daily schedule

VII.  Proposed admission standards--Professor Wyzinski

a.    emailed it to everyone; corrected a few typos

b.    A. Rominger – needs to send it down to the trustees – will add effective dates at the beginning of the document

c.    P. Lundberg – friendly amendment – of the regions we serve instead of 8 county region. Everywhere it is located in the document

d.    M. Pardoshani – bases (remove will)

e.    R. Needleman – how does this effect returning students? A- seems to be covered under section 3  (e instead of f)

f.    approved by voice vote

VIII. Revised course-load reassignment policy

a.        The revised policy is a collaboration between the Executive Committee and Vice-Chancellor Rominger and the Dean’s Council.  The original document was produced by the Executive Committee.  The Dean’s Council then revised it. Vice-Chancellor Rominger then spent and hour and a half at the Executive Committee helping to achieve a consensus document.  This document is found at the end of these minutes. 

b.        A. Barr – this is independent of the Course Load Reassignment Form?   A- yes

c.        approved by voice vote

IX.  Old business

X.  New business

a.  Call for papers South Shore Journal – handouts provided

b.  Don Coffin offered his thanks to George Bodmer for his hard work as President this year. Great and tulmultuous applause followed.  

c.  AQIP reminder – Linda Delunas says check out the website for more information -

d. Arts and Sciences Research Conference – first deadline for abstracts is May 12 of this year. 

e. Center for Regional Excellence reports will be made in a conference on April 28 from 8:30 – 5:30 pm in LCC 105, with a reception on Thursday, April 27 at 4:45 pm Savannah Center Lobby and Art Gallery

XI. Adjournment at 2:15 pm


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