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November 17,  2006
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10 a.m.-noon in Hawthorn 107

I.. Call to order

II.  Approval of the minutes of the 20 October 2006 meeting.

III. Presidentís announcements

Discussion of "A Review of IU's Core Campus and System School Operations: A Report Commissioned by president Adam Herbert" For the Regional Campuses and the System Schools

o  The School of Social Work is the only system school we examined that has broad support in all quarters. The importance of the central school to the accreditation of each campus no doubt plays an important part in this support.  We recommend no changes for the School of Social Work.

o  For SPEA, Nursing, and Informatics, the support varies both on the campuses and in the central administrations of the schools. We think the leadership of each of these schools should, as per the above suggested Board of Trustees directive, work with the faculty and each of the regional school chancellors to define the nature of their future relationship.  This should then be codified in a memorandum of agreement that includes transition steps, if needed, and any changes proposed in the manner in which degrees are awarded and designated on each campus.  This should then be presented as a recommendation to the President and the Board of Trustees for their consideration.

o We suggest that, in the cases where the system school structure is recommended for discontinuance, the schools and the campus programs should consider establishing a statewide council of faculty, such as that used by the School of Education, to continue links between the programs and to discuss curricular and other common professional interests.  We also believe the School of Education's statewide Council of Deans has been a useful mechanism that could profitably be copied.

o  The System School Deans and the campus Chancellors should consider the costs associated with any recommended future relationship between each of the System Schools and the Regional Campuses and arrive at a mutually agreeable cost allocation for each School on each campus.


IV.  Chancellorís report

V.  Vice chancellorsí reports

VI.  General Education Initiative Motion--Professors Fischer and Kilibarda

Additional proposed requirements for foundation coursework by the IUN General Education/Assessment Committee (10-13-2006)

1) IUN undergraduate students must take W131 within first 30 credit hours. A composition course must be completed by IUN undergraduates within first 15 credit hours. The other three fundamental courses, S121, math, and natural science with lab must be completed within first 60 credit hours. We expect that resources will be made available to ensure proper placement and advising of students as well as the appropriate number of sections of foundation courses.

2) All foundation courses, W131, S121, mathematics, and natural science with a lab, must be passed with a grade of C or better.

VII.  Library Collection Development Budget for 2006-2007--Professor Echtenkamp

VIII.  Resolution on Labor Studies

We the faculty of IU Northwest request that the IU UFC recognize the important contributions and intervene on behalf of the Division of Labor Studies with the IU Adminstration to request that

o  The IU UFC and President Adam Herbert work together to find a constructive solution to the Division of Labor Studies organization that works for all the regional campuses, the students, and the state of Indiana

o  Tenure-track contracts with faculty members be honored, halting the termination of all Division of Labor Studies tenure-track faculty members

o  6 tenure-track positions and corresponding budget lines be brought to IU Northwest, so that the Division of Labor Studies program is sustainable

o  Adequate time be allowed for such a constructive solution to be identified and implemented

IX. Old business

X. New Business

XI. Adjournment


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