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March 24,  2006
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Friday 24 March 2006, 10 a.m-noon
Hawthorn 107

I. Call to order

II. Approval of the minutes of the 20 January 2006 meeting

III. President's announcements

IV. Chancellor's report

V. Vice chancellors' reports

VI. Progress Report from the Admissions Committee--Prof. Wyzinski

VII. Report from the Academic Priorities Committee (APC)--Prof. Barr

VIII. Report from the Service Leaning Committee--L. Karabel

IX. Old business

Motion to approve the "5 General Education Principles--Definitions"--Professors Fischer and V. Kililbarda (final form)

X. New business

A. Resolution on Labor Studies from the Executive Committee:

Because the Labor Studies Program has so positively contributed to
our campus offerings and because it is especially appropriate and
important a program for our region, we move:

To encourage the chancellor to accept IUPUI's offer to transfer the
Labor Studies Program to IUN.

B. Resolution from the Calendar Committee--Prof. Mucci (see 6-year calendar and Tent.Cal.)

XI. Adjournment



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