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January 20th,  2006
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Hawthorn 107

I. Call to order

II. Approval of the minutes of the 18 November 2005 meeting

III. President's announcements

IV. Chancellor's report

V. Vice Chancellors' report

VI. UFC report--Professor Coffin

VII. Reading and discussion of the12/13/05 draft of IUN General Education Principles--Professors Fischer and Kilibarda--please see the attachments: draft and memo

VIII. Visit of the VCAA candidate

IX. Old Business

The Faculty Organization Executive Committee offers the following substitute motion to replace the one tabled at the 18 Nov. 2005 meeting:

Be it resolved that as it is the sole authority of faculty to establish promotion and tenure guidelines and the mechanisms for evaluating faculty performance, the following is recommended:

Course Load Redistribution Policy

1. The following process is not intended to replace or supercede provisions of Faculty Annual Reports, including the Teaching Load Reassignment Form and evaluations Annual salary recommendations Tenure reviews Promotion review Post-tenure Review Promotion and Tenure guidelines IU Academic Handbook

2. All faculty members holding tenure-track appointments will receive a one-course time-reassignment for research for each semester during the academic years of their probationary periods.

3. Each faculty member will submit a Faculty Annual Report, including a Teaching Load Reassignment Form. If a faculty member with research expectations, excluding non-tenured tenure track members, receives less than adequate evaluations in the research category, according to the department and division criteria, for three successive evaluations, a review process may be instigated by the faculty member's dean.

4. The review, to take place in the Spring Semester, will be conducted by an elected campus committee composed of a minimum of three tenured faculty members, and will exclude administrators at the level of department chair and above.
The faculty member will be notified as to the makeup of the committee and has the right to reject a faculty member in the case of perceived conflict of interest.

The review committee may terminate the process if it finds that there is no basis for the review. If there is a demonstrated lack of adequacy in the faculty research program, the committee shall state, in writing, the specific deficiencies identified. Deliberations will be confidential, and the findings shall then be sent to the faculty member or librarian, or to the dean or library director.

In the latter case, the faculty member will not receive the reassigned course for research for the following year, although all tenured faculty members are expected to perform adequately in the category of research.

The committee and faculty member should agree on a clearly delineated development plan to overcome the deficiency in research. This may include mentoring, attendance at research conferences, or other academic support.

5. Faculty who through this process of review are not offered the reassigned course for research shall have thirty days to request an appeal formally in writing to the committee who made the judgment. The appeal process shall be completed within the same semester in which the decision was made. Faculty retain all rights of appeal as specified in the IU Academic Handbook.

6. Any faculty member who loses the reassigned course for research may regain it by submitting a development plan for a research program.

X. New Business

XI. Adjournment


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