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November 18,  2005

I. Call to order 10:05 am

II. Minutes of the 21 October 2005 Faculty Organization meeting approved

III. President's report

A.  The COAS Research Conference going on all day today culminating in a Chancellor’s Reception.  Please attend as you can to hear your colleagues and students present their current research.

B.  Intercampus Research Funds have been suspended.  However, Academic Affairs is working with the appropriate offices in Bloomington to revise the Program.  UFC expressed concern with the actions of the Office of the Vice President for Research would take this action.

C.  The Mission Statement was approved by the Board of Trustees and forwarded to ICHE. 

D.  Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs search still ongoing

E.  Ballots for approving Outcomes 1 & 6 are in the mail.  

IV. Chancellor's report

A.  Spoke positively about the COAS Research Conference and encouraged attendance.

B.  VCAA Search – indicated that a regular search process would be put in place.  Questions from the faculty attempted to clarify the previously used procedures, the status of the current VCAA committee and any outcomes.  The Chancellor indicated he would assemble a committee after Thanksgiving to begin this work.

C.  Assistant to Chancellor – approximately 5-6 candidates have applied and are being interviewed.

D.  President Herbert would like to come to visit Northwest Indiana and IUN in the Spring and the Chancellor is seeking any faculty input on the nature and course of this visit.

E.  After discussions with the Dean of Arts and Sciences, Vice-Chancellors Vasquez and Rominger, and the Arts and Sciences faculty, the Chancellor offered to release additional funds (as well as allow A&S to alter the particular positions requested) for A&S hiring pending a status report on the General Education process and his assurance that a state of the art General Education Plan will be implemented in a timely fashion on this campus. 

1.  I. Hozo asked why the general education plan should be different from that of other universities.  The Chancellor asserted that other universities do not do General Education the way we do. 

2.  J. Tolhuizen asked for clarification about whether the Chancellor wanted a focus on methodology or content?  The Chancellor indicated both.

3.  A. Barr asked what did the Chancellor want General Education to accomplish?  The Chancellor indicated that he wanted to certify that students achieve the goals (an emphasis on assessment)

V. Vice Chancellors' reports

A.  Vice-Chancellor Vasquez

1.  Purchases will now be processed electronically- account managers will be asked to certify puchases through OneStart

2.  Pay Advice – no paper copies by February.  All done electronically

3.  IT (technology council) – working on strategic plan, also working on whether the Head position needs to be a Vice-Chancellor or Director level

B.  Vice-Chancellor Rominger

1.  Academic Leadership Council – moratorium on new degrees pending review of rules

a.  Post-bacs are not included and the 3 from IUN to go to Board of Trustees

2.  General Education

a.  C. Gallmeier asked how can we certify General Education Goals?  Reply – systemically set up goals and assessment steps along the way; suggested a quantitative approach

b. C. Gallmeier queried a strictly quantitative approach suggesting that many of the goals we have for our students are more qualitative or abstract? Reply – perhaps a portfolio approach?

c.  J. Bloom asked whether this would require additional resources? Reply – can’t use class grades only, need to use assessment to improve learning

d.  D. Lowery – SOE already does- it is more work for faculty and is outcome based

e.  L. Delunas – We shouldn’t have goals we can’t assess

f.  M. Skurka – Outcome 2 committee is working on this issue as well

VI. Service learning and the American Democracy Project--L. Karabel

1.                            A study group of interested faculty was formed – they have produced a report that will be available on the S-L website as well as via email shortly

VII. Outcome 2--Professor Skurka (please see links to outcome 2 report  and criteria)

1.       Asked for suggestions and comments

a.       Questions

                                                                          i.      What will happen next?  How will this be assessed?  Worries were expressed regarding terminology and measurements

                                                                        ii.      Dean D. Ige stated that General Education revision will ultimately benefit our students as will Outcome 2 and that should be our primary concern

                                                                      iii.      M. LaPointe argued that we should assess programs not individual students

VIII. Salary Committee report--Professor Hozo

1.      Presented Equity Study

a.       Our salaries overall are 10% lower than our peer institutions

b.      Would like to discuss the report with the Administration to agree on a plan to eliminate this inequity

c.       The next step for the committee will be to work on what variables should be considered when allocating individual equity amounts

IX. Library Committee--Professor Echtenkamp (see the link to Library Materials Budget Allocation for 2005-2006)

1.                            Motion to accept budget made and seconded.  Motion passed.

X. Old business--The Faculty Organization Committee offers the following substitute motion, to replace the one tabled at the 21 October meeting.

1.      R. Hug – Will school still determine criteria?  Reply – yes

2.      L. Delunas – Committee makeup?  Reply – school based, they would be responsible for coming up with the rules for election

3.      K. Evans – Why after 3 bad reviews do you still get another chance?

4.      G. Lord – Resolution still seems unclear, perhaps it needs to be worked on some more

5.      Motion to table, seconded and passed.

XI. New business

XII. Adjournment at Noon


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