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March 25th, 2005

Time 10:00 AM – 11:40AM
Location HH107


  I.  The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.


 II.  Minutes of the 18 February 2005 meeting were approved.


III. President’s Announcements


            A.)  Nomination for the Faculty Organization will be received soon.

            B.)  The new student code (U9-2005) will be distributed soon.

            C.)  The president reminded the faculty to submit their committee preferences soon.  


 IV. Vice Chancellors’ Report


            A.)  Vice Chancellor Ige announced that guidelines for awards in research, creative, and service activities for 2004 have been emailed to faculty.

            B.)  She distributed a chart showing IU’s “Contract and Grant Data” for the second quarter FY 2005.

            C.)  Vice Chancellor Vasquez declared that she is still waiting to hear from Bloomington about IUN’s budget and salary concerns.  She urged the faculty to  write letters to the Indiana Legislature.


  V.  UFC Report


            A.)  Professor Tolhuizen reminded the faculty that the document which discusses General Ed requirements is available for review (U14205).  He insisted it be reviewed, since certain policies being considered by the UFC may change IUN’s basic requirements.


 VI. Proposed Calendar


            A.)  Professor Mucci displayed the 2005-2007 IUN Calendar as approved by the Calendar Committee.

            B.)  Motion was made to approve it.

                        Motion passed unanimously

            C.)  He also displayed to the faculty the calendar for the next ten years.  No objections were made.


VII. Proposed Policy Regarding IT access by Adjunct/Emeritus Faculty


            A.)  Professor Scott, reporting from the Computer Committee, stated that there are downstate inconsistencies with regard to IT access by Emeritus and adjunct faculty.  He  recommended that IUN faculty quickly form a policy on this matter, since there seems to be no system-wide position.

            B.)  Members expressed their concern and surprise that a major university would deny IT access to adjunct faculty, who teach our basic courses and to Emeritus faculty, whose contributions to both the IU system and local communities are obvious.

            C.)  Professor Hug argued that the IUN administration should resolve this problem immediately.

            D.)  Professor Lundberg moved that the faculty organization approve in principle that, “Adjunct faculty and Emeritus faculty with teaching responsibilities should be provided the same level of technological support (computers, phone services, printing services, email accounts,  Oncourse accounts, etc.) as full-time IUN faculty and staff.  The level of support will depend upon the percentage of full-time equivalent of the individual’s appointment.”  Further, the faculty organization refers this to the administration to resolve funding concerns.



                                                Motion approved unanimously


VIII. New Business


            A.)  Peter Kesheimer asked the faculty to encourage their students to register early for either summer I or II, so that financial aid wi8ll be available for them when they need it.


 IX. Campus Council on Diversity Announcements


            A.)  Director Cooperman urged the faculty to participate in campus activities.  Members of the committee informed the faculty of the following:


                        1.)  That the IUN Alumni Association is now engaging alumni to contribute to the goals of IUN as well as other IU campuses.

                        2.)  That there is now an IUAA Newsletter.

                        3.)  That services in career planning and placement, internships and co-ops, placement and resume services, workshop and job fairs, are now available.


  X.  Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.



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