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 JANUARY 21st 2005


Time 10 AM – 12 NOON
Location HH107

 I. Call to order

II.  Minutes of the 19 November 2004 meeting approved

III. President's announcements – none

IV. Chancellor's Report – Chancellor Bergland was unable to attend

V. Vice Chancellors' Reports

            Vice-Chancellor Ige reported that the Programmatic Foci Taskforces have begun meeting.  They include 1) Urban Studies, 2) Urban Education, 3) Arts and Culture, 4) Environment, 5) Health and Human Services, 6) General Education, and 7) Excellence in Business Education and Development.  The Vice-Chancellor also introduced the new Director of SPEA, Dr. George Lord to the faculty.

            Vice-Chancellor Vasquez indicated that enrollments are 4.5% down for headcount and 1.1 % down for credit hours.  However, the Deans had anticipated this decrease in enrollment.  The Vice-Chancellor stated that the financial aid process is working more smoothly this semester than last semester, however everything is still not perfect.  If you know of any individual students having FA trouble please provide that information to Vice-Chancellor Vasquez or Associate Vice-Chancellor Pellicciotti.  

VI. UFC Report--Prof. Tolhuizen- nothing to report

VII. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Search--Prof. Gallmeier

            Professor Gallmeier reported that the first candidate for the position was on campus already.  Additional candidates will be on campus on January 31, February 1, 7, and 9.  Please refer to the following web page link for information on each candidate  Professor Gallmeier encouraged the faculty to meet with the remaining candidates when they are on campus.   

VIIa.  Report from Election Committee

            Professor Poulard indicated there are 41 nominees for the Faculty Board of Review.  Ballots will be sent out shortly.  Everyone is encouraged to vote. 

VIII. Report from the Registrar--Registrar Kesheimer

            Registrar Kesheimer reported that last semester grade recording worked very well.  Grade reports are now printed and mailed from Indianapolis and so students received their final grade reports in a more timely fashion than previously able.  Professor Tolhuizen asked when class rosters were updated throughout the semester.  Registrar Kesheimer indicated that every time a student adds or withdraws from a class the rosters are immediately updated.  The Registrar also strongly encouraged faculty to use formal channels when moving classes, so that campus police will be able to find students and faculty in case of emergency.

IX. Library Committee Report--Prof. Echtenkamp

            Professor Echtenkamp showed the attendees the list of funds available per department for library purchases for the upcoming year.  He indicated that letters would go out to each unit indicating these numbers as well.  Professor O’Dell asked whether Women’s Studies has library funds allocated.  Librarian Rosselli indicated that Afro-American Studies, Latino Studies and Women’s Studies were considered one unit for the purpose of library acquisitions. 

X. Old Business--Outcome 1: Student Profile

            Professor Delunas indicated that the Chancellor’s Cabinet had accepted the Student Profile.

XI. New Business – No new business

XII. Adjournment


Respectfully submitted

Cynthia O’Dell

Acting Faculty Organization Secretary


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