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February 18th 2005

Time 1:00 PM – 3:00PM
Location HH107

  I.        The meeting was called to order at 1:06 pm.

 II.       Minutes of the 21 January 2005 meeting approved.

 III        President’s Announcements

                        1.)  Course-release time:  The Faculty Organization Executive Committee considered its procedures and referred it for consideration to the Faculty  Affairs Committee

                        2.)  Family leave policy:  Bodmer reminded the faculty that since the policy is up for renewal, they should download it and review its contents.

                        3.)  Mission Differentiation:    Bodmer announced that Nelms is currently ready to present his report to President Herbert.

  IV.      Chancellor’s Report

                        1.)  Bergland announced that information on Strategic Planning Team’s Fall Retreat may be found at IUN’s website.

                        2.)  He stated that the Legislature is considering course transfers between IU and Ivy Tech, and a tuition cap at four-year intervals so that students can graduate without increases in tuition.

                        3.)  He also stated that due to IUN’s increased enrollments, the state is poised to approve about $367,000 for IUN initiatives.

                        4.)  Northwest Indiana’s Health Institute will be, he said, funded, hopefully.

                        5.)  Points of Discussion:

                             a.)  Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Position:  Bergland  clarified the role IUN’s new Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will play by saying that he will be “the No. 2 person” upon arrival.

                             b.)  Community Service (cs):  Bergland reaffirmed that although he expects excellence from every unit in teaching, research, and  service he does not expect that every faculty member should show “excellence” in all three areas.
                             Professor Bloom asked if there will be a change in the requirements for tenure.  Bergland responded that every faculty member should be “excellent” in at least one area; yet a Unit  should be excellent in all.
                             Professor Needleman pointed out that tenure on the basis of cs is not possible.
                             Bergland declared that Deans might look at defining what  “service” entails.

                        6.)  Release Time for Research

                             a. )  Bergland announced that the President of IU will release a  written policy on the matter.  However, he also asked the FO for  guidelines to show why one-course reductions should be merited.

                             b.)  Professor Ige reminded the FO that some faculty are not  producing what they say will in their annual reports, thereby making arguments for course reduction difficult.

                             c.)  Bergland responded by saying that Deans should therefore hold faculty accountable to what they say they will accomplish in their AR.

                         7.)  Salaries 

                             a.)  Bergland admitted that he should have consulted the faculty  “in a broader way” before recommending higher salaries to those faculty offered positions by other institutions.

                             b.)  He stated that his goal is to campaign for more than the usual  2% increase over the next two or three years.

                        9.)  Allied Health

                              1.)  Professor Gallmeier  asked if we are transferring courses from  Allied Health to Ivy Tech.

                              2.)  Bergland responded that no decision has been made since we don’t know if the President would approve.

                              3.)  Professor Bloom asked why we are considering such a policy.

                              4.)  Bergland said that since we are a university we should be  issuing bachelor’s degrees and not degrees in “job training” that would be delivered by Indiana Community  Colleges. 

                             5.)  Professor Needleman countered by claiming that Allied Health  actually links IUN to the community, and that the quality of these  degrees is higher than those from technical colleges.

                            6.)  Bergland pointed out that we have to “look at the numbers,” that if we look at the number of students affected, it would amount to only two programs with low enrollments.

                            7.)  Professor Hass Birky asked if Allied Health would be  operating normally in the fall.  The Chancellor affirmed that it would.

   V.        VCAA Search

                            1.)  Professor Gallmeier announced that Professor A. Musah has  been chosen as candidate for VCAA.

 VI.       UFC Report

                           1.)  Prof. Tolhuizen  displayed to the FO the UFS website where recommendations for continuing studies, IUN student codes of  conduct, and the Chancellor’s Review Procedures can be found.

 VIII.    Outcome 4

                          1.)  Dean Travis discussed the “mentoring program” and asked for   faculty help.

  IX.      WAC Survey

                          1.)  Professor Hass Birky reminded the faculty to fill out and return  the WAC survey.

   X.      Campus Council on Diversity

                           1.)  Dr. Coopwood explained the nature of the council and its goals:  to increase faculty and student involvement in all campus  activities.

 The meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm. 


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