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October 21,  2005
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1-3 p.m
Hawthorn 107

I. Call to order

II. Approval of the minutes of the 16 September meeting.

III. President's announcements

IV. Chancellor's report

V. Vice Chancellors' reports

VI. UFC report--Professor Coffin

VI. Outcome 2--See attachment

VII. Course Load Redistribution Policy

Be it resolved that as it is the sole authority of faculty to establish promotion and tenure guidelines and the mechanisms for evaluating faculty performance, the Faculty Affairs Committee of IUN, charged with creating policy for evaluating the one course release policy for active faculty research, recommends the following:

1. All procedures and processes that appear in the Post Tenure Review Policy, which have been accepted and approved (including the appeal process) by the Faculty Organization, apply to this process.

2. Standards of review and evaluation stated in the Promotion and Tenure Guidelines may not be superseded by this process.

3. Department and discipline-specific guidelines regarding expectations for research should be clearly articulated in a statement available to faculty.

4. Responsibility for identifying faculty who are unable to meet expectations for a course load reduction for research, and for developing a remediation plan, falls to the Chair, Dean, and/or Director of the faculty member'
s academic unit.

5. In the case that a faculty member does not meet the requirements for a course load reduction for research, as determined by the unit head per #4, s/he enters into a remediation process, as prescribed by Post-Tenure Review guidelines. An unsuccessful remediation process, or voluntary choice, ultimately results in a course load increase. After two years of full load teaching, the faculty member may again receive a reassignment upon presenting a research plan and with the agreement of the chair/dean of the academic unit to which s/he belongs. This process may be repeated a maximum of three times during an academic career at IUN before the course load reassignment becomes permanent.

6. As teaching on the IUN campus is highly valued and central to our mission, course load redistribution should be respected as a choice and an opportunity for faculty who prefer to emphasize teaching over research.

VIII. Writing Across the Curriculum Committee Report--Professor Nelson

IX. Old Business--Outcomes 1 and 6--Professors Klamen and Lundberg-- Outcome1/

X. New business

XI. Adjournment

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