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  September 17, 2004


I.                   Call to Order

A.     The Meeting was called to order at 10:01 am.  No minutes from the previous meeting are currently available.  The previous secretary for Faculty Organization has left IUN and new elections are currently underway.


II.                Announcements

A.     Introduction to purpose and procedures of Faculty Organization

B.     Committee assignments are at

C.     Some UFC Committees still need members (contact George Bodmer if you would like to be the IUN representative) including:

                                                               i.      Enrollment Workgroup

                                                             ii.      External Relations Group

                                                            iii.      Finances and Facilities Committee

                                                           iv.      University Planning Committee

D.     New Faculty contact Faculty Org. President Bodmer to be added to a committee if desired

E.      Previous Faculty Organization President Vinodgopal honored with plaque for his service to the faculty organization

F.      AAUP meeting 1:15 pm Friday, September 17, 2004

G.     Vice Chancellor Search Committee- Chuck Gallmeier and Jeff Lorber co-chairs

                                                               i.      Job description and announcement complete

                                                             ii.      Ad ready for October placement with July 1, 2005 start date projected

H.     All information will be posted at

I.        Rock the Vote – Scooter Pegram and Linda Anderson co-facilitators

                                                               i.      Asked faculty to submit ideas for ways to encourage students to register and vote

                                                             ii.      International Affairs Club – October 21 – Debate


III.             Chancellor’s Report

A.     Friday, September 24, 2004 – “Fifties Party” Annual Campus Picnic

B.     New sign at entrance of campus – waiting on plans for area to become more concrete before replacing the sign


IV.              Vice Chancellor’s Report – Academic Affairs – Vice Chancellor Dorothy Ige

A.     Introduction of New Faculty

                                                               i.      Arts and Sciences – Joanne Scalzitti (Biology); Michael LaPointe (Biology), Julie Peller (Chemistry), Erin Argyilan (Geosciences); Linda Richards (English); Jerry Pierce (History); Gala Domke (Math); Regina Jones (Minority Studies); Katherine Arfken (Performing Arts)

                                                             ii.      Business – Sara Linton (Accounting)

                                                            iii.      Education – Judith Longfield (Elementary Education)

                                                           iv.      Allied Health – Rachel Davids (Radiography)

                                                             v.      Social Work –Manoj Pardasani

B.     Convocation- Thursday, September 23, 2004, 10 am-Noon, Address by James Anderson on “Developing models of educational excellence for diverse learners – a comprehensive approach”

C.     Diversity Programming Group (DPG) – 2004-2005 Schedule of Events has been emailed to everyone on campus

D.     Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) – Handouts of upcoming events and professional development grants provided.  More details at

E.      General Education Goals subject to review later this year

F.      Program Prioritization will continue this year

G.     Mission Differentiation

                                                               i.      All regional campuses have been charged to participate

                                                             ii.      Handout provided with information from F.C. Richardson and President Herbert on mission differentiation

                                                            iii.      Deadlines

1.      9/22/04 – Exec. Committee/Deans meet with Cabinet to discuss

2.      10/4/04 – Presentation to Cabinet & Strategic Planning Committee regarding Mission Differentiation Plan

3.      10/7/04 – IUB (Charlie Nelms and Ken Gros Louis) will be at IUN for a report on our efforts

4.      early November 2004 – IUN Plan goes to IUB for further consideration

                                                           iv.      Concerns expressed by faculty present included:

1.      Place for faculty input in this process?

2.      Ability to continue to serve current students if differentiated?

3.      Why the need for such a speedy process? (Chancellor agreed that timeline is short, but must be accomplished)

4.      Who is driving this issue? (Chancellor indicated Pres. Herbert)

5.      Role of Commission of Higher Education?

6.      Uncertainty on what mission differentiation really is? (Chancellor stated that he sees this process as a way to focus on programs – evaluate what IUN does best)

                                                             v.      Current Mission Differentiation Document will be posted to the Faculty Organization website ASAP for all faculty to read


V.                 Vice Chancellor’s Report – Administrative and Fiscal Affairs – Vice Chancellor Marilyn Vasquez

A.     Both headcount and semester hours are up – for details see

B.     New Appropriation Proposed Increase  – 18.8% for IUN ($3.2 million)


VI.              Motion forwarded from Executive Committee; “Before implementation, “Mission Differentiation” plans and program changes shall be brought to the faculty and approved by a majority of the Faculty Organization.”

A.     Discussion included the following major points:

                                                               i.      Are we to have in place a plan for a process or a plan for implementation by November?  (Chancellor clarified a plan for implementation)

                                                             ii.      What exactly would the role of the faculty be in approving mission differentiation?

                                                            iii.      Several clarifications of dates described in Vice Chancellor Ige’s section were requested.

                                                           iv.      Chancellor suggested a model for Indiana similar to the CA system of graduate research universities (IUB, Purdue); undergraduate and masters level universities (Regional campuses); and community colleges (Ivy Tech)

B.     Question called.  Motion carried with no dissenting votes. 

VII.           Adjournment at 11:55 am.



Respectfully Submitted,



Cynthia O’Dell

Acting Faculty Organization Secretary


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