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MINUTES  October 15, 2004


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I  Call to order


The October meeting of the Faculty Organization was called to order at 1:04 by the President of the Faculty Organization, Dr. Bodmer. Approximately 50 faculty were in attendance.

II. Approval of the minutes of the 17 September meeting

The minutes of the September meeting were unanimously approved as submitted.

III. Chancellor's remarks

No remarks at this point.

IV. Vice Chancellors' remarks

Interim Vice Chancellor Ige reported that the Academic Priority Committee and the deans are working on prioritization of new positions. She informed faculty about FACET Quick hints and Cyberinfrastructure initiative.

Professor Tolhuisen informed the faculty about UFC committee meeting where major discussion was about extensive study of research space at IUB and IUPUI. The conclusion was that the research space is in short supply. Phase II of the study may be devoted to study of research space at regional campuses.

V. Report of the Search for Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs--Professor Gallmeier

Professor Gallmeier reported that the search for  Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is ongoing.  Professor Barr asked if making it clear in the add that the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer and is the number two person on campus would attract better candidates. Chancellor Bergland responded that, at this pointing time, he has a confidence in the Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs, Vasquez, and would not be comfortable putting a new person immediately in charge in his absence. He added that in time that may change. The President of the Faculty Organization, Dr. Bodmer, noted that this issue is very important to faculty and that it would be helpful to know how many adds for Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs have the  phrase “chief academic officer” in them.

VI. "Mission Differentiation"

November 7, 2004 is the date on which Chancellor Bergland plans to send the discussion draft and mission statement to the president. Interim Vice Chancellor Ige clarified that the draft document was created with the help of the deans, academic priority committee, directors of centers, and The Faculty Org. Executive Committee.

The discussions of the six questions that helped create the draft of the mission started with the question 1. This question deals with admissions policies and practices. Vice Chancellor Pelliciotti explained why the stated policy of Indiana University differs from the IUN faculty approved admissions policy that is in practice.

Professor Lane suggested that we skip questions two and three and deal first with the most important question about relationship between research/scholarship requirements/expectations and the mission of the campus. His suggestion was accepted and the discussion moved to the question number four.

Professor Bodmer’s asked how the chancellor feels about the issue. The chancellor responded that he would like to make sure that we have accountability for the one course reduction for research. Professor Gallmeier stated that we do have accountability through annual academic reports, tenure, and promotion processes. The chancellor stated that one of the measures is grant activity and that he is not proud of our record (23 grants in last ten years, 11 of which are held by four faculty). The discussion was directed to answer the question how should we value the research related to the two areas of excellence, 1.) Sustainable Regional Vitality and 2.) Cultural Discovery and Learning.  The discussion was very lively at this point and many faculty (Professors Barr, Caucci, Coffin, Hozo, Hug, Ige, Lane,  Rominger, Vinodgopal, Wollons) took part in it. Afterwards the chancellor stated that he would be happy with the revised statement “research which contributes to excellence in cultural discovery and learning and/or sustainable regional vitality will be encouraged.”

VII. Discussion of "Outcome 1: Student Profile of Academic Excellence"

Professor Delunas passed copies of the second draft of the “Outcome 1: Student Profile of Academic Excellence" and encouraged the faculty to provide her committee with feedback.

VIIII. Adjournment

Professor Caucci moved for adjournment at 3:00 p.m, seconded by Professor Gallmeier. The entire membership of the Faculty Organization gratefully approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Vesna Kilibarda,

Acting Faculty Organization Secretary


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