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 March  2004



MARCH, 2004


I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:01.


II. Approval of the February, 2004 Meeting Minutes


Minutes were unanimously approved.


I11. Chancellor' s Report


Chancellor Bergland announced the need to replace three faculty on the Strategic Planning Committee.

The inauguration of President Herbert was announced and will take place next month. Faculty were urged to attend. A bus will be charted to carry members of the IUN community to Bloomington.

It was shared that Dr. Linda Delunas is seriously ill. Dr. Bergland further stated that Linda will be having surgery today. Dr.Terry Lucas is also in intensive care as a result of a recent surgery.

Given that the meeting agenda included a discussion of the Chancellorís Review, Dr. Bergland asked  if the faculty wanted him to stay or leave during the discussion of the review. It was finally decided that the Chancellor should leave.


IV. Vice Chancelloríís Report


Dr. Vasquez stated that the Office of Research in Bloomington has announced this years awards for research and creative activity. Those award were received by: Neil Goodman ($50,000/Sculpture Garden); Roberta Wollons (Semester Release); and David Klamen (Summer Stipend Award). All received a round of applause as these faculty were recognized.

Marilyn announced that Commencement is May 13, 2004.


A 4% increase in tuition is projected for next year.


Human Subjects Committee is still having to submit proposals to IUPUI. They will be on campus for a second audit.


The Board of Review members for 2004-2005 were announced: Pam Sandoval, Paul Kern, Iztok Hozo, Attila Tuncay, and Margaret Skurka.

V. Committee reports:

Calendar Committee Report

Bob Mucci prefaced his remarks by pushing his dollar book sale. A discussion of next yearís summer school ensued. Summer 2005 will be a fourteen week semester. Chancellor Bergland mentioned that the Chancellors on all the regional campusí are unhappy about this decision. Issues of pay, financial aid, and grading were all raised as concerns.

VI. Old Business - Chancellorís Review

As Chair of the Chancellorís Review, Dr. David Stocum, was unable to discuss the Chancellorís Review with the faculty due to problems of traffic on I-65.

VII. New Business - Health Professionalsí Proclamation


Members of five departments in the School of Nursing and Health Professionals brought forward a proclamation addressing their concern about the closing of three departments offering Associate Degrees in the School The members asked the Faculty Organization to support the points stated below:

Programs in question should be examined by a fair and equitable critique process before any final decisions are made.

Faculty be involved in developing the critique criteria

There is faculty representation on the committee empowered to make final determinations on a programís fate/ viability.

Development of a document outlining how faculty (tenured and non-tenured) will be handled in the event of a transfer or elimination of program(s)

The Chancellor said he supported the above procedures embodied in the Proclamation. A discussion followed that was led by Dr. Margaret Skurka. Faculty in the Associate Degree programs were deeply concerned that the decision to cut their departments and move them to IV Tech had already been made. Margaret expressed concern about the three programs being placed in "the third bucket" of the Academic Review process, meaning that the targeted programs were under review to be eliminated. Ms. Susan Pierson argued that the programs in question serve both the mission of the University, as well as help with overall enrollment.

The question was called after about twenty minutes of discussion with the Faculty Organization strongly supporting the Proclamation. There were no dissenting votes.

VIII. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Geoff Schultz, Secretary

Faculty Organization


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