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 JANUARY  2004



JANUARY 16, 2004


I. Call to Order


 The January meeting of the Faculty Organization was called to order at 10:05 by the President of the Faculty Organization, Dr. Vinodgopal. Approximately 50 faculty were in attendance.


II. Approval of November Minutes


Dr. Don Coffin moved to approve the minutes while Dr. Geoff Schultz seconded. The minutes of the November meeting were unanimously approved (no meeting in December).


III.  Announcements




IV. Chancellor=s Report


Chancellor Bergland announced that "Martin and Me," a multimedia theatrical celebration honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.will take place Sunday, Jan. 18 at 4 p.m. in the Tamarack Theater at Indiana University Northwest. Emerson School of Visual and Performing Arts Concert Choir from Gary will open the performance. The Concert Choir has received numerous awards and accolades and has performed for a wide variety of events.

He also reported that he had two extra tickets for the Martin Luther King Breakfast on January 19th, Monday, at the Genesis Center in Gary. Anyone who wished to attend should contact him for the tickets.

The Chancellor stated that $146,000, originally intended for Ahigh performers@ was  used for faculty development this year. The possible use of these funds for equity adjustments in salary for next year is still being contemplated. However, President Herbert and the Board of Trustees will need to approve this use of the funds for equity. At the same, time the President wants to do his own equity study and has asked IUN to hold off on the distribution of the funds.


V. Vice Chancellor=s Report


Associate Vice Chancellor, Joe Pellicciotti, introduced Emily Hixon to the faculty. Emily will be functioning as the Instructional Designs Specialist for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.


VI. Old Business - Human Subjects Research


Dr. Mary Ann Fisher, Chair, Human Subjects Committee, announced to the faculty that all studies involving human subjects would have to be reviewed by the Institutional Research Board in Indianapolis. This declaration resulted in a spirited discussion among the faculty.


Dr. Linda Delunas stated that this policy is now holding up two graduate students from completing their programs.


Dr. Patti Lundberg, with tongue in cheek, was wondering if her research on Adead poets in the eighteen and nineteenth@ would now need to be approved by Indianapolis.


Dr. Fred Cheary asked if a class survey would come under the scrutiny of the IRB. Mary Ann assured him that it would if he intended to publish the results.


Chancellor Bergland stated that he will be meeting with the Board of Trustee and will bring with him any response the faculty wish to make on this issue.


Dr. Frank Caucci asked why our campus must abide by an IU policy when Awe are IUN.@


Dr. Patti Lundberg believed that Indianapolis does not believe our campus is engaged in research and academic excellence.


Dr. Tanice Foltz stated that Indianapolis is trying to squelch our research.


The Chancellor disagreed , explaining that the bigger campuses have a great deal of money at stake if they are shut down by the federal government for even one day. The Medical School, alone, will lose a great deal of money. He further stated that IUN will be committing more resources to the review of human subjects research to allay any fears downstate.


VII. Dr. Linda Delunas - Strategic Outcome #1


Linda presented a draft of the Student Profile of Academic Excellence that her committee had been working on since last fall. The Profile, a list of student behaviors and outcomes, and the Strategic Planning process were discussed at length by the members of the faculty organization.


Chancellor Bergland asked what the next step would be now that the Profile draft had been completed. Linda responded that the document would be distributed to the units via the Deans to take input for a second draft.


Dr. Frank Caucci asked how the Profile will be applied. Linda believed that was the next step.


Dr. Jim Tolhuizen announced that the Student Profile is now on the web. Anyone can email suggestions. Jim also noted that the Profile does not take us any closer to the meaning of academic excellence on campus. The campus needs to first decide whether we our committed to academic excellence. He believed the implications are administratively profound if we are really going to try to accomplish these outcomes. Linda responded that she hopes that is what the strategic planning process is about.


Dr. Pam Sandoval noted that there are already 10 academic outcomes in the Bulletin that strongly resemble the new Student Profile. Unfortunately, these 10 outcomes have never been discussed since their conception. She expressed concerns that we are Areinventing the wheel.@


Dr. Atilla Tuncay questioned how the Profile will affect admissions. Dr. Fred Chary responded that admissions is not the problem but how we are able to retain students who enter the University lacking the characteristics embodied in the Profile.


Dr. Chuck Gallmeier hoped that all the Strategic Planning Outcomes will now be brought to the faculty for discussion.


Dean Dorothy Ige said that Outcome #4 on Diversity will indeed be brought to the Faculty Organization.


Dr. Frank Caucci wondered where the Strategic Planning process was going. What is the practicality of it? He is tired of enduring all the Auseless bureaucracy@ we live by each day. He reiterated, AHow are we going to apply this process.@ Dr. Don Coffin answered that we indeed have to think through how this application will occur.


Dr. Jim Tolheizen said that he understood Frank=s frustration. He believed that the committee was only trying to create an ideal or goal. Dean Anna Rominger asserted that by having a goal we better understand what we need to do.


Dr. Bob Mucci cautioned against Aone size fits all@ thinking. He believed we are blaming the students for their failures. To address our students= problems we need to look at a teacher profile, as well as an administrative profile. Linda Delunas responded that this must indeed be Athe next step.@


Dr. Roberta Wollons said that, in fact, we indeed must look at the administration and the faculty. If we do not have faculty who are competent, then we won=t have competent students. She reiterated that you cannot look at academic excellence until you examine the University as a whole and how it is administrated. .


Dr. John Poulard stated that ninety-nine percent of the students entering IUN are not prepared for college work.


Dr. Jim Tolheizen defended the Student Profile saying that the committee had done what it was charged to do. He pointed out, however, that the Strategic Planning process has not allowed discussion of the total University. He believed that we need to broaden the perspective of the overall planning process.


Dr. Pam Sandoval apologize that Linda Delunas was getting the brunt of everyone=s frustration with the Strategic Planning process


Dr. Chuck Gallmeier believed that the discussion of the Student Profile had truly been a good start. He affirmed that our students do not seem to be concerned with learning as they are with grades. Something needs to be done.


VIII. Other


Dr. Mary Veeder-Russell asked about the proposed 14-week summer school now being discussed by the Calender Committee. Vinod asked that we postpone discussion on this matter until the next meeting. Vice Chancellor Marilyn Vasquez, having just arrived from the dentist, reported that other campuses in the IU system have concerns about this proposed change. Stay tuned.


IX. Adjournment


Dr. John Poulard moved for adjournment at 11:28 a.m, seconded by Dr. Geoff Schultz The entire membership of the Faculty Organization gratefully approved.





Dr. Geoff Schultz, Secretary

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