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November 2004
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19 November 2004    10-noon
Hawthorn Hall 107

 I. Call to order

II. Approval of minutes of the 15 October meeting

 III. President 's announcements

IV. Chancellor's Report

V. Vice Chancellors 's  Reports

VI. UFC Report--Prof. Tolhuizen

VII. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Search--Prof. Gallmeier

VIII. Introduction of Human Subjects Administrator, Elisabeth Schultz--Prof. Fischer

IX. Tribute to Fedor Cicak--Prof. Poulard

X. Process for Fall final grades--Registrar Kesheimer

XI. Old Business--Shared Vision/Strategic Planning Outcome 1--Profile of Academic Excellence DRAFT ONE--Prof. Delunas

XII. New Business--The Executive Committee of the Faculty Organization supports and brings forward the following resolutions from Prof. Barr:

1. Resolved: Adequate mechanisms presently exist to hold the tenure-track faculty accountable for their research and creative activities; reexamining our teaching load for the purposes of accountability is thus unnecessary and should not be done. These mechanisms include: strong leadership by the Chancellor's and Vice Chancellor's office indicating that research is a central part of what we do at a university, annual faculty evaluations, pre-tenure reviews, tenure and promotion decisions, and post-tenure reviews. We, as faculty, recognize that our 3-course teaching load implies a research responsibility, but do not think--given the mechanisms in place, that we should be threatened with an increased load--certainly not short of the faculty's having approved it.

2. Resolved: Research and creative activities are intellectually open-ended endeavors; Cultural Learning and Discovery and Sustainable Regional Vitality should not be identified as favored and especially rewarded pursuits. It belies the notion of a liberal arts university to skew its research priorities and rewards, narrowing and diminishing its legitimate academic mission and function.

 3. Resolved: No program should be phased-out or terminated without a recommendation coming from the Academic Priorities Committee and supported by the faculty. Two and a half years ago, when the APC was formed, one of its two charges was the evaluation of programs. This included making recommendations about their possible enhancement or termination.

 XIII. Adjournment

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