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  September 2003




SEPTEMBER 19, 2003



1. Call to Order


President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order  at 10:01 a.m. At that time, he announced that Fred Chary was recovering from an injury, and for this meeting, Jim Tolhuizen would function as the parliamentarian.


2. Minutes of the April 18th Meeting


A motion to approve the minutes was offered by Jim Tolhuizen and seconded by Ron Cohen. Motion was approved by all.


3. Announcements


a) President Vinodgopal spoke a short while about the May 14, 2003 Executive Committee held at the request of Interim President Bepko. This meeting was to announce officially that Presdident Bepko intended to use an outside person to chair the Chancellor’s Review Committee, instead of the customary on-campus faculty member. The person ultimately selected as Chair was Dr. Jerry Slocum, Dean of Sciences, at IUPUI.


The the membership of the Committee has yet to be announced, according  to President Vinodgopal. He did however know the names of the six faculty members who have agreed to serve: Iztok Hozo (Mathematics), Jim Tolhuizen (Communications), Roberta Wollons (History), Arlene Adler (Nursing and Health Sciences), Earl Jones (Minority Studies), and Bill Nelson (Business). Bill Snyder, from IUPUI, will also function as the faculty liason..


Iztok Hozo added that personal interviews with the Committee can be scheduled as part of the evaluation of the Chancellor. A campus survey, sent out by the members of the Survey sub-committee,  will also be used. The assessments will be sent to IUPUI for processing.


Jim Tolhuizen added that the projected date for completion is January 1, 2004. He also made clear that the entire evaluation process of the Chancellor will be anonymous. A Peer-review, performed by another Chancellor in the IU system, will hopefully also occur.


b) President Vinodgopal also announced that the starting date for the Vice Chancellor will be July 1, 2004.


4. Introductions of New Faculty  


New faculty were introduced by school and asked to stand if present.

William Allegreza, Lecture of English.

Govindarajan Bhavani, Visiting Lecturer of Chemistry

Jeffrey Byford, Assistant Professor of Education (Social Studies)

Carol Casteneda, Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Steven Dunphy, Associate Professor of Management

Leslie Hasbargen, Visiting Professor of Geosciences

Robin Jones, Lecturer (Clinical Coordinator) of Radiography

Kevin Kennedy, Lecturer of Biology

Zoran Kilibarda, Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Kelly Knaga, Lecture of Fine Arts

Yusuf Koc, Lecturer in Education (Mathematics)

Karl Nelson, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Daniel L. Nordhagen, Visiting Assistant Professor of Performing Arts

Scooter Pegram, Assistant Professor of French

Julie Peller, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Surekha Roa, Associate Professor of Economics

Brenda Rocha, Assistant Professor (Lecturer) of Nursing

Susan Rouse, Lecturer of Nursing

David Steele, Lecturer of SPEA

Michelle Stokely, Lecturer of Socialogy/Anthropology

Karen Venditti, Director of Field Experiences (Lecturer of Education)

Lyn Wiley, Visiting Lecturer of Dental Education

Marie Wittling-Eisenstein, Assistant Professor Political Science


Total 23......


5. Chancellor’s Report


President Vinodgopal announced Chancellor Bergland was on vacation.


6. Vice Chancellor’s Report


President Vinodgopal stated that Interim Vice Chancellor was not available.



7. Proposed changes to the Golden Rod document for P&T from Faculty Affairs committee.


For those who did not know, Vinod explained that the “Golden Rod” is one of the documents used to determine promotion and/or tenure decisions for individual faculty, librarians, and lecturers. Vinod shared his concern with the seemingly inability to approve such a document at Faculty Organization meetings. He pointed out that it had taken an hour and a half to get through the first three paragraphs of a seventeen page document that had been presented last April by the Faculty Affairs Committee.. He stressed the importance of making changes to the document which among other things does not clearly outline how one can be promoted and tenured for teaching, Other short-comings were also pointed out.

Vinod suggested that perhaps the Schools/Colleges could review the Golden Rod in sections with each academic unit reporting on any proposed changes they wish to make. He pointed out after being asked (Schultz) that the new chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee is Dr. Roberta Wollons, though she has not yet responded to an email sent some weeks ago inviting her to the position (laughter here). The conversation ended with agreement by all that something will have to be worked out to get the document passed, hopefully by the February meeting of the Faculty Organization.


8. Library Committee Report


Steve Echtencamp reported that the amount available for new library acquisitions is essentially the same as last year, but actually a 10% drop in allocation. The budget was approved unanamously. At which point, Ron Cohen responded to questions about the Librarian Search. He explained that the search was discontinued and will reopen this academic year.


9. Discussion on the proposed allocation of $146,000 for faculty professional developement.


President Vinodgopal announced that the executive committee had voted unanimously to send the $146,000 back to the Schools/College. Each academic unit will receive a percentage amount based on total head count. A 10% allocation, right off the top, will be donated to the Center for Teaching and Learning. Dr. Patti Lundberg, Director for the Center on Cultural Discovery and Learning, asked if her Center, as well as other groups, had been given consideration for an allocation. Vinod did not recall. Geoff Schultz stated he had no recollection of the Center for CDL being discussed. Dr, Robin Hass reversed him stating that she remembered a number of groups being discussed without much enthusiasm being given to her suggestions. Discussion ended.


10. Other Business


The Vice Chancellor of Technology, Dr. Don Stewart, announced another virus hitting the campus. He asked all who are able to update virus control software in their machines.


Dr. Patti Lundberg announced that the Lectures in Race and Ethnicity have started and will again be presented by Minority Studies, beginning  on September 25, 2003. A talk will be given by Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez at the Savannah Center Auditorium. Be there.


11. Adjournment


At 11:21 a.m. a motion to adjourn was offered by Dr. Jim Tolhuizen and seconded by Dr. Bill Dorin. It was accepted gratefully by all.


Respectfully submitted,


Geoff Schultz, Secretary

Indiana University Northwest

3400 Broadway - Gary, Indiana  46408

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