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  October 17 2003


I. Call to Order


 The October meeting of the Faculty Organization was called to order at 1:28 p.m..


II. Approval of the September 19, 2003 Meeting Minutes


Minutes for last month’s meeting were unanimously approved.


II. Announcements


Dr. Barry Johnston, Sociology, introduced Dr. Nikita Pokrovsky, a Fulbright Scholar working in the Sociology Department for this academic year. Dr. Pokrovsky is a full professor of social theory and social philosophy from Moscow State University. Dr. Pokrovsky also holds a position as the head of the Department of General Sociology at the State University-Higher School of Economics in Moscow. This scholar is known for his publications in the field of American social philosophy, history of sociology and cultural studies, among which are five books that include the titles: The Philosophy of Henry David Thoreau and Early American Philosophy: Puritanism .   A number of faculty were pleased to have Nikita join our faculty group for this year.


Dr. Paul Blohm, Education, announced that the Vice Chancellor Search Committee will be using Spellman-Johnson, a head-hunting group. He reassured the faculty that this group will only expand the pool of candidates, but will not be directly involved in the choosing the candidates to be interviewed.

I11. Chancellor' s Report

Chancellor Bergland stated that possible budget cuts may still take place due to the ever contracting budget situation in the state of Indiana. The Chancellor reiterated early remarks that the state may have over estimated the amount of revenue available to support this years budget.


IV. Vice Chancellor’’s Report


Vice Chancellor Vasquez was not present at the meeting.


V. Committee reports:

·   APC committee report


      Dr. Alan Barr, Chair, Academic Priorities Committee (APC), was greeted by a rather raucous group of historians who questioned the prioritization of positions which placed only one of their position requests in the “top ten” of a total list of seventeen positions. Dr. Jim Lane raised issue with Alan about the criteria used to determine the prioritization of positions.  Alan assured him that the process was fair and that all positions are judged by the same criteria. Dr. Diane Chen Lin pointed out the high ranking given position in the professional programs, noting that professional programs’ accreditation needs routinely place Arts and Science positions at a lower priority. Alan acknowledged that accreditation is one of the criteria used by the APC. Dr. Ron Cohen stated the recent salary increases given our administrative team, as well as the increasing number of administrative positions, was one reason for the lack of sufficient funds to cover all faculty position requests.  Ron further suggested that a number of administrative positions should be eliminated. He received no argument on this point from Dr. Barr. In the end, no reconciliation of the History Departments concerns was achieved.

·   UFC Report

Dr. Don Coffin announced that President Herbert was considering doing annual reviews of the University Chancellors.  He also stated the People Soft (now called Student Information System) will replace INCITE and IU CARE. Don assured all that the snafus with last summers Summer School pay had been fixed.


VII. Old Business - Chancellor’s Review


Dr. Tohheizen and Dr. Istok Hozo announced that a faculty questionnaire will be out next week. Anyone who wishes to submit a signed letter to the Review Committee was encouraged to do so. Interviews will also be conducted with various groups on campus, including the Faculty Org Executive Committee. If someone wishes a personal interview, that person should make request of the Committee. There will be no peer review of the Chancellor due to time constraints.

VIII. Adjournment


Dr. Jim Tolheizen moved for adjournment at 2:28 p.m, seconded by Dr. Geoff Schultz



Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Geoff Schultz, Secretary

Faculty Organization

Indiana University Northwest

3400 Broadway - Gary, Indiana  46408

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