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MARCH  2003


Faculty Organization Minutes

March 28, 2003


I.  Call to order

President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 10:05 a. m.


II.Approval of the minutes

The minutes of the February 21, 2003, were approved, moved by Tolhuizen, seconded by Schultz.


III.             Chancellor’s business

A.     Fund-raising—Vice chancellor Lorber reported on fund-raising; $ 750,000 is expected, with $ 53,000 for the scholarship fund.

B.     Grants with Marie Czach—There was $ 808,000 in sponsored research last year;  she has a web-site, and see her for help.

C.     Position of Vice-chancellor for Academic Affairs

1.      The Executive Committee is complimented for the quality discussions on this position, and the needs of this campus.

2.      We will be moving forward in a search.

3.      Tolhuizen:  He also appreciates the discussions and wonders where we stand on the time line.

4.      Coffin:  We should move as quickly as possible.

5.      Certa:  Perhaps to give the candidates time to get to know the campus, we should interview in the fall.

6.      Vinod:  People can’t efficiently meet candidates in the summer, since not all are available.

7.      Coffin:  The search committee considers criteria, so if we start now, we wouldn’t begin screening until the middle of August. We could also use a search firm.

8.      Hozo:  It sounds like there is support for the forming of a search committee.


IV.              Vice Chancellor’s business


A.     FACETS candidates Strupek, Montalbano-Phelps, and Petr are congratulated.

B.   AQIP is continuing its work.

C.   The Cultural Discovery and Learning Committee is moving along and wants to ask for a director and public forum.

D.   In terms of “Engagement,” the deans with the Facutly Development Committee are working to recognize what’s being done, and consulting with other institutions to see what they’re doing.

E.   Budget—no news.

F.   Chary:  With the changes to payroll, what will be the schedule for summer pay?  This is still being worked out.


V.                 Vice Chancellor Steward

A.     With the Student Tech. Fee Committee, 7 of 9 grants were approved, for $ 31,915 total funding.  These include:

1.      New computer for the Accounting and Business Student Organization ($ 872)

2.   CIS Networking and Tutor Lab (Up to $ 9000)

3.   Data mining software for the School of Business and Economics ($ 3068)

4.   New computer for the Learning Laboratory Data Analysis Project for the Psychology Dept. ($ 872)

5.   Desktop computer and software for the Anthropology/Sociology Dept. ($ 2298)

6.   12 computers for the Online Public Access Catalog stations in the Library ($ 10,469)

7.   Electronic Reserve Information Sysytem (ERIS) equipment and Ariel inter-library loan equipment for the Library ($ 5336)

8.   Pre and post testing software for the School of Education was placed on hold pending a discussion of how best to provide this service.

B.     Taylor-Guthrie asked for more audio lab access.


VI.              UFC representative Coffin-- Reviews for chancellors

A.     The committee would like to vote on this in the April meeting.  A peer reviewer, at a comparable institution, paid by the president of the university, is being considered.

B.   Coffin:  Under the guidelines considered, the peer reviewer is mandatory; the outside advisor is discretionary.

C.     Coffin: The outside survey is also discretionary.  This document mandates a faculty survey, limited to 20 questions, with specific requirements.

D.   Coffin:  There are also focussed reviews, targeting trouble areas.  Other campuses have used this procedure.

E.   Tolhuizen:  It is up to the chancellor and the review committee whether they will adopt new new procedures in the upcoming review.

F.   Coffin:  The procedure under discussion is just for review of chancellors, although it is expected it will be a template for review of local academic posts, not under the level of dean.

G.   E-mail specific suggestions to Vinod or Coffin by April 22.


VII.  Second reading of the proposed changes in the committee structure of the constituion by-laws


A.     Faculty Development Committee: “Committee shall provide a forum for review and recommending of faculty development policies and practices in the area of teaching, research, and services.”  Coffin objects to development and programs.  He moves, Tolhuizen seconds, adding “The committee may develop programs and activites to support faculty development.  The committee shall work closely with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).  This passes.

B.     Delunas moves, Coffins seconds that distance education should replace distributed education. This passes.

C.     The Strategic Planning Committee is deleted.

D.     The proposed changes pass.

VIII.         New business

A.     Poulard:  The International Affaisrs Club is celebrating 20 years in the fall.  April 1 Tuesday 5:30 in the conference center will be a program with VP Gore’s national security advisor.

B.     Poulard:  April 1 is the deadline for nominating officers for the coming year.

C.     Coffin: Review the university -wide procedures for firing coaches and athletics directors.

D.     Delunas: Request that ONCOURSE provide the same test statistics as scantron.

E.     Vinod:   The next meeting will be held on Good Friday.


IX.               Adjournment—The meeting was adjourned 11:30 a. m.


Submitted, George Bodmer

Faculty Organization Secretary

Indiana University Northwest
3400 Broadway - Gary, Indiana  46408

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