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FEBRUARY 21,  2003



I.                    Call to order

President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.

II.                 Approval of the minutes

The minutes of the January 17, 2003 meeting were approved, moved by Tolhuizen, seconded by Schultz.

III.             Coffin resolution

The Coffin resolution was withdrawn by Professor Coffin.

IV.             Chancellor's Business

A.    Professor Hozo won the President's Award for Teaching and Librarian McShane won the W. George Pinnell Founders Day Award for Outstanding Service; these reflect well on us and upon the regional campuses.

B.     The positive enrollment figures were highlighted in the Post Tribune and Times.

C.    A call will be put out, announcing a systems based analysis on retention at our campus.

D.    Our institution should engage in a discussion on the impending war; several forums in the International Affairs Club and anti-war rallies were mentioned.

E.     Strategic Planning Process

1. Professor Tolhuizen asks about the e-mail and the included 2020 Vision outcomes; these have not been subject to broad discussion or acceptance on campus.

2.      Chancellor: These are not new material, but a more specific statement of the vision itself.  I believe firmly that the job of an administrator is to  set the steps for strategic planning, which is not a process for which we look for consensus at every step.  We have lined out these outcomes, presented them to committee.  We understand we haven't worked through a shared understanding of what these guidelines mean.  Working out the details is a major portion of what we'll do at the meeting in May.  Nevertheless, these are the outcomes for 2010.

3.       Discussion followed on the wording of the memo.

F.      The Provost Position

1.       Vinod: This matter is discussed on the Executive committee minutes.  This is not a done deal, but is being discussed.

2.       Caucci: There is a concern about the cost of adding to the top of the admininstration.  Bergland: This might cost less.

3.      Mucci:  Are there models at other universities?  Bergland: Not too many small universities  use this model.

4.      Delunas: What is the projected time for the decision?  Bergland:  the Vice chancellor and the chancellor are going to Bloomington at the end of the spring semester to see if it's possible, and there may well be systems objections.

V.                Vice Chancellor's Business

            A.  There was supposed to be more food at this meeting.

            B.  Itzhok and McShane are congratulated for their awards.

C.   For the matter of "top-heavy administration," it is suggested that other

                                     campuses be compared.

      VI.  Committee Reports

A.     Calendar Committee--The proposed calendar for 2004-5 comes moved and

        seconded. Noting the difficulty of doing this work without Professor Rhotz,

        this is approved unanimously.

B.     Equipment committee--Requests are due 15 March.  The rise from $ 15,000 to

      $ 20,000 will not be available until the next fiscal year.

C.     UFC--Professor Coffin is not present and President Vinod reports.

1.      Review of upper level administrators will include a three part process (by the end of April):

a.       External consultant works with the committee.

b.      A questionaire or similar instrument is distributed.

c.       External evaluation by peer institutions will be performed.

2.      Health benefits--Costs to employees and the university are up dramatically, perhaps as much  16 %.  This will impact the budget.

3.      Delunas:  What about the 18-20 crisis? Vinod:  There is an assumption that it will work, with three levels of responses, including a university tax, impacting allocations of department budgets, and incentives not to retire (no one at a regional campus has been offered any incentive). 

D.     Constitutional Revision Committee

1.      Sandoval:  The old committee structure needs revision, has confusing charges, needs new committees.  The committee worked two years on this.

2.      Read through the proposed changes on the Web; if you have any suggestions contact Professor Caucci.

3.      This will be brought back for a second reading.

4.      Delunas: "Distance Education" should be used instead of "Distributed Education."

5.      Hozo:  In the case of elected committees, the manner of election must be spelled out precisely

6.      Vinod:  There will be a formal discussion and vote at the April meeting.


VII.            Adjournment--The meeting was adjourned 2:21 p.m.



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